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  1. Infact I would like to see this rainy, windy, sheepy place first hand so that I can better represent Shetland to the people of Edinburgh. Do I get my free holiday now?
  2. well I think sheep, rain and wind are fairly major players in Shetland
  3. £3.50 is a realistic cost for a quality burger were as 99p for a cheap fast food burger is actually too cheap even for something so crap.
  4. Chris Moyles is an arogant ar**h*le.
  5. I didn't make to the parliment until 2pm I thought it was going on all day. I would have been there at 11 if I had known that it wasn't. Anyway sounds like the objective was obtained so well done to those who were there. I will try to be involved in anyother Edinburgh based events. Good Luck Tonight
  6. The Shetlands are a horrible place with too much rain and sheep and even rainy sheep and there is not enough trees. It smells of rotten fish with an easterly wind and thinks it's some kind of independent psuedo-scandinavian principality. It's all knitting, dwarf horses and stinking seabirds, Great! Do I get a free holiday?
  7. well it is to do with cloning when cloning is used for medical research to find cures for fictitious illnesess.
  8. I met Mark Little(Joe Mangel from Neighbours) in Aberdeen, he was at the Aberdeen Alternative Festival. We met him in The Lemon Tree after his show I can't remember much though I think we were a bit steamin' we tried to get him to come to a party at our flat but he wasn't game, hardly surprising he propably could hardly understand what we were saying.
  9. I don't think that stem cell research should be carried out, I think that medical research is always gonig in the wrong direction. We should be looking to prevent people from becoming ill rather than concentrating on treatments for illness. Research into causes of illness would help people far more than treatments. Most treatments involve drugs with side effects which can cause serious illness. We all know that smoking and drinking are harmful to our bodies but what about the huge list of barely tested chemicals that we ingest everyday in cleaning products, air freshners, cosmetics, personal hygine products. food ingredients, etc, etc. The effect on health are never considered when new chemicals are introduced the line " the exposure rate is to low to present a risk to health" is to often used. When proper research as not been done. But of coure back medical research there is no money is keeping people away from harmful substances but billions of £ or $ in marketing the latest wonder drug.
  10. UHA is a farce and always has been, it's elitist, racist and sexist. It either belongs in a museum or should be turned into a corporate event like the Edinburgh Hogmanay has become.
  11. Quote from The Scotsman Well done the Home Office. We complain about leniency against convicted criminals and now we complain when we deport those here who commit crime. Let's not forget who the convicted criminal is. Robert Andrew, Lerwick Who is this guy does he only see in black and white?
  12. I just don't agree with cloning for any purpose but I don't think It can be stopped.
  13. There was a report on the bbc 1 Scotland TV news tonight so that will have raised awareness. All I can say is that I agree with what has been said already and have sent what E-mails I can. Just hope for a good outcome and will keep intouch with what's happening.
  14. I saw Martin Stephenson about ten years ago and would love to see him again. He was playing in Glasgow recently did anybody see him or know if he is playing anytime soon?
  15. Was the John Martyn gig good, pb ? I last say him about 12 years ago
  16. Radiohead and Journey(if anybody remembers them?)
  17. I don't support salmon farming it is an unsustainable food production system one that uses 4-5 tons of fish(in feed) to produce 1 ton of salmon. Most of the fish caught to make feed comes from poor countries where the fish could be used as food rather than as a cash crop. It also uses chemicals to control disease an concentrates fish feces on the sea bed under the cages. If people eat wild caught fish these problems do not occur. I don't support any fish farming by not buying their products.
  18. I've been with The Cooperative bank for a while now and find them to be resonable. The online service is good and you can do most transactions through the post office(good in rural areas). But I'm sure they will still charge me if I go over my overdraft.
  19. With reports of anti-salmon protests planned do you support the protests or the salmon farming industry?
  20. who is Susanna Jones has anybody ever heard of her or read any of her work?
  21. Evelyne Glennie, Danny Thompson, John Martyn, Elton John, David Byrne, The Zutons, The flaming Lips, Aly Bain, All About Eve, The 5678s, KT Tunstel's band, Herbie Hancock, Lenny Hendry, Rick Mayall, Irvine Welsh. I think thats all the famous people that I have met and talked with.
  22. What did you think of his comments about Blair being a legitimate target for suicide bombers from Iraq? Also what about his meeting with Castro?
  23. Did anybody see Paul Merton's program about BK on last night. It was the first time I have see BK and thought it was exellent. I have seen some Harold Lloyd before but I thought BK was way ahead of HL. Can't wait for the rest of the series.
  24. I fish with a bubble 'n' a worm and I don't fish so that I can put the fish back they taste too good. I think that it's the sport anglers that give fishing a bad name and give fuel to the cruelty lobby who now have fishing in thier sights since they won the fox hunting arguement
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