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  1. The Schooner is the place to while awa a few hours I nip in dere when I come ashore.
  2. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    Well done ewe sheep. Dour first 45 but Aberdeen dominated the second 45 and scored a couple of great goals. Calderwood deserves his day in the spotlight, or is it artificail sunlight, for that win. Well done indeed.
  3. New year is dead as a special occasion. Just like any other weekend now. Bells and bed I doot.
  4. I suspect they didn't even let down the whole of Glasgow.
  5. I don't understand, how else can it run?
  6. Investing in votes from regional areas who do not traditionaly vote for the nationalist party? We could benifit there then given as we, as a county, vote Lib Dem or do the SNP administartion feel that the Lib Dems are turning a semi yellow colour of nationalist?
  7. Ironic indeed but is it not the case that it simply was not financially viable to keep open even after many grants from Aberdeen Council and Scottish Arts over the years?
  8. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    Good point Maroon person. Aberdeen should be pressing for that help now, if they want it. There is always the mind set that playing an remaing match sharp is better than "resting". Whats good for the goose is good for the sheep. Shame it's a bigot's only rule. Wasn't aware of any rule and Rangers are the first club to ask, I think, so a bit unfair there maybe. If the Dons want to postpone they should get in there, the single game has now become important financially and obviously a footballing sense.
  9. Depends, I guess. If he is quoted as saying that, and if he does wear two hearing aids, then it's exactly the sort of thing I'd expect to see commented about on the likes of 'Have I Got News For You'. Mockery of public figures is a national pastime, and quite right too! If if if, balls, aunt, uncle.
  10. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    Presumably the SPHell will be bending over backwards and postponing your game from the previous weekend....? Good point Maroon person. Aberdeen should be pressing for that help now, if they want it. There is always the mind set that playing an remaing match sharp is better than "resting". Whats good for the goose is good for the sheep.
  11. An few personnel digs cropping up here now, is that allowed mods? They do the pro change group no favours at all. I see no difference in elected councilors sitting on the trust or elected other people doing it. We elect the council every four years and have the ability to change our councilors if we see fit. If I feel a person elected is not doing a decent job in any aspect or running Shetland's affairs I have a vote for change and use it. No need.
  12. While on the other hand, and that one point settles where my vote would go, is that Shetland is now at the stage of post-petroleum competences and will soon see a reduction in revenue from the port. The last deal (1996) effectively has reduced our real income by around £6m a year. We will need the same support Faroe rely on now in around 30 years time. On your point about Faroe having no reliance at all upon Denmark, in these days of power and money do you seriously think that these companies will offer a deal of anything like the proportions of the one the SIC reached with the oil companies in the 70's? I can't see it - they have everyone over one of those oil barrells.
  13. So Faroe are not up to their necks in the financial reliance of Denmark?
  14. Oh if only Scotland were that crappy
  15. That is really what it all boils down to. Those councilors who repeatedly vote against these major cost cutting measures, put forward to them by their own officials at the councilors request, are seriously burying their heads in the sand and continue to fritter away the reserves that should have been able to help sustain an economically vibrant economy is Shetland for generations to come. The only voice of reason I have heard so far coming from the chamber is Alan Wishart's (BBC Radio Shetland last Thursday night) although there were others who voted obviously but remain in the background. Those who continually vote against these, yes in some case hard to swallow, measures need to stand up and tell us all how they hope to achieve the same result – to cut spending. To vote against is easy but please come forward with alternatives that will keep make a difference year-on-year.
  16. I see a trend. Hotel extensions, Lerwick, Sumburgh, Kveldsro, Brae, and the entire Shetland. Built in the oil rush buildboom when planners allowed folk to build henious buildings all over. Knock them down before the fall down or blown away. PLease
  17. Ahhhhhh, nail on head. McLeish v O'Neill round 23ish
  18. Just like last week when the "B" team played Ireland at Airdrie. Lot, fat, that, good - make a sentence outa that.
  19. And give them money to sign Drogba, Tevez and thon Brazilian wi the big teeth.
  20. Could any from the Jo Public family tell the difference between the real or replica?
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