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  1. I think the best gig by a Shetland band I've seen wasna even in Shetland. The Red Vans, Drop the Box and Bongshang played in a marquee in Aberdeen's Union Terrace Gardens - I think in October 1995. Every Shetlander from between the Firth of Tay and the Pentland Firth seemed to be there!! Bands and audience seemed to there for a good night out. And what a night it was!!!! Was anybody else there?
  2. Surely, the Mareel drink license debate is missing the point. If you want to go out for a few drinks you go to a pub. If you want to see a movie, you go to a cinema. Most people will be going to Mareel to see a film, a band, etc not to get bevvied. You can go into cinemas, theatres down south that have a license. People go into the bars there for a pre-performance drink or one during an interval. Then afterwards they may decide to go to the local pubs. The Mareel will take custom away from the local pubs is nonsense. People will go to Mareel for a different night out than if they were going to the pubs. I seem to remember the same argument over whether or not Clickimin should be licensed.
  3. There's an ad in I'I Shetland today. The Stand Up Helly Aa gig will be at the Garrison at 9pm on UHA night (27th Jan). Tickets go on sale 16 January. See you there.
  4. There's an ad in I'I Shetland today. The Stand Up Helly Aa gig will be at the Garrison at 9pm on UHA night (27th). Tickets go on sale 16 January. See you there.
  5. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying there's intrinsically anything wrong with effects-driven movies. I've enjoyed quite a few of them every since seeing Star Wars at the North Star up to the recent Batman movies, etc. But Hollywood seems to put so much into seemingly getting as much effects into the movie that script, character dvelopment is forgotten. Take, eg, Pearl Harbour (although there were some mistakes in historical accuracy). Fantastic effects, abysmal storyline and acting. Hence, the preponderance of superhero movies. Often an excuse just to produce more 'amazing' special effects. So much so that one if often left thinking 'great effects', but not caring what happened to the characters in it.
  6. I'm looking forward to, hopefully, seeing more movies that are driven by the script - and not by special effects that are in just 'cos the studio can do it and have the technology!!
  7. Does anybody have a recording of tonight's (27th Nov) Culture Club on Radio Shetland. They had a piece about standup@sound on it. But when my wife came home from work and went to listen to it on the BBC's Listen Again facility it didn't have the whole programme. It started five munites into it and carried on with five minutes from the following Radio Scotland programme. It meant that the standup@sound item had the first half missing. My wife would love to hear the entire segment.
  8. Many thanks to all those who braved the weather to come to the Sound Hall. It was a fantastic evening. Myself and the other debutants had a great time. Let's hope there's more of the same. Let's try and get a head of steam built up.
  9. On the posters provided by Shetland Arts it does say that it's in the Baila Room.
  10. Of course, I don't mean it's brilliant for those that haven't got tickets. It's brilliant for those of us that are performing though. Also bearing in mind this is a bit of an experiment for Shetland and may lead to other things.
  11. Sold out?? That's brilliant. I paid enough folk to come along.
  12. Yep, fifi. I agree. Our own comedy club would be great. Not all of us are musicians or artists - but can still add to Shetland's "culture".
  13. Peeriebrian's right - we're only part of the show. But we still want support. It's the first time any of us have done anything like this. Even the big names had to start somewhere.
  14. Here's hoping it can become something regular - and that others take part. As to what's happening Christmas week, dunno yet. Let's get Friday out of the way first.
  15. Well, we're maybe not Dylan Moran. I, too, didn't manage to get a ticketg to see him - who did?? Although, I did bump into him in Edinburgh a few weeks later. But there's six of us, who have been doing an evening class in stand-up comedy will be graduating on Friday, 21st November. We have to perform 3-5 minutes each to the public. Should be fun. But we need all the support we can get. Come along to the Sound Hall at 8-8.30pm.
  16. Yep, our BBC2 is also off. Away for the weekend came back on Mon night - no Beebtoo. We get our signal from Fitful
  17. Flybe coming to Shetland is a disaster. When they took over the BA Connect flights last year it was a complete and total shambles. We were due to fly from Shetland to Manchester via Edinburgh with BA. A couple of days before we were due to fly, Flybe took over the Edinburgh-Manchester route. That weekend, no-one at Flybe had a clue what was going on, they were hopelessly understaffed. What staff they had were undertrained. They lost all of our luggage - and we have never seen any of it back since. In fact, they lost it twice. There was a whole catalogue of incompetence from them as we tried to get things sorted out. Even down to the fact that it took us 9 months to get any recompense - and even then the cheque they sent us was unsigned!! Flybe are a point-to-point carrier, like Ryanair and EasyJet! I.e. they just take you from one airport to another - they don't book you or your luggage through. There will be a huge increase in instances where your flight is late leaving Shetland and you miss your connecting flight - tough, you'll be on your own. In Aberdeen, or Edinburgh or Glasgow with no flight, no accommodation, nothing!! OK, they say we can now connect easier with Plymouth or Exeter - er, I don't think there'll be a rush for those. Most flights from Shetland are to Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and beyond. Lifeline service? I don't think so, we're the poor sods that are caught in the middle again.
  18. Tattiehead said We've still not received a penny from Flybe 10 weeks after our bags went missing. No bags, no recompense. I hope Tattiehead's friend has had more luck. But let me see £35 per day for each day our bags are missing? HHmmm, 10 weeks = 70 days = £35 x 70 = £2450 = £2450 x 2 = £4900........ If only.
  19. Still no luggage - after almost 2 months. Seems that bags were eventually found in Edinburgh then lost again!! We have received not a single penny from Flybe at all yet!! How incompetent can they be to lose our bags twice in the same journey. It now seems that since 45 days are up they stop looking & if found they will be "destroyed". I guess that's a euphemism for our clothes ending up on someone else's back.
  20. Sad to hear of your experience but glad you were re-united with your bags. My wife and I checked in at Sumburgh to fly Sumburgh-Edinburgh-Manchester. In Manchester, we stayed a couple of days before flying on to Tunisia. The check-in at Sumburgh was the last time we saw either of our bags!!!! Theyh never even got to Manchester - and still haven't!! We went on holiday with just what we were wearing. More needs to be done about the lost baggage debacle. We are pushing for everything we can get. No-one offered us any help, even when they knew the dire straits we were in!!
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