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  1. I think that instead of trying to keep the Unst population atificially high as it has been during the RAF years it should be allowd to find its onw natural equilibrium.
  2. dont' speak ill of the dead is such a flawed idea, tell the truth about a person alive or dead that's the best way to remember someone
  3. It seems to me that in the cases of prisoners getting compensation for their humanrights being compromised shows that there is a problem with the compensation culture that we live in but not with the human rights convention. I would suggest that these people have there issuse acknowlaged and the correct apologies issued but no compensation should be awarded. Compensation should only be awarded where actions have had an economic impact.
  4. In the New Labour there are some socialists, just like the churches where there are some christians- Tony Benn
  5. I thought Jack Bruce was the best thing about the cream re-union he still seemed to have a bit of the old cream left in him(no pun intended).
  6. yeah I agree just because you don't like something doesn't mean it should be ignored
  7. I saw The Streets on Saturday, their drummer was good he was solid funky with good feel. Anybody know who he is? Also when I saw Herbie Hancock he had an excellent drummer he was only about 19 as well.
  8. As far as I can see there are 2 down sides to high oil prices. The first is that the oil companies make more profits and the second is that it makes war far more likely(probably with Iran). If high prices reduce consuption then it gives us a bit more time to sort things before the oil runs out and it also compells us to use viable alternatives so high prices are a mixed blessing.
  9. The Green Party may be on the amature side but they are the only party that takes the environment seriously. There is no bigger single issue facing the world today it covers every aspect of life on this planet. War, health, education, prosperity, economics, social security, transport, food production and every other political issue of the day, large and small. Every day we are at a cross roads were one way leads to the status quo of ignoring the problem which will not go away and will force us into a corner. Which at its worst will cause death and suffering to millions of people. This is already happening and has been for years. The other road leads to awareness and change in society as a whole which will lead to a more stable, prosperous and healthy future. And hopefully a more peaceful one. A vote for Green is a vote for the future.
  10. I always wonder if the same is true for the Falklands or the Faeroes should they be refered to as Falkland or Faeroe?
  11. I think that we should try to get more older people involved in Shetlink. I told my mam to log in last night, so go on everybody who reads this send a link or tell sombody who's say at least 20 years older than you to have a go. You never know they might like it.
  12. Is there anybody from Shetland who doesn't see cringe when they hear or see the term "The Shetlands" used instead of Shetland or The Shetland Isles? What should we do about it, grin and bare it or, try to correct it at every turn?
  13. very poor they sound like a band that don't play very often.
  14. oasis, westlife, danniel o donnel, franz ferdinand are the worst gigs I've had the misfortue to be at. Has anybody else seen franz ferdinand?
  15. don't think money really matters in this case, Scotland and England are 2 different countries and should be separated.
  16. music, fashon and literature to name a few but anyway were's the cut off point for recent surley it's just an on going process.
  17. but surely playing a bass kit means they actually become drums? or how about a 6' gong
  18. no but he did end one song by blowing up a huge balloon filled with confetti until it burst while the band played along to the balloon.
  19. I think drum kits are bigger and if they are sparkly even better
  20. They are from the bible belt in america and speak out against christian extremists. i.e. The Rapture Index mob(nutters)
  21. turrifield

    flaming lips

    I saw the Flaming Lips last night I had never really heard them before, except a couple of tracks the one about all your friends dying and the one with the chemical brothers. I thought they were an excellent band, the show was mad huge balloons in the audience, dancers dressed as aliens and santa all with powerfull torches and loads and loads of confetti shot out of confetti canons. And a dash of anti-war, anti-bush, anti-christian extremism thrown in. And people dressed a superheros and lots of other stuff including good visuals. Anybody else seen them? what did you think?
  22. I think I've been in a few of the worst but as far as I remember I had a good time no matter what the band was and even really poor bands are still often enjoyed by the audience. Westlife is one that springs to mind I know they're not from Shetland(thankfully) but I had the missfortue of having to watch them and they were poor, really just a huge karaoke and at one point they got a 14 year old girl from the audience to sing with them and she was as good as they were. So it's all relative. I've never been a fan of who's the best/worst, it tends to be very elitist. It'll be whos got the biggest instrument next.
  23. immigation is a very important part of most societies it helps to stop stagnation in culture and the gene pool. The UK has been populated by immigrants since the end of the last ice age and will continue to do so for a long time to come. As for the BNP I think they are capitalizing on the falure of polliticians to deal with this problem in the eyes' of the population and also the scare mongering in the media helps their cause. The fact is though without immigants life as we know it would not be possible. For example without the slaves who work in the food packing and production industry in this country food, particularly fresh food, would be much more expensive. We need these people but they should be treated with the respect has we all should expect.
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