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  1. Hi, After a new garage door. Who sells them up here? I assume most of the builder merchants can source one but is that it? Someone did tell me about a company in burra but cant find anything about them. Any information would be appreciated! Cheers.
  2. Yeah I think the way to go with this is to just phone around and see if something can be organised then try to find numbers after that.
  3. I dont know how to go about getting one organised or even who to speak to, hopefully someone in the know will stumble across this post and we can take it from there. Maybe a phonecall to NAFC or kinectics may help? Im an absolute beginner, I can count on one hand the amount of times ive had a shot at ARC and MIG and never had a chance at TIG. If enough interest is drummed up then I wouldnt mind phoning around and seeing what the crack is.
  4. Ahoy, I was wondering if anyone knew/was running a short course/night class in welding? I had a google and really found nothing and also did a search on here. There was someone asking the same question about 2 years ago but there didnt seem to be much going on. Is there anything running now? Im not after learning for a job, I just want to learn a new skill and take up a new hobby. Failing that does anyone know anybody that would be willing to teach? Or if enough people were interested could a class of some sort be organised? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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