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  1. ^ That's quicker than it took Royal Mail to deliver a letter from Northmavine to me in da Ness.
  2. Let's see how long it takes ScotFree to come into this thread.
  3. Baaaaa. And whit wye sood we hae onythin ta dae wi ScotFree's manifesto abune a da ithers? Nae answers fae ony trolls please.
  4. Being supported by the middle classes did also mean that they had more funding.
  5. And sadly, it was also the time of the rise of Oswald Mosely's British Fascist Party.
  6. Yeah, he'd make a right Kunta Kinte of himself trying to show us slaves the "error our ways".
  7. Isn't it funny how when Brits leave these shores to work elsewhere they are seen as "seeking a better life" and regarded as get-up-and-go people. But if people come to the UK for the same reason, then they are classed as "economic migrants" in the same tone of voice as many would use to refer to child rapists. Eastern Europeans that I've met have been hard working and doing the sort of jobs that many Brits turn their noses up at.
  8. Yes we pay council taxes and No, we don't accept everything that the SIC puts forward unquestioningly as SF if he delved a little further would discover. But up here were are proud of the achievements of our schools, care for the disabled and the elderly, our healthcare, the good state of our roads, our relative crime-free environment, the feeling of community, our ferries, the way that Shetland looks out to the wider world and not just within itself. Or are these all products of our brain-washing by the powers that be. Of course, it's not perfect but it's a damn site better than the SF's trollish repiblic of Cromarty that he seems to be proposing.
  9. Okay, I think we got away with it that time. I think Nurse has put he/them to bed.
  10. ^ I had other uses there though.
  11. WD-40 is mainly fish oil? Does that mean if I spray it on me, it'll prevent me getting stiff, arthritic joints. Great I've got a can in the garage. I'll go and get it now.
  12. Our thoughts exactly Suzanna. ScotFree/Just Lookin - leave us po' folks on Shetlink to just get on with what we get on with. Don't treat us like the bumpkins you seem to think we are. We ain't buying it.
  13. Yep, ain't the same article. Stand by what I said. But then again I may be a lackey of the government/Euro police/BBC planted here to put across their point of view - as ar Abraxas, Sherlock, etc, etc. Perhaps, unknow to you, Shetlanders are plotting world domination. Who knows what we've been getting up to on these remote islands of ours? Be afraid, be very afraid. The Shelties are coming.
  14. OMG, don't get them started on about the Illuminati now!!! No, on second thoughts do. Be good furra laugh. Nothin on TV, that brain-sucker.
  15. Now ScotFree/Just Lookin let's see you do it with both hands at the same time.
  16. No, I told you. I am Spartacus!
  17. Perfect signal doon in Da Ness
  18. Just as ScotFree (thankfully) disappears back to his photographic business, Just Lookin resurfaces. Are they one and the same? Has anybody seen them together? Are they one person in 2 different guises? Does anybody care?
  19. No, I am Spartacus! (makes sense if you've seen the film.
  20. Just Looking/ScotFree or whoever. The article you reproduce in your post as being from the Daily Express (at least that's what it says at the beginning of the reproduced article) is not - although it does have a quote from the Sunday Express! It does, however, miss out important sections of the original article. When a search is done for the article itself they all lead to sites such as waronyou. The article you reproduce is supposedly written by a Joseph Watson of PrisonPlanet.com (or PropagandaMatrix depending on which site you look at). Pretending that an article has supposedly been written by a particular newspaper - when it has not been, is not exactly being honest. Why should we believe other things you say.
  21. I just popped back in, Freemen can do anything they wish. Glad I did as I see soljey saying he in a menber of the Scottish National Socialist Party. I was too once but soljey please understand Socialism is just Communism without the Gulags. Have a nice day. I'm sorry ScotFree but you totally misread what I wrote. I was referring to YOU as a member of the SNSP. I am not, never have been, and never will be a member of the SNSP. (Nor for that matter have I been the member of any political party). Such parties as the SNSP, BNP etc totally at odds with my own beliefs. I find your insinuation wrong, disgusting, dangerous and libellous. I ask that you retract it and apologise.
  22. Farewell to ScotFree. This member of the Scottish National Socialist Party - yes sadly even Scotland has Nazis, has learned that Shetlanders are more than capable of making up their own minds and come to their own conclusions about matters.
  23. I do not want anyone to look after me. I can look after myself. Private health - even if we wanted it - is not available everywhere, particularly up here in the isles. Except for dentists - and yes I am a private patient there. I for one do not support shunting old folk into homes. My mother worked hard to look after my father when he became ill. However, after another illness, he needed 24 hour specialised medical care. Something which with the best will was not available at home. I take it these are the very same capitalists that are supposedly trying to take over the world. I do not live in a council house. Sorry, but I don't get the last argument. I am fully employed and pay my taxes. Are you saying that benefits for those less well off should come from the very same taxes yous ay we should not be paying?
  24. If you demanded to be taken OFF of the Electoral Register how can you say you are still freely on it?
  25. I'm not saying that the richest and most powerful people in the world are all philanthropists - but that the idea of a global conspiracy by Catholics/Jews/Communists/Muslims/Freemasons/big business/aliens is nothing new.
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