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  1. Surely the buchan alpha announcement is brilliant news! Especially coming so soon after the Dales Voe development being completed. Thankfully the SNP didn't get their way over abolishing HIE or this and many other projects might never have got off the ground. There's not many major projects been awarded yet so this coming to lerwick will hopefully be the start of many.
  2. Why would it not be yours if you have bought it?
  3. *Groan*....sometimes I despair....... That comment makes me despair! What's it based on?
  4. That's the same shop I was referring to.
  5. Good luck with it! Looking forward to seeing the results.
  6. I see that a shop on the street is closing after having all it's windows broken. The camera's don't even act as a deterrent it seems.
  7. How does the 'ignore' function work? Does it work both ways i.e. the ignored person cant see your posts as well as you not seeing theirs? If that was the case, then it wouldn't take too many people ignoring any particular person to make their use of Shetlink a bit fruitless. It really is a shame that such a wonderful resource as this can be completely ruined by a very small minority of users.
  8. Did such insignificant details really spoil your enjoyment of a fictitious storyline so much? Fiction is just that! made up! For me it was amazing to watch a programme on prime time TV where I was familiar with the locations used and knew many of the faces appearing.
  9. The beach is in Hillswick. On the road towards the Braewick cafe/caravan park. It's the same beach in the opening scene and where the body is found.
  10. One factor which I know applies in some of the accident statistics along the esplanade is the number of foreign pedestrians crossing the road whose natural instinct is to look the wrong way for approaching traffic. It's something I'm always acutely aware of especially on busy cruise liner days and have had a number of close calls myself. They are just as likely to look the wrong way at a zebra crossing, whereas a pelican crossing stops the traffic whichever side you expect it to come from. Educating the public of that fact might be just as likely to bring the statistics to a normal level as much as imposing a reduced speed limit.
  11. Just above the thick blue line above the the list of topics is a black button with white writing "Start new topic". Try that!
  12. The SIC didn't 'give' them money and then lose it. The SIC bought a share in the company which they still own and in theory could still earn a return on, or sell or do whatever they like with.
  13. Yeh, but none of them could have the same craic as Shetlink!
  14. More than 5 years since this thread was active last! Must be plenty of new folk joined Shetlink since then. Let's get it going again!
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