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  1. Oh dear...what a shame. And we were in today - and we were open the last day of term. It's a hard life, eh?
  2. Aith, Sandness, Happyhansel, Skeld, Whiteness closed
  3. According to the SIC's website, there are no bus services today.
  4. I think it's somewhere just to the west of Pettawater - north along Da Kames from Sandwater.
  5. The South Mainland is open. We're in now.
  6. Snowing heavily down in the Ness just now. Waiting to hear if the plane from Fair Isle will make it into Tingwall.
  7. I think you'll find that you won't get a refund from Flybe. Not taking the flights is your decision. Flyglobespan's crash is nothing to do with them.
  8. Yes, the X-Factor single being No 1 for the past few years is an engineered ploy - but then so is the RATM protest. In both cases people are being told THIS is what they SHOULD be buying. I have no intention of buying either single - not as a protest but just because I don't like either and don't care what is at No 1 - whatever the time of the year.
  9. Many thanks, MJ - I'll try those places tomorrow.
  10. Does anybody know if there's anywhere in Lerwick I can buy a black beret?
  11. And not all religious people are bigoted or prejudiced either.
  12. Must admit I'm astounded that something as Shetland-wide as the Blueprint for Education, something whihc will affect every part of Shetland, whether you have children at school or not, is provoking so little comment on this forum. In fact it seems less important than "pies".
  13. All lights on in this part o' da Ness.
  14. Guess it was Gordon Brown that sent it out then.
  15. In Julian May's "Saga of the Exiles" series starting with the "Many Coloured Land", the main Earth star port was on Unst. Prophetic maybe? And it also mentioned an Express Tube from Unst to Paris. That'll be a sickener for Flybe and Northlink.
  16. Errr, wouldn't that be the very undemocratic act know as a military coup?
  17. Working in education, I can safely say that the "old curriculum" has not been officially wound up yet. The first Curriculum for Excellence pupils are not due to begin until August 2010. Although, of course, schools are working towards this. No final word on what form seconday qualifications will take has yet been published.
  18. Just along the road from you. Can see the Fitful transmitter from our house & have a proper aerial (in our loft). But the same as you - BBC1, excellent; BBC2, very good; ITV, fuzzy; Channel 4, unwatchable. Maybe so, but there are some of us just don't want a satellite dish cluttering up the outside of the house.
  19. The bugle is played every hour. Loved Krakow when I was there.
  20. Reading this thread you would think that there was only ever any trouble when Norskies were here. That there never were any assaults or drunkenness at other times. That every weekend when there were no Norwegians, Lerwick was a haven of peace and tranquility. Go to almost any town or city in the UK on a Friday or Saturday night and it can be scary - throwing up, fighting, etc When I've been for weekends in many European cities, Brits there have a terrible reputation for drinking & fighting. (Maybe that has to do with the cheap alcohol there of course)
  21. Sadly, the only shops open in Lerwick on a Sunday are the Co-op & Tesco supermarkets, and a a few "corner shop/newsagents". If you're looking for any souvenirs, they don't have them.
  22. Does anybody know if and why the TV transmitter at Fitful is not working on any of the channels? Just came back today from hols - nothing on any of the 4 channels. (***Mod Edit - Moved to Science & Tech***)
  23. Closing the schools in August was only a suggestion by scientists at Imperial College London. See the BBC's news story at: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8160314.stm
  24. Bongshang well and truly upstaging Capercaillie at the Clickimin in 1993 or thereabouts. Prior to that - Tear Gas (Sensational Alex Harvey Band before Alex Harvey joined them) supporting Deep Purple in 1970.
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