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  1. I haven't tried Unity 3D before but I'd be willing to look into it at the very least. Ninja Runner looks interesting. A bit like Ninja Warrior on Challange (or Sasuke in japan). Can you give me a PM with some more details? I'm interested in making some sort of game for Android which at the very least would be a good learning experience for me. I tend to come up with a lot of ideas for games (or at least specific elements) which I never get a chance to flesh out into real games so I would be interested in some sort of collaboration.
  2. What platforms/languages are we talking about? I have some experience in Android development. I haven't tried any iPhone stuff since I don't own any Apple products. I also have a limited amount of Windows programming experience but it's been a long time since I've done any programming in C++.
  3. It's in West Yell. We're as far down the line as you get go, attenuation is around 62db. The BT engineer apparently told my folk we shouldn't even be getting a connection at all. One of my friends a bit further down the road couldn't get broadband so he wrote to Tavish Scott and got satellite broadband installed for free, he just pays the monthly costs. Not the most reliable though.
  4. I'm considering setting a club for people to come together and play a few different LAN games together. It would be a mix of games, such as COD, Civ, BOtF, C&C and any other games that people have an interest in. Would there be much interest in this? We would need somewhere to play (Isleburgh?) and procuring games shouldn't be a problem, so really just need to see what people think and any suggestions you guys and gals can think of.
  5. The Race to Infinity site is being ironically slow... EDIT: Burravoe is at 6 of 127, or 4.72%. Our house has already voted apparently.
  6. Hello, the Burravoe exchange was upgraded a couple o months ago to 8mb. After a couple of weeks of trying to persuade my parents to phone about getting the line upgraded I went ahead and did it myself. However, the person at BT told me that our house could not yet receive 8mb broadband and that when we could a letter would be sent to us to let us know. We still haven't received a letter and I'm starting to think the BT lady was talking nonsense. Why would an exchange that serves 127 houses take several weeks to upgrade? I live in Lerwick so it's not that big a deal for me but if my folk
  7. I'm looking forward to hardcore mode, I imagine it'll take me a while to finish too. In Fallout 3 I got the Chinese Stealth Camo about half way through the game and spent the rest of it crouched, lol!
  8. I'll be getting New Vegas in the post hopefully on monday. Finished the Fallout 3 and the expansions, though I was having massive problems with the game freezing and slowing waaaay down. Hopefully New Vegas isn't like that. Currently playing Dragon Age: Origins, trying to get the platinum for it, but I need to do 3 full play throughs.
  9. A CCTV camera trained on the main door would be enough to stop people being *bad word* to the bouncers and stop the bouncers from being *bad word* to the customers. And it would all hold up in court if push comes to shove (figuratively or literally).
  10. Has anyone had success fixing PS3s that have broken due to the Yellow Light of Death? I know the problem is dry joints on the CPU and have seen guides on fixing it on the youtubes but I am in no way confident enough to open up my PS3 and try it. The alternative is spending £131 to have Sony replace my current PS3 with a replacement console. I'd get 12 months warranty from it but my worry is if I swap the hard drives between PS3s the new one might not ba able to read it and want to format the drive, leaving me with the task of downloading some 13GB of games and updates since my last backup
  11. Just phoned my insurance (Yes! car insurance) to get it changed onto my new car, and change the address to my Yell address from my Orkney address and I've been told the underwriters don't cover Shetland. Why cover Orkney and not Shetland? I was living in Kirkwall at the time, and now I'm in Yell (an area with a substantially lower rate of crime etc.) they won't cover me! I know have to cancel the insurance I have (which is 9 months through, and I lose my years no claims from it), and pay £6.50 for the pleasure, then start a new policy with them. Apparently, they're best quote came form Av
  12. I tried this a while ago, works pretty well if I mind right. Also, there's a Megadrive emulator out there for the S60v3 (Or maybe it was just a Java version, I forget) and that ran perfectly, had Zero Wing on my N96.
  13. It's nice if you're sooth. I wis in Glasgow just afore christmas and got a few youtube videos on the go. Before I panicked aboot goin ower me monthly limit. I wis still miles aff, but still, callin 500MB a month "unlimited" is nothing short of a blatant lie. I wonder aboot phonin offcom aboot it but I likely go ower my "unlimited" minutes phonin them.
  14. I would think it has more to do with the fact that they're still selling piles of PS2s so don't want to pass people onto a console they lose money on, only for you to buy 2nd hand PS2 games. That means they don't recuperate their loss from PS3 game sales.
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