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  1. I remember Jackie Sinclair etc playing there, but what was the band that had Robbie Somerville on vocals? Also remember being searched for drink at the door, and the cloakroom doonstairs where they also sausage rolls.
  2. A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter M Miller Cat's Cradle - Kurt Vonnegut Jr
  3. I'm sorry...but I don't see what where Fair Isle bairns learn to swim has to do with Blueprint for Education
  4. Has anybody actually managed to redeem any of their Flybe Reward points for an actual flight? I have enough for a flight but cannot seem to be able to use them. Nothing ever seems available.
  5. soljey

    Steve Earle

    Apparently the tickets for the new Steve Earle go on sale on 3 July.
  6. Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Bulgaria - though not necessarily in that order.
  7. soljey

    Steve Earle

    wonder when the ticket's go on sale
  8. Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
  9. So who actually got the bulk of the Kevin Bridges tickets today? On the phone at 9am...engaged. Kept trying non-stop until 9.35 to be told - yep, sold out. Spoke to a relative who was in the queue.. Several people were apparantly buying shed loads of tickets and making no bones about only getting them to sell on e-bay. Amazed that there was no cap on them. Islesburgh admitted as much to me.
  10. "I've got ham, but I'm not a hamster" Great night - right from the mexican wave in the queue outside
  11. Now that BBC2's anaolgue signal has gone - is anybody getting a digital signal from the Fitful transmitter? Is it bweing switched on later today or what. Tried with both my TV and my recorder - but nothing.
  12. Has anybody managed to get through to Flybe on the phone? Trying to get through to them - about a non-volcano related matter. When I try their numbers on their website, the line goes dead.
  13. Flybe has the following on their website: Only flights from Glasgow to the Western Isles resumed this afternoon.
  14. Nope, must be just you....mine's working fine
  15. Does anyone know who Littlewoods use to deliver stuff to & within Shetland?
  16. Never knew teachers were meant to live in a specially designated area. Been snowing all day in the Sooth Mainland
  17. Looking at the Market Cross webcam. Amazing the difference there compared to the amount of snow we have down here beside Spiggie. Snowing heavily again - hasn't really stopped since about 6am
  18. As previously mentioned the Shetland police are advising people not to travel
  19. Teachers do NOT make the decision to not open the schools. If because of weather, a teacher can not make it to their own school under their agreement they must report to their nearest school. Most teachers, myself included, will do their utmost to get to the school. Coupla weeks ago I set off to school in a proper blizzard. Took me 4 times the length of time to get there only for the school to be closed. Myself and the other teachers that had made it in took work home with them. Most of the Aberdeenshire secondary schools are based in towns - Inverurie, Ellon, Peterhead, Fraserburgh, etc. Our rural schools have a higher proportion of pupils being bussed in. If only a small minorty make it into a school that is partly open, it does not save any time. The teacher then has to go over the work again for the majorty that missed it. Having been in schools that are only partly open, proper teaching is not done - the majority of the pupils are not there nor are a lot of the staff.
  20. Since its airport code was chosen as LSI - for Lerwick Shetland Isles. You see the code on those stickers they attach to your hold luggage
  21. I stand corrected. Got my phone call a wee while ago
  22. Nobody else, including those of us that work in education, seem to have heard that rumour. These are days off that are planned WAY (ie months & months) in advance - in agreement with the school's parent council.
  23. Since my last post it has snowed. Can't say for the main road but my side road is white. However, the main road should still be not too bad.
  24. JUst came home from Sandwick to Da Ness. No probs. Roads black all the way.
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