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  1. Before the groups were announced it was on the news that England had been named as one of the top ten teams. The report then said that it ment that they would be unlikely to play the likes of Brazil until the later stages. The groups are set so that the top teams are spread over the groups rather than being grouped together with obvious consequences.
  2. People are dying to provide illegal drugs because they are illegal. If these drugs were legalised them criminals would have less involvment in their supply and these lives could be saved. And these terrorists being funded by drugs would loose out. It is clear drugs can't be stopped so why waste valuable resources on an unwinable war?
  3. The world cup is fixed in favour of the top ten teams so who ever wins it's an empty victory in an unfair contest.
  4. I blame the Talaban!
  5. But why do school childern need to be taught about the role of sniffer dogs or the dogs against drugs charity? Surely they need to be taught about drugs so that they can make informed decisions in the future.
  6. 28 days later Jay and silent bob stirke back The Blues Brothers Dogma Ali G in da house sweet sixteen leaving las vegas the shipping news The sex lives of the potato men and lots of others that I can't remember I can't stand those Richard Curtis british comedies with Hugh Grant, Curtis was fantastic when he was writting Blackadder with Ben Elton but the films since have just been wishy washy sentimental crap and not very funny.
  7. It has been said before but these sniffer dogs could be encouraging people to use harder drugs because they are easier to get past the dogs. Therefore increasing the transition from cannabis to heroin use.
  8. Educational, as in educating about the possible hazards of drug-taking. Why do you need dogs to educate about the dangers of drug use?
  9. First drugs tried are usually caffine, alcohol and nicotine but of course most people don't even consider these sanctioned drugs when discussing drug use/abuse.
  10. So underage drinking is bad but permited drinking is fine presumably because adults are responsible for there own actions. So why should these same adults not be resonsible when it comes to other drugs which are just as harmful as alcohol or in some cases less harmful.
  11. What exactly is educational about taking sniffer dogs in to schools? Is it the old don't take drugs children because we have these wonder dogs that will track you down? This sort of scare tactic approach doesn't work.
  12. Do you mean the goverment sanctioned off-licenses or tobacconists or perhaps you mean the idle GPs who dish out harmful drugs willy nilly for free.
  13. An electric car powered from renewable sources or a hydrogen car using hydrogen produced by electricity from renewable sources. But at the moment we have a VW polo 1.9 diesel that we rarely use so most of the time I cycle which is my favourite thing to drive, although I wouldn't mind trying a horse and cart sometime.
  14. What are the good points of religion? There is nothing that is provided by religion that cannot be provided in other ways.
  15. I'm no sure but it think it's something really Scottish like Mcgregor or something. Somebody could phone the Yell high school and aks his better half. All the way from sunny Australia put your hands together for Rowan McGregor.( he might have a stage name?)
  16. I know an Austrailian comic called Rowan who was living in Yell( he's the new art teachers partner) if he's still there I'm sure he would be up for doing some stand-up. I know he was keen to try it in Shetland when he moved up. So try to track him down.
  17. Unst has some excellent beaches Skaw, Norwick and Burrafirth are just some of them, in fact I recon Unst probably has the highest proportion of sandy beaches to land area in Shetland.
  18. I got drunk at the fort it was both great and hellish!
  19. I'm going up to Unst for a wedding this weekend. 4 of us are going we are taking the train to Aberdeen, the boat to Lerwick and then the bus to Unst. Should be an interesting trip of , I recon, about 20 hours.
  20. Down and out in Paris and London by George Orwell. I'm enjoying his observations about life as a dishwasher a job I have done myself albeit under far better condition. I had thought it was about sleeping rough and begging etc. but it is well worth reading.
  21. I thoroughly enjoyed your film the bits with the traps were particularly good and the stills are beautiful. It's good to see that someone is still working ponies in Shetland has was done in the past. Most people don't realise that we will be depending on pony power again in the not too distant future. Using horse power is a skill I would like to learn in the future Do you run courses to teach the ins and outs?
  22. I would have thought the invasion of Iraq would be more appropriately called 'asymmetric' warfare, but any roads, it's a new one on me. I'll bet $1 George Dubya didn't think that one up. He probably didn't think it it probably just fell out of his mouth while he was trying to say "an act of war", and one of his more intelligent elves said "thats quite good sir we should use that"
  23. I agree but when did we become a democracy? A vote every few years is not the only measure of a democratic state but it is a small step to becoming one.
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