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  1. Hi Si Only me here at the moment lol
  2. Hi to all REME Vets on Shetland let’s get talking msg me thanks Arte et Marte
  3. During the summer Islanders have a hard time booking a passage with cabin at short notice if there was a family crisis. Can a larger capacity boat dock in lerwick, hopefully Nigg Bay can accommodate a larger boat when finished. Failing that can one boat speed up and operate day an night crossings. Get another boat for the summer months. I don’t know but something has to be done we are like prisoners during holiday season. Your thoughts please. Cheers
  4. On Shetland Do the post office deliver parcel force parcels or is it someone else
  5. People who have a Kingspan report that it is outproducing the Evance by a small ammount. Nordri are local whereas AEC are from down south. Kingspan Pay for all Warranty Labour, Evance Dont. Something to think about if there is a claim under warranty will AEC be quite as keen to attend quickly as they will have to pay travel and labour costs.Nordri carry a lot of spare parts so could effect a repair quickly.
  6. Just moved to Shetland and am into photography looking for like minded people to go on outings to take photographs.
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