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  1. The numbers quoted are derived from BP assets evaluations conducted by BP themselves, there is little doubt that BP would invest such massive amounts in the project without these forecasted windfalls. You only have to look at the Canadian mud plains where the onerous costs of extraction dwindles in comparison to the projected revenue. The proximity of natural resources is indeed a privilege, one that should be carefully nurtured. "BP has been exploring west of the Shetland Islands since the 1970s and has safely produced more than 800 million barrels of oil there, said David Nicholas of BP, a spokesman for the London- based company." As for greed? Is it greedy to take the opportunity to fund our children's future and old folks comfort? This is precisely what the money should be used for. It should not be used to live above our means and artificially boost individual incomes. Shetland is an Island and therefore requires population support and encouragement, the policies being proposed by the current council do not follow this ethos.
  2. Agree 100% Just to put things into perspective, the Schiehallion oil field often quoted as being a 850 million barrel oilfield: 850 000 000 x $125 dollars a barrel = $106 250 000 000. Thats one hundred and six billion, two hundred and fifty million dollars. How many Freefield meals @ £2.85 would that provide? Oh and BusinessWeek recently predicted oil to plateau at $205 a barrel by 2014....
  3. So another £10 billion is to be invested into the UK/Scottish Economy via the Deep Water Drilling north of Eshaness. The future revenue for BP will be measured in billions as will the tax revenue for the UK/Scottish Government. This allied to the billions previously invested around Shetland and recouped in revenue for the treasury/ profit for BP would suggest that Shetland would be in an excellent financial position. However it appears we cannot even fund a drop in centre for our old folk? What will the windfall be for Shetland from this massive investment one wonders? A new purpose built Anderson High funded by the UK government or perhaps writing off of Housing Debts? A New Oil Trust Fund for non capital projects? The UK Government / BP would do well to remember that for their investment to reap benefits there has to be a viable population and workforce within Shetland. The current council policies work to endanger population stabilization and the future of Shetland's economy and communities. There is an inherent danger in deep water drilling north of Eshaness which the council would do well to stress in subsequent meetings with BP. This is a magnificent opportunity to ensure Shetland's Future. Let's not squander it by settling for less than we contribute to the UK Economy and coffers of BP.
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