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  1. If flights are too expensive why are fliers not paying fuel tax like every other form of transport? Also if you are a plane user you should get used to the price increasing because oil won't be getting any cheaper? Another point is that with oil running out how will the planes of the future be powered, pehaps they will not exist except in a museum.
  2. ask Jeff Ampleford about that he was one of the hecklers or so he says
  3. My lord! Dats a blast fae da past. Was that a beanfeast band. Was I in it? Mind the "Carrot Shop" band? A certain keyboard player and the vocalist wore carrot earings at a roller disco 'gig' Dear me...... Dat joost browt me oot in cowld swits I hid firgoten aboot dat bloody hell
  4. Maybe the place to start then is with pleasure and holiday charter flights, all of which are luxuries, rather than the unfortunate and undesirable facts of life in accessing civilisation from a mid ocean rock. Given the recent "expert" opinion that the only viable alternative, the north boats, are an enviornmental disaster, I think there's plenty of room to argue that a handful of flights in a day by old Saab turboprops are the lesser of the two evils. I have never read anything that says air travel is the best method. It may be that a flight from Shetland to the mainland uses less fuel than the boat but that is not quite the full picture. The plane carries about 30 people (I'm not sure it's been so long), luggage and some mail where as the boat carries up to 200 people(?), cars, livestock and all the rest of the cargo to move in and out of Shetland. So that taken into accounrt the boat will always be better. The plane also releases it's pollutants higher up in the atmosphere and therefore does more damage. The boat could be made more efficient and I welcomed the report into the efficiency of the boat. I just hope that it is acted upon. I would just ask for anybody that is planning a trip no matter how long or short to choose the methods of transport least damaging to the environment even if it does take longer. e.g. In McFly's case the train from Glasgow to Aberdeen then the bost to Lerwick followed by the bus to the south end. It would take about 20 hours instead of about 4 hours by plane but these are the choices we have to make.
  5. I think airfares are already far too low as it is. Flying is an environmental disaster aeroplane operators don't even pay fuel tax, they should pay a higher rate of fuel duty than for other forms of transport due to thier environmental impact. This would serve to reduce air travel and force people to use more sustainable methods of transport or even better just not go at all and only travel when necessary. I think for a Lib Dem minister to push for reduced air fares is at odds with thier recent green retoric, just goes to show that they are as usual saying one thing whilst doing another
  6. 1. Chickens can talk 2. Chickens can reason 3. Chickens feel emotion 4. Chikens have wings 5. Chickens ovulate every 25 hours 6. Chickens have a social heirarchy But chickens do form gangs and do bully each other and fight over nest sites and food.
  7. skip da sun screen joost hae a scar o witt
  8. Because we're humans? is a pathetic answer, to say that environmental destruction is natural is of course true but to claim that it is out of our hands is just plain wrong. The planet we depend on for our survival is changing rapidly due to human actions. We could well be the first animal(on this planet) to cause our own extiction and what in most rediculous is that we can see it coming but we choose to do nothing about it. Most important animal I don't think so, stupid, selfish, arogant. As for good and bad animals I take it thats a joke. You mention sharks as a "bad" animal but you don't mention bees, you are more likley to be killed by a bee than a shark but without bees there would be no polination therefore no food. You cannot say that one animal is better or more important than another we depend on all species for our survival. So we should protect them like we protect ourselves.
  9. I always thought council workers were notoriously lazy. I mind one time driving through road work in Bixter were one guy was operating a JCB, 2 were standing watching hands in pockets another 2 were standing chatting a 6th guy was on the phone and the 7th was taking a photo now there's value for money
  10. Why are the human species more valuable than other animal species?
  11. I think the idea of stopping people taking drugs by cutting off the supply is absurd. The police and customs have been trying it for years but there is more illegal drug use now than any time since drugs were made illegal(I don't know about before) Drugs are an integral part of life whether they are legal or not. It's time people accepted it, then we could get on with helping and educating people instead of demonising them. Also how many needy people have missed out on charitable aid because money has gone to these drug dogs
  12. did I just imagine it or did an advert for The Camera Shop just appear at the top of the screen
  13. I'm 30 and i've never been to sleep I got to bed and the next thing I know I gettin up again wierd or what?
  14. I've caught a good few trout over the years but none over 1lb(Good eating size) but they tasted exellent and I enjoyed catching every single one.
  15. I would do awyay with copyright then there wouldn't be any issue about file sharing and people could create intelectual and artistic entities without thinking about how much money they would make from them. A trully libertating experience.
  16. back to the dogs in hand . I wrote a letter to the Shetland times that was publised about 6 weeks ago complianing about biased coverage of a trail involving the drug dogs and claiming that they were pointless but there have been no replies of support, so who exactly is supporting this charity? And does this project have the support of the Shetland community at large or is it just some people with too much money thinking that they are doing good.
  17. tip top idea old chaps if you are not prepared to own your own statements you shouldn't make them.
  18. I have no problem with killing animals for food and other resources provided it's done sustainably. I do object to deliberatley making animals suffer for the "benefit" of humans i.e. medical and cosmetic testing and intesive food production. So when animal rights activists (terrorists as the american government classes them) protest againts companies like Huntingdon Life Sciences I agree with them although I don't agree with some of the extreme tactics used. Lobster Liberation Front now that is also extreme!
  19. up the lords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. The taxes should pay for it they should get a set amount per seat being contested. I think it would make elections more interesting and probably encourage more independants and comedy/nutter parties
  21. It dosen't really matter where words come from it's where they end up being used that counts (e.g. Gadgie is a Scottish word that originates from India) and the that fact that alot of Shetland words were used in scotland is because scotland expirienced similar cultural influences as Shetland i.e. Scananavian. I disagree that you could speak broad Shetland to anybody on the mainland(I assume you mean Scotland) I lived in Aberdeen where I had to temper my accent a bit but I now live in Edinburgh and found when I first moved here that almost no body could understand me and I still have to remind my self to adjust my speach.
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