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  1. Surely withdrawing the rural skips will just lead to folk going back to the old "baal it ower da banks" days - resulting in eyesores and the expense of eventually having to clean all that up.
  2. Yes. Disability Shetland has previously received money from Children in Need.
  3. Living outside Glasgow now, I watched the live feed from Shetland and was delighted to see such a good turnout! Folk lining the streets, cheering, applauding, playing Chariots of Fire on trombone (beside da Widows Homes). A great turnout for such a small place. Good also to see many folk I knew - including son, daughter, and their respective kids.
  4. I can't help wondering how Tojo and Hirohito are both listed in your list, but with different values. Why do you believe the Emperor was culpable for two million more than Tojo? Hirohito was Emperor from 1925 to 1989 - therefore his reign included the Japanese invasions of Manchuria in 1931 and the rest of China in 1937. Tojo was PM of Japan from 1941 until his forced resignation in 1944. Although he had earlier been a general and the Japanese Army Minister from 1940 to 1941.
  5. The Icelandic Fish and Chips restaurant in Reykjavik. Though they'd be a bit cold by the time you got home.
  6. Luckie minnie's 'oo Oops, just noticed it's already mentioned up above.
  7. Is that "WIR cinema" as in "for those that have the same taste as me"? I hope that Mareel has a wide variety of movies - blockbusters, foreign, arthouse, etc. Surely "WIR cinema" is for "aa o' wis"!
  8. The Skerries have 2 inhabited islands - Bruray and Housay.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYZlRThaoxw&feature=related
  10. However, there are plans afoot, in Scotland anyway, for BBC's radio stations to be removed from Freeview to make way for BBC Alba TV station (in Gaelic)
  11. It was in the smaller building with the blue paintwork - the one with the trailer outside. Before that he was in Burns Lane, where the Folk Festival shop is now
  12. Having worked in schools for the last 10 years outside Lerwick that have been open for either a normal school day or an inservice day after the Lerwick Up Helly Aa I can assure you that no staff have ever been paid treble time - misinformation rules again. What happens is that the holiday is taken on a different day, usually after the local Up Helly Aa at no extra cost to the council. It is in fact double time and a day off in lieu, which some of us might think is the same as treble time. Obviously a sensitive issue. Teachers dont get it to be fair, but hey we can't have everything. No Staneydale, it is you that doesn't get it. Having, for several years, been a teacher in a school that did not take a holiday on the day after UHA, I can assure you that teachers are NOT paid treble or double time for that day. And they have the same number of days off as do the Lerwick schools. They are just taken at different times. It is not an extra day off.
  13. Nope. Need to wait for BBC Radio Scotland tomorrow at 6.55 and 7.25 (92.7m) or SIBC at 7.00, 7.30, 8.00 (96.2m). The Shetland News website should also have it.
  14. Because some people can't get a radio signal (you can't pick up SIBC, I can't pick up Radio Shetland or SIBC) and for some reason it has not been posted on the usual online places. Good point, zebedee. I, wrongly it seems, just assumed that BBC Radio Scotland was more widely spread than SIBC. But that aside, I agree that a more up-to-date reporting system is required.
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