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  1. Couldn't agree more fresh, local and daily are to me the most important points when buying food. Not cheap, convenient and special offer. Spending money in locally owned indepenent shops is good for the local economy where as spending money in shops owned by international corporations is bad for the local economy.
  2. I really hope tesco don't open in shetland they are a huge company which only exist to make huge profits. They will bleed the local economy dry and many of the excellent shops in lerwick would struggle to survive, particularly the butchers. Here in Edinburgh Tesco tried to open in Portabello but thanks to a campaign by local people the council rejected the planning application. I do most of my shopping on Portabello high street and I am very thankfull that there is no Tesco which undoubtably would have forced many of the local shops to close. The future should be diverse not homogenized.
  3. I think climate change and peak oil are going to be huge problems in the future. I think the debate about climate change being caused or not by humans or not is largely irrelivant. Oil is limited so should be conserved for the future by reducing consuption. I do think that climate change has stolen the lime light from the vast array of environmental issues which are equally pressing and need urgent action.
  4. I think breastfeeding should be encouraged it is the best way to feed a baby. Formula feeds should only be used as a last resort and should be viewed as a medicine available by prescription only. But ofcourse it would never happen because of our corrupt medical system.
  5. I use freecycle here in Edinburgh mostly to give things away. It is great for things you would not want to chuck or give to charity. It also has a wanted function. Highly recommended Shetland would benefit from it set one up now.
  6. Does this still go on in Shetland or a the youngsters to busy playing thier computers to bother with it. It is a stange thing if you think about it teenagers stealing vegetables but it was good fun and we even ate the veg!
  7. I work as a stagehand here in Edinburgh it's a fine job good fun and I get to watch lots of gigs. It can be a bit unpredictable at times some months I work flatout others I'm hardly working at all. But it leaves me enough time to do the other things I enjoy doing.
  8. I never said that if you have a tan you will not burn but by developing a tan and with a bit of respect for the sun you should avoid sunburn. I spend a lot of time in the sun and I never protect the backs of my hands and they have never burnt.
  9. Diana Princess of Whales she was in The Little Mermaid
  10. I agree people in the past probably did die before they developed cancer but the point I was making was that they would have been outdoors alot and would have developed a tan there fore would have been protected from sunburn by their tan.
  11. I don't think he's The Devil I think The Devil would be far more intelligent and honest.
  12. perhaps the fact new technologies make it easier to diagnose and treat this type of cancer adds to the awareness of it. and not that it did not exsist before they found out of to find it... When I said What happened before sunscreen? I was meaning What did people do when they were out in the sun? Did they just get burnt all the time?
  13. How much time do you spend outside on sunny days Yowe?
  14. I'm in Edinburgh it's really windy here today just got in from cycling back from work for the second time today it's kinda tough in the wind. I was cycling through the Cowgate at about 9.30pm and some ass threw something at me and it hit me in the cheek. Bloody Edinburgh skeemie w****rs.
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