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  1. It's easy, avoid dairy produce, eggs, red meat, GM crops, fish (farmed and sea), all e numbers, all processed food, infra-red zapped tomatoes, straight carrots, round tatties and Chernobyl Lamb.....oh and booze. Aye right!
  2. Sounds great, why don't you just take over the running of senior football in Shetland as it appears that the vast majority think the Shetland FA is incapable of doing it?
  3. I take it all the Parish teams would be able to enter this Parish league. Delting, Whalsay et al?
  4. Jeezo, I have one exactly the same in my shed! Hope you find yours. I had one stolen from the playing park in Lerwick (yes the bairn was with it). It was dredged out of Hay's Dock some months later.
  5. But she is tuning up big style. If you were betting real money where would it go?
  6. Glorious failure once more.
  7. How do you mean "strung up"? I've never seen a hanging.
  8. The answer is simple, long thought out, mulled over and discussed at junior level. Junior players only ever get, usually, two opportunities to play a junior county, some may get three and others only the one. Injuries are part of football and life in general. However, to minimise the risk to these players of missing that chance it has been the norm to "ban" them from playing senior football two weeksish prior to the game. In addition junior football stops a week before. The "ban" has sometimes been strictly enforced and sometimes a loose agreement which is left to players themselves. It is just there to minimise the risk and prevent injury to boys who would miss out on a once in a lifetime event.
  9. Nothing to do with the senior association that "ban", one imposed, I suspect, by the junior manager.
  10. I don't understand. Celtic, Rangers or Derby County will not be made to play competative football this weekend without international players why should Delting, Thistle or Whitedale be forced to play without county players? Senior football has to stop for Shetland games. It should only be the day(three daysish) for the game against Orkney. The Island Games will have to be around the 10 days the travel and competition takes.
  11. Wheesht

    Trout Fishing

    Wi an otter board it certainly is.
  12. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    But it's Moscow and Copenhagen at home any Athletico and the Greek chaps away from home. It is not home and away.
  13. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    Is that points or pints?
  14. Quantum leap there Pooks. Inhailing other peoples alcohol smelling breath is unlikley to highten your risk of delevoping Cancer. Inhailing others smoke does.
  15. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    So away in Spain and Greece
  16. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    Fixtures, fixtures, are Aberdeen at home against Athletico?
  17. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    Are the fixtures drawn up yet? This is not a home and away format just four games.
  18. Thanks for the sarcasm Boris!!!!!!!! EISTnWAST asked the questions I was merely answering them. And perhaps therein lies the problem. I am a Parish Cup fan, I have no hard and fast notions of non change versus change. Howver, it appears others do and as long as those entrenched views exist football in these isles will never move forward. To answer your point Boris, football outwith Lerwick, at senior level anyway, is probably healthier than inside the town boundaries so that arrguement simply holds no ground. The teams that win, and will win the Parish cup for very many years to come are the "community" clubs, those who strive to have a set-up that includes youth football at as many age groups as they can get. They are Delting, Whalsay and looking forward a little Whitedale. So as far as I can see, at present, exclusion for any new entrants is not based on any ability to play the game.
  19. Correct, and a little bit of homework.
  20. Is it global warming (caused by man) or climate change?
  21. Started in 1952. Started by the Shetland FA (SFA). SFA president Leslie Eunson (Lerwick man) is the man accredited with starting the competition, assisted by secretary Bertie Robertson (Lerwick). A sub committe ran that competition. First won by Sandwick. Mostly Southern League sides (Whitness and Weisdale entered a few and played at Tingwall), who dominated the first 9 years. Including two wins by Queen of the South (Virkie) and five by Quendale. It appears that the SFA still had "control" of the competition up to around the early 80's when Donald Silk and Ian Gray (Lerwick and Scalloway) were still helping to organise it. The present Parish committee should have minutes that will help to pin point when they became independant of the SFA. Not clear where the trophy came from. Minutes and notices say "recieved a new trophy" but in 50's language that could mean they simply bought a trophy and recieved it. Ask a Delting man but I think the inscription says "Inter Parish Trophy" Unlike the SFA and Works League, the present "association" is not affiliated to the Scottish governing body and could run into problems with many things in these days of litigation and blame because of that. Whalsay entered in 1961 and won it (strange win as they didn't play any games until the final, playing the southern section winners Sandwick in the final). As far as actual Parishes are concrened it is clear that these were very rough, broad and changed frequently, and some would say still are (East Voe and Northmavine). In the early days the teams from the southend were more localised than church parishes are. And as far as Whiteness and Weisdale are concerned the rules changed to suit individual players - even included the whole West side so Jim Peterson (Sandness) could play. The rules were adapted when servicemen came to certain areas like Unst and the South end and once more when Sullom came on the scene.
  22. Take a look at JP's book, all in there.
  23. I would think they have a back-up?
  24. You were wrongly led. The Parish Cup is a competition that was started by the Shetland Football Association to encourage the game outside Lerwick. The first teams to play for the trophy were from the southend before other became involved.
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