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  1. well, its shetland water, so theres not much of it.
  2. Canute didn't think he could comand the sea he did it to proove to his court that he was not omnipotent ie to proove that he counldn't comand the sea. But if the sheriff thinks he's above the weather he should know better especially in Shetland.
  3. or I could correct myself Quote from The Shetland News "17 August, 2006 POLICE in Shetland yesterday (Wednesday) confirmed that one of their own vehicles had been present at the scene when a three vehicle accident left one woman seriously injured, on Tuesday afternoon. But a police spokeswoman stressed that the police car was neither involved nor did it cause the accident, as it was "stationary off the road" at the entrance to the peat works of Peterson's Peat Products, on the A970 just north of Lerwick. Inspector Mo Smith said: "There is nothing to suggest that the police vehicle has caused the accident. We left it on location to assist with the ongoing accident investigation." She added that the police vehicle had not been one of the three vehicles - a car, a van and lorry -described as being involved in the accident. Rachel Rosie, aged 38, from Scalloway had to be cut from the wreckage and flown to the intensive care unit of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, where she was described as being in a stable condition. The A970 was re-opened again yesterday afternoon after having been closed for more than 24 hours" Perhaps if the police had parked with more consideration for other road users this may have been avoided
  4. Was there not an accident recently were a police car was blocking an entrance and a truck couldn't turn in which in turn led to an accident? Was it not near Sandwick? Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. I my experience the police don't drive properly at normal speeds( not that they stick within the speed limit). So how can they be trusted to drive at high speed through slow moving traffic and children on there way to school? They should set an upper limit on their speed while in built up areas.
  6. I just want to be put in a hole in the ground without any fuss I don't even want a box but I might make one some time if I get round to it.
  7. turrifield

    Camera Obscura

    I saw them supporting Belle & Sebastian too and have to agree with Ally but I don't like B&S either. So maybe if you're a B&S fan you might like them.
  8. I don't mind sampling but to just sing new lyrics over an already completed track is just like saying look how uncreative I can be. Very poor in deed. Garry Newman was being sampled alot recently too.
  9. I was in a shop recently and could just make out a Stevie Wonder track playing but on closer listening realised that somebody was singing some crap song over the top of it. A bit like when Will Smith did Wild West also over a Stevie song.
  10. Economic Left/Right: -4.00 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.54 thats my result
  11. I saw Dylan Moran at the Usher hall, I didn't think he was very funny at all! I think you maybe need to be a fan.
  12. I agree with Lec I think quality of death is as important as quality of life and also that dying is the single most important thing that an organism does.
  13. Anybody going to or been to anything at the Edinburgh festivals?
  14. With a computer perhaps. I liked the tyre ad from years ago with all the gold painted people to the sounds of Venus in Furs.
  15. I know a bass player who peed on a drummer in his sleep, I think the drummer woke up pretty quickly when he realised what was going on
  16. I was pruning my plum tree today it has hundreds of wasps in it. They feed on the sticky excretions from aphids. I didn't get stung though. Wasps are actually a mixed blessing for us gardeners, they pollinate flowers and feed thier young on caterpillars and help to clean up the aphids excretions which can lead to fungal infections.
  17. In no particular order David Byrne Usher Hall edinburgh Horace Andy Liquid Room Edinburgh John Martyn Lemon Tree Abderdeen The Flaming Lips Usher Hall Edinburgh Shooglenifty/Edward II Lemon Tree Aberdeen James Barrowland Glasgow Taj Mahal Usher Hall Edinburgh Oops two too many oh well never mind
  18. wish I was there we have been promised thunder storms all day today in Edinburgh but no such luck
  19. also even the trained police marksmen don't always get it right, jean charles de menezes for example. So what chance do we have with regular police officers carring guns?
  20. It's the people that make a place what it is to live in, so of coure different people will have different views depending on who they know. It is impossable to make generalisations about any population. Shetland is a small place so in Sakchai's case he was lucky because the right people made alot of noise and attracted attention to his plight which would have been harder in a big city for example.
  21. I agree with most of what you say but do you want to see the police routinely armed? The joke I made was to point out the absurd nature of the suggestion that because criminals start using a certain weapon that the police should start using the same weapon. I do respect the police in general and actually think that most of the problems with the job they do is as a result of bad laws and government policy but also that they are human and therefore just as fallible as everybody else.
  22. I remmember seeing hedgehogs in da toon years ago. They do eat birds eggs and were evicted from Uist for doing just that. Not sure if they are native to Shetland but I know that rabbits are not.
  23. I don't know what ( ** mod edit **) has been up to but I think that there is a vast differance between giving an opinion of someone's character and actually accusing them of some serious wrong doing. I said in the Chris Moyles thread that he's a twatt or something similar but that is not libelous because I'm not accusing him of doing anything.
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