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  1. It's not necessarily what I've eaten but was in Riga in Latvia once. There they have a gigantic market in 3 old Zeppelin sheds. In them they sell fish fresh from tanks which they put into your bag still writhing. They display and sell every part - and I mean EVERY part - of sheep, cattle and pigs. In Tunisia, in a town on the edge of the Sahara, walking along the back streets we saw horse's heads for sale in the butchers shops. NO idea what they were for.
  2. Gie a big pair of blue and white stripey troosers n I'll play Obelix - but how about the Flea to play Asterix??
  3. Done. Best of luck - reminds me of when I was doing my uni dissertation. Didn't have the internet then though...
  4. Please explain "Either" implies there is also an "or", so it's live in the dark ages ... or what? I don't understand what you're saying here.
  5. If you shop around, you can find accommodation - in hotels - for less than staying in similar places in the UK. We did so last year in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim. In fact, hotel accommodation was the least pricey aspect of the hotel. And all of them were very clean and comfortable,
  6. The Lancastria was actually lost in 1940 off St Nazaire, during the fall of France. It is certainly by far the greatest disaster in British maritime history with a loss of approximately 4000. However, in January 1945, the Wilhelm Gustloff, carrying German refugees, was sunk by a Russian submarine in the Baltic with a loss of well over 5000 - although because of a surge of refugees onto the ship in Danzig, the number could have been far greater. In the last days of the European war, the Goya, also carrying German refugees was also sunk by a Russian sub off of Danzig. No accurate passenger lists had been compiled and the losses may have been about 6000.
  7. Sorry about that. I sign as Muckleviking in another forum (not Shetlink) I belong to elsewhere. I inadvertantly type in muckleviking. I hadn't noticed I'd done that. No intention to confuse. Note to moderator can you remove muckleviking?
  8. Now if they can just make all the nouns in French, Spanish etc gender-neutral..... Save heartbreak for generations of schoolkids. Is it le or la/el or la....
  9. I thought in that episode it was JFK himself that shot JFK - after persuasion by the Red Dwarf team that it would be better to go out in a blaze of glory.
  10. Fried tiny baby octupus - the whole lot in one mouthful
  11. Invasion of sovereign territory, PM in trouble in Downing Street. I can see a naval taskforce being assembled to sail north to liberate British sovereign territory.
  12. Then who would clean up all the chewing gum around the stocks?
  13. Wow, that bit between your nose and upper lip made to look like the Norwegian fjords!! Perineum - isn't that in Rome?
  14. ..... and they all lived happily ever after. Next week, another one of our classic fairy tales.
  15. N I thgought it was Sean Connery saying what was on top of a church.
  16. Well well I see elsewhere on here the Kraken awakes once more. It's appetite for sheeple knows no bounds apparantly.
  17. But for Chrissake do not give them this: http://eshop.kokeshnet.com/img/troll-ekstraenergi.jpg
  18. Y'mean he can even see us from the back of a U.S. dollar bill???? Thankfully, I'm not on the skids and working for the yankee dollar.
  19. She may indeed have fought Bressay's corner - but if it came to a vote and she was outnumbered then so be it.... I think we forget up here though that our fares are pretty heavily subsidised compared to many other parts of the country.
  20. Well done Malcolm. How did ya do it. I need to do the same.
  21. Thanks ANS I'd forgotten all about the Seahorses. Went straight on to I-Tunes to get Love is the Law whichy I loved when it came out.
  22. soljey


    Guess that'll be one school for the whole of the UK then.
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