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  1. why is this in the international/national news bit surely it should be in the inane spraff bit
  2. I aready live in a town where everyone can get drugs. I agree that alcohol is regarded as cool by some but I think the tide is turning against smoking. It seem as if some people writting here see drug user/addicts as complete nutters with no self respect or restraint who just bumble around taking what ever drugs they see in front of them. Please join the real world.
  3. When gun crime is on the increase people say give the police guns but knife crime is far more common and increasing but nobody sugests giving the police knives. Give the police knives and they can sort out crimminals with a quick game of knify they do wear armour so they would have the advantage over the hapless crim. You could have tellivised knife fights like they do in the US with car chases!
  4. I'm not against Iran having nuclear power stations I'm against any country having them. As for the weapons I can't see how the west can stop them when the US are developing new nuclear weapons and are curently using chemical and biological weapons in Columbia to try to wipe out the Coca (cocaine) plantations, but they don't clear the people out first!
  5. I agree if drugs were legal the amount of addicts could well decrease. It would be less cool as mentioned before and people with drug habits would get more help to quit and would not be stigmatised by thier community. Also with the correct help it is possible to be a drug addict and a fully functioning member of society. The cleanest least harmful drug which is actually heroin(believe it or not) can, if taken properly, be used for years on end without causing harm. It's what it's mixed with delivery techniques(injecting with dirty needles) that cause problems.
  6. Jim-Jam you've hit one of nails on the head, try to build a night club near the sea and it's no way because everybody will be high on drink 'n' drugs and either fall in the sea or deceide to have a huge game of water polo or something similar resulting in carnage. But, try to build a venue near the sea and it's assumed that the revelers will be about as rowdy has the audience at one of those concerts at the town hall hmmmmmmmmm I don't think so.
  7. I've played and spectated at the Northstar too It has a good sized stage, good sized dance floor , loads of elevated seating and a seperate bar I think it's fine I've been in far wrose venues in my time, but yeah it is falling apart.
  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  9. I saw them 6 years ago, they are an exellent band.
  10. all illegal drugs should be legal then drug problems could be treated as medical problems not criminal ones, drug users could get pure clean drugs that are not mixed with lethal chemicals and they would know the doses they were taking so less chance of over dose.
  11. Supermarkets I hate them and would be happy if they didn't exist at all. Support local shops, small retailers, get a veg box delivered, go to farmers markets, butchers, bakers, fishmongers, green grocers, newsagents they all have chariter abd they money stays in your local community. up the independent
  12. the other thing is why, like the new museum, is it being built about 10 feet above sea level? Most people have accepted that sea level is due to rise, was it not last year that the sea was up to the front door of the new museum. How short sighted can you get?
  13. The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen is publicly funded. It has a remit to develop arts of all kinds for as many groups in the community as possible. And it's a tremendous success. I lived in Aberdeen for many years and the cultural life of the city would be much poorer without the Lemon Tree. I think it's a really good concept to have a publicly funded arts development centre, and given the right management and creative programs the Shetland community would benefit greatly from it. Surely it doesn't have to be in direct competition with all the dreary drinking dens Shetland already has? the Lemon Tree had funding for the first five years then it had to be self supporting and you could tell the differance in the programming more tribute bands, club nights etc.. Not that their is anything wrong with that. But back to the subject in hand what gets me is that there is already an excellent cinema/ music venue in Lerwick called the north star. Ok it needs alot of work doing but anybody who's played there or seen a band there knows it's great, I can't remmember what its like as a cinema I was about 5 the last time it ran a film
  14. my bike speedo telt me dat I wis goin' at 95 MPH, bit I wis joost pushin' it up my drive in at da time so I think it might be buggered. I did get ower 30 ee day goin' doon da rod at da back o Arthurs seat, it's fairly steep.
  15. The boat does have a few beds that you can sleep on if you don't want to martyr yourself to some floor sleeping nort boat god.
  16. it was the criminal justice bill among other things it gave the police powers to break up unaprooved gatherings over a certain size.
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