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  1. Apologies if it's been said already (a.k.a. not trawling back through 25 pages since the topic was started) but............ perhaps a lot of the problems would be solved if the SIC reinstated a traffic warden Ideally one not affiliated to any community or political group and therefore hopefully above any influence by anybody who actually believe themselves to be more important than anybody else. (newsflash to those people: you are not. Your rear exhaust vent generally points downwards just as mine and the rest of the population's does). Didn't know the last warden personally but he seemed an affable chap whenever I passed by. From mutual friends I understand he was subjected all sorts of abuse while doing his job; shame on those people.
  2. Mr Robin Williams, RIP. YOu brought pleasure to, and entertained millions. A comic genius, rest in peace.
  3. DITT & Jim Work. Super stars! I can escape again
  4. no answer earlier, nor with Ness, but I will be on to them 1st thing in the morning, thanks.
  5. Please can someone recommend a good reliable locksmith, preferably one with a emergency response or 24/7 service. My main (and only) door to the house is locked shut (if it makes a difference, Its a wooden door with a mortice lock). thank you! p.s. Oh yes.... I suggest if anybody has got Santander home insurance with emergency home assistance, they use the policy for toilet paper, it's more use. I'll be cancelling mine very shortly. p.p.s police won't help either, not even with a suggestion of a locksmith to call
  6. IS it just me that recalls the amount of criticism Northlink took in the first 2 or 3 winters after taking over from P&O for sailing in rough seas? "Oh! It's disgraceful, they shouldn't have sailed, chairs fell over" Is a synopsis of the comments at the time. Now they're getting criticism for not sailing in rough seas. Make yer flaming minds up critics. Grrr
  7. I must admit to becoming slightly bored by the southeasterlies, especially when it comes to getting in & out of a car for work at the Knab.
  8. Stilldellin, what camera (and zoom) is that you use? I try, with a 'bridge camera (x30 optical zoom) but mine are nowhere near as good as your pictures... and for some reason I really struggle to get the horizon level - it invariably slopes from left to right
  9. I think most lads and aging lads have been there, done that (although personally not in Shetland). Speaking as an aging "lad" nowdays, having had a couple of more than capable cars, one of which was a "performance" car (and damn me, it did!), I smile to myself now to see (cheap), incapable cars and modified with ridiculous spoilers etc which make not a jot of difference to their performance.... but as I said, been there, done that. Live & let live, it's a sign of getting old criticising the 'bairns' ROFL.
  10. Michael Moore has been replaced by Alistair Carmichael as secretary of state for Scotland as a reshuffle of Conservative and Lib Dem ministers in the coalition government takes place. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-24427138 Is this good or bad??
  11. maybe there is a bit of a conspiracy going on... SIC logic (problem): Desperate to build a new high school on some of the land behind the Clickimin Coaches going in & out, and needing turning space and parents doing the "school run". All those pesky cars using the leisure centre are going to be a bit of a problem. If only some of the cars can be relocated SIC answer: Close Lochside Motors, use H&S as the excuse Encourge leisure centre/football users to use alongside road parking, (those reluctant to will soon get fed up battling coaches in/out of the narrow access road and move too) Hey presto, Clickimin car park not nearly so busy Build nice shiney school with plenty of space for coaches
  12. I filled up in Aberdeen on Wednesday 22nd Aug, half a mile from the ferry for £1.35 a litre. Coming off the ferry Thursday morning I noted unleaded at £1.51 a litre And they say we're not being ripped off. Yeah right.
  13. I had a look at Tooway myself a few weeks back. I'd suggest you check out forums first (not shetlink! ) to see what others have to say about them. Personally I'm still undecided.
  14. How do you suppose they manage in Guernsey? The Isle of Man?Jersey? the Faeroe Islands, and others. PS. Had you not noticed, Scotland already has it's own currency, a currency that a lot of retailers in England wont accept. I believe the Channel Islands & the IOM are UK dependencies, when it comes to defence. Scotland doesn't have it's own Coastguard Regarding England (retaillers) not taking Scottish currency, I stopped asking years ago and just hand it over without batting an eyelid... not one of them has refused to take it for some time; maybe it's because I don't go with bundles of notes.... mind I don't go anywhere with bundles of notes. I think when considering the issue of how Scotland would fund itself, the relative populations Scotland (5,222,100 (wikipedia 2010 estimate).) and England (51,456,400 (2008)) should be considered. In a very simplistic way, I imagine that being one of 56 million (UK total) my tax bill would be lower than if I was one of only 5.2 million funding a country. p.s. I wish I had bundles of notes
  15. all hail President Salmond I feel the increasing urge to run away.
  16. The SIC used to provide dog poo bags free? I'm outraged! This is clearly an abuse of public funds in an attempt to gain favour, and votes, of dog owners
  17. Dont need a clue... they said on the news this morning, it's funded in London from private donations. I suspect it's the same for all the street parties around the country too. As for the "security" bill... well, all those cops are being paid anyway, whether they are eating donuts or shepherding crowds
  18. As you may know the Government announced their revised plan in November and for us the main difference is that the Lerwick co-ordination centre is no longer under threat. On behalf of all the staff at Shetland Coastguard MRCC I would like to thank everyone throughout the Shetland and Orkney communities who supported us during our 2011 campaign to Save Shetland Coastguard, your support has been very much appreciated, we could not have ‘won’ without you, thank you Our delight is also tinged with sadness that other stations around the UK have not been as successful in their campaigns: Forth, Clyde, Thames, Solent, Portland, Brixham, Swansea and Liverpool MRCCs are still fighting against cuts that will see them close. We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg and that in another 5 or maybe 10 years Her Majesty’s Coastguard will be under threat again, removing local expert knowledge from the area; It is vital to continue to support those stations still under threat both now and in the future. Shetland Coastguard PCS union
  19. Quarffie


    The management of co-op is 'odd'. To the best of my knowledge they were the only establishment that refused point-blank to take petitions to save the coastguard, last year.
  20. Sorry, but all the full time CGs at the Knab should have been aware of the imminent new positions, the station manager (who is not me) has been quite open about it for months, mostly due to the frustration of getting the advert out and passed by the DfTs wonderful new 'shared services' centre at Swansea rather than the good old days of Ok'ing it with our own HR department and slapping an ad in the ST. The exact timing of the advert would be the unknown element, not the advert itself. As for the pay issue, Stevo... we're civil servants - and used to disappointment
  21. as 2011 draws to a close, who gets your vote, and why, true and cynical votes are equally acceptable. I'll start I nominate Stuart Hill for, er, the "best" member of a royal court and keeping the legal courts busy. "kiech" and "Mustaffa Donut" for trolling and giving me the best laugh I've had in ages.
  22. 28 November 2011 PR 13/11 Coastguard and Emergency cover on 30 November - Strike Day On November the 30th 27 unions will be taking strike action over pensions, job cuts aand pay, the Con-Dem coalition government’s cuts agenda is damaging the services we deliver and everyone in society relies on. Their policies are designed to cut hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs, cut services, attack public sector workers pensions, and freeze public sector pay for two years. Despite the successful community campaign to keep the Shetland Coastguard station open, our jobs, terms and conditions are not safe as public services are being slashed. Everything we have worked for is under threat: our pay is frozen while inflation soars, we are being told too pay higher contributions for a smaller pension and to work longer, and this governmennt has ripped up civil service redundancy terms. PCS members are taking strike action to demonstrate their opposition to these attacks and to show support for the union’s attempts to reach a negotiated settlement, in particular: no detrimental changes to pensions and the civil service compensation scheme, an end to the pay freeze and fair pay for all. As an emergency service at the heart of the Orkney and Shetland community the officers of Shetland Coastguard feel that we cannot leave the seas, coast and islands without adequate cover. Although we fully support the PCS and other unions taking strike action we would like to make it known that we will not be taking strike action ourselves; Instead, in support of our union colleagues, Shetland Coastguard PCS members we will be taking action short of a strike beginning at 8pm on Tuesday (29th) until 8pm on Wednesday, during this period we will only provide Distress and safety cover to vessels and persons at sea or on the coast, all other routine duties will be suspended. ~ Shetland Coastguard PCS
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