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  1. As I am living in a country where factory farms are usual and vegetarians the minority I think I have no right to tell the Faroese people how to behave. It should be the decision of the Faroese people to abandon the sensless Grindadráp like I hope the Spanish people will do with their bullfighting ...
  2. Nice waether or not so nice, anyway we will enjoy our vacation in Shetland when we arrive next Sunday. It's not our first time and the appropriate clothes are in the rucksack ... Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Certainly we don't come just for the weather. If the weather would be a serious motive, I would stay at home ...
  4. Thanks MuckleJoannie. I am looking forward to our vacation in Shetland, although the feather forecast is not so good.
  5. Hi, I will spend next week in Shetland and would like to know whether the 31th of May is a public holiday ? If yes, are the ferrys running as normal ?
  6. This Morning I could read this on the flybe homepage Flybe welcomes new CAA fules for Q400 flying. We can confirm that with immediate effect Flybe will be the first airline in the UK to be able to fly within the new CAA-approved safe levels of volcanic ash. The CAA called upon the industry to bring forward thoroughly researched proposals to safely improve the ability to fly in the vicinity of low level volcanic ash concentrations. Flybe worked closely with the Met Office, Bombardier and Pratt & Whitney our engine manufacturers in Canada to develop the proposals which have today been endorsed by the CAA. Flybe’s overriding concern is always safety, and these new rules arise from a proven process of safety management within the company and the industry which helps make air travel the safest form of public transport. Well basically it means that we will be far less affected by any future ash clouds coming our way. Taking the last two days as an example, at Flybe we had to cancel 380 flights under the previous rules, the new rules we have just been given by the CAA mean we would have only have had to cancel 21. This would mean that less than 3% of our total programme would have been affected. I fear this concerns only the Q400 Airplane and not the Saab 340, which serves Shetland. Intending to fly to Shetland in 10 days I hope there will be also an arrangement for the Saab 340.
  7. I booked my flights already in June 2009 at a very good price. Booking just now and paying the current fare would be impossible for me
  8. Good Morning, in comparison with 2009 I am stonished that there are no postings concerning UHA 2010, which is very soon. Are the people this time not interested or is there nothing "special" 2010 ?
  9. Thanks for the advice. The tickets are already on sale, I've got mine today. , and I am looking forward to UHA. Does somebody already know which bands are playing in Lerwick the weekend before UHA ?
  10. Thanks for you quick answer. I hope this will remain like this ...
  11. Hi, as I don't undestand all of the postings very well: Has this something to do with my flights I booked with flybe to fly to Shetland for UHA 2010 ?
  12. Will there be again a 'Fiery Sessions' 2010 in the Garrison Theatre ?
  13. As a visitor from Germany who travels 2 times a year to Shetland I can agree that the lack of public transport for those visitors who cannot drive a car is a big problem. But the rest: I do not need big museums or other "artificial" attractions, the nature Shetland has to offer (for me the best is the view from the Eshaness Lighthouse) is well enough. And if Shetland does not need urgently many bad payd jobs in the tourism infrastructure: let it be like it is. Too many cheap ways to travel to Shetland and too many tourists will lead to a "Mallorca in the North" ...
  14. We bought the CD during our vacation in Shetland the 25th as the band was playing in the tent during the "Flavour of Shetland" in Lerwick. A great CD, and sitting back home, regarding the pictures of our holidays and hearing the CD: a perfect souvenir
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