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  1. Its a shame that it looks like its going to close. And after the council decided to keep it open not that long ago. I cant realy see any business letting people wait for a bus or droping of their shopping or boxes to go on another bus..... I know that years ago there was no waitingroom, and we all managed. But that was years ago. I suppose that if we want it open we will need to write to the council.
  2. Interesting read paulb. Funny how the news just made it to radio Scotland. It dose make the case for fairer costs. But I can't see that happening. If it doesn't change will that make the Shetland wind farm worth building.
  3. Just heard on the radio that Peterhead power station is to cut its output by 2/3. Due to the high charges in the north of Scotland for putting power into the grid. Well what chance dose Shetland have? If its unviable to produce electricity on the mainland of Scotland then what's the point of building a wind farm in Shetland?
  4. I am unsure if this is true, I was hoping that someone would be able to tell me. Has the Shetland Islands Council renewed the lease on Charlotte House, even though they do not need it any more? Someone at finance signed the new 5-year lease and the Council cannot sublet it. So the council is left with a bill for 5 years on a building that they no longer require. Is this true?
  5. Yea its a great thing on paper but when it comes to it.... So where are people ment to move to? There was a bit on the news that one of the councils in London were looking for 70 houses anywhere in England as they were getting ready for the bedroom tax. and that was just the start. so you may have lived in your house for 30n years family moved out then you get moved away from your community. This goernment never cared much for communities anyway.
  6. Is social housing not for life? Is it going to be that if you can't afford to pay for the extra rooms that you have get out. Or on the other hand why should people be provided with a house for life even when they have spare rooms. There are other familys out there who need a three/two bedroom house. Is it not better to have 1 credit for people not working and a cap on the amount of housing benifit they get paid? £500 per week seems fine amount to live on and pay your rent council tax from. Is it not? What do you think??
  7. It’s about time that folk paid towards their care. Or should we pay it for them even though they can pay towards it themselves. What do you think?
  8. I liked the letter that was in last weeks Shetland Times, written by a lady from England. Very good indeed.
  9. I think the idea is for the youth clubs to be run by people wiling to do it for nothing. So that will save them some cash. Its all very well for an under 8 to walk 2 miles and an over 8 to walk 3 miles. When the sun is shining and the birds are sining. Diffrent story when it is wet, windy, blowing a gail, or even strong wind, snow, sleet.... Which is a lot of the time in Shetland. Yes the busses were stopen in lerwick but there is the Town service that goes up Gilbertson Rd at 3pm. Not to sure about the mornings though. Its a diffrent story out of lerwick as there is no bus for them to catch. Anyway what could posibly happen to children walking 2 or3 miles to school there and back???
  10. I wonder why in a time of cut backs the SIC do not put the tug contract out to tender. Would that not save them some money, would it not?
  11. Weel nay wan took up we my last msg about the projected profits. I heard a rumour that the SIC is paying all the wages for the staff at Mareel. Is this true? If so why are prople who work for the SIC getting payed off. Due to cut backs. Yet there is money to pay Mareel staff? It may be untrue but it may not be. Dose anyone know?
  12. I might be wrong but I'm sure there was to be about 177 shows a year at the Mareel. Is that no happening then? Cause there is lucky if there is 1 a week. So how can it make money? Can anyone clear this up? Also if I mind right 47% of running costs were to come from the bar. And be self sufficent after a year so there's still time for a profit. Or maybe a loss?
  13. I see that the rural community skips are under threat. Ok i can understand that save up to 70000. I never noticed the road side collections in Lerwick being cut. Maybe they have, I dont know? Do you?
  14. What do you think those people not catching their buses from the bus station have to do then? Not everyone works in town. Not everyone working in town gets the bus at the bus station. Un wha said dat dee did? But this debate is about the closure of the Vinkng and the effect that it will have. Not about who catches busses from where ever. It was you that said it was ok to shelter at the Viknig.
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