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  1. I thought 28 Days Later was a good zombie film and Shaun of the Dead is excellent
  2. What channel was it on? so iI can keep an eye out for a repeat.
  3. I have read it and I did enjoy it as a story but it is badly written and was difficult to put down. I think its a bit like a bad but catchy pop song it gets its hooks in and you can't stop listening even though you know it's crap. I was looking forward to the film because I thought the book could be turned into a really good film as it reads like a film but having seen some trailers it looks to be a poor show indeed
  4. Oh dear I remember the days of Neighbours addiction and Home and Away(when I was at school). If the addicts here are still at school don't worry you'll grow out of it, but if you are a fully fledged adult well maybe you should consult your GP and ask for some anti-soapyotics they usually do the trick.
  5. I thought the whole of 28 Days Later was based on Day of the Triffids but it was still an excellent film as are most of Danny Boyle's films. The DOTT film is pretty bad it was on BBC4 recently and I was very disappointed. The Midwich Cuckoos is a good book, it was made into a film that I think was called The Village Of The Dammed has anyone seen it? What's it like?
  6. I agree Ghostrider total crap as with most reality TV
  7. I'm sorry but I'm pretending to be a druggie so I play crap doesn't cut the mustard with me. Even if he is as drugged up as he would like us to believe he should still be able to play. I've seen plenty of performers put on a good show when they are out of it.
  8. Have just read an interview with Alan Simpson MP who says that 80% of the power put into the national grid is wasted before it reaches the consumer. So I would say based on that micro renewables is the only efficient way to produce electricity.
  9. Revolution Doesn't have to be active it can be as much about what you don't do. For example if you want to revolt against the economic system then every time you go to buy somethong consider if you really need it, don't buy it if you don't need, the economy depends on people buying things they don't need. You could also join reverend Billy Talens Church of Stop Shopping. Power always seems to be top down but it is really bottom up.
  10. I saw Babyshambles last night and was unimpressed by what I saw. The band were slack and the songs nothing special. They did warm up and improve as the gig progressed and there were a few good moments when the band did gel together. These were mostly at the beginings of songs and the momentum soon dropped off. Petes guitar was out of tune for most of the gig and when it did get tuned he had to get the other guitarist to tune it. I also saw Dirty Pretty Things on Friday who were alot better. The Babyshambles gig was in a 3000 capacity venue but they only sold about 1200 tickets, DPT sold about 800 tickets for a 650 capacity venue and the gig was rocking. I think that the pete doherty thing is all just hype with no substance to back it up hopefully he will soon disapear off the radar of the tabloid press.
  11. I agree that each driver is obviously responsible for their own driving but bad driving by the police does have an effect on drivers' decision making process.
  12. But does the WTO and the IMF work for us at the moment? Does it not just keep us in the unrealistic bubble that we have all grown up in, what will we do when the bubble bursts, which will happen probably sooner than we realise. So surely the current situation does nothing for our long term security.
  13. you selfish person born outwith wedlock(Is that acceptable?edit me if need be)
  14. I don't think they should be replaced I think that countries should be able to enter into agreements with other countries with out having to bow to international rules of trade which often work against them. For example if europe doesn't want to buy GM food from American companies America shouldn't be able to try to force us through WTO rules. And if America wants to boycott us for refusing GM then they should.
  15. I would be very happy to see these oranisations removed from existance. They exist simply to further the control of global economics for the benefit of the already wealthy to the detriment of the poor. While I'm at it I would also disband the EEC. Does anybody else have a similar opinion or not?
  16. I think that the behavior of the police and respect for them are both very important factors in improving road safety
  17. Nungle wrote: "I know i'm being a wet blanket here, but seriously, that video may well have been fabricated, but similar horror stories do actually happen on the roads all the time. It is also interesting that your recollection of the video is there, but in a mode of complete disbelief. Not targetting you turrifield, but it is a clear reflection of the "it couldn't happen to me" attitude that pervades motoring psychology. It could, it can and it does. Pity there is no easy answer as to how to turn that message into a media that people do take seriously. Maybe we should start short-term conscription to the fire brigade, or ambulance service. (Joking of course)." It wasn't a video it was a story that a police officer told durning a visit to the AHS. It has stuck in my head along with lots of other useless information. We were not even driving age when we were being told this. The point I'm trying to make is that gruesome stories, pictures or footage don't help to make the roads safer.
  18. I've heard about the police breathalizing each other to find out who is the most sober for driving when they hung over after a night out.
  19. I don't think that this DVD will do any good, I can remember being shown pictures of car crashes by the police when I was at the AHS and being told the stories of the gruesome aftermath. One which sticks in my head was the police saying that they had had to take turns at holding a man's neck closed to stop him bleeding to death while the drunk driver who had caused the accident could been seen walking away over the hill. They said they couldn't chase him because each oficer had to take turns being sick because the man was bleeding so much and he died. By the time they caught up with the drunk guy he was sober and got off scott free. Don't know about you but to me this sounds totaly fabricated. Also talking about indicating how many times have you seen the police not use thier indicators. Recently near my house in Edinburgh I saw a police van pull in, stop, move off, turn the wrong way down a one street, do a u-turn, take a left, then pull in and stop. This maneuver was executed without a single indication and police drivers have had advanced training!
  20. turrifield

    The Zutons

    I saw The Zutons last night they were a good no nonsense poppy rock band.
  21. Try probing Four Poofs And A Piano you might get somewhere with them but the Scissor Sisters forget it, no way.
  22. While this may be good news for Shetlands future wind farm prospects I don't think this kind of developement is good for the environment and green energy as a whole. Sustainable energy should be local energy and not reliant on vast interconnected structures like hundreds of miles of pylons and subsea cables. The energy should be produced as close to the point of consumption as possible. Sometimes this can be on the roof of the building. Shetland should be looking to be selfsufficent in energy and not to turn Shetland into a energy factory.
  23. I think that ineffective policing is a nationwide problem partly caused by politicians, social changes and police training. While it may be good to have a local top cop I think that external influences will override any benefits of local knowladge.
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