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  1. A lot of very good ideas and suggestions in there, in my opinion. A couple of points I would raise from them are: Are Unst (in particullar) not a club with far to many good players to be playing in "B" league? Why do the Works League have to have the strict rules regarding B (they may be fringe players being prevented from playing in both therrs and the B league? If things got a little tough for ANY club, what is preveneting them from dropping down to the "B" league and therefore creating the same problem(s) again?
  2. Ask him, whoever he may be, what he means by sorted out? A team in the top flight perhaps, or maybe a structure feding a senior side?
  3. See, what a team that could have been for Ness United! Organistation and unity that is all in needed.
  4. I think you are seeing that point without ALL the facts. The SFA (and remember that the SFA, as has been stated on here by many from all sides ARE the clubs with a very few others tagged on) at the time felt that the balance of "A" and "B" football was way out of tilt and showed no signs of any natural rebalance, infact others were making open grumbles about only fielding a team in the "B" league. In my opinion, and I have no vote or say in this, that would have seen Shetland football slip further down the hill. The descsion was taken to change rules, I don't know perhaps constitutions, to have one league for all "clubs" first teams and a reserve league for those clubs running two teams. There could never be a workable rule where Ness United, Whitedale or any of the isles teams were forced to play in the top league where you also had another single team club plodding along in the "B" league. It appears that it is just Burra most people are holding up as the club who have been wronged in a great way. That is wrong. I comes back to what every club have to have to succeed, commitment from a committe, players, managers and most of all (in country areas like mine) a sustainable community club with a source of young players feeding it. Burraway or Oxna United would have that. Otherwise they will only be a flash in the pan like Puma's, Royals, Hearts, Dons etc.
  5. The poll question leaves me nowhere to place my vote - kinda like a general election ballot actually! They have the potential to be both, but at present are neither.
  6. Just a peerie reply: I can agree with "playing bans " to a point but consider this situation. A young boy, picked for the junior county and perhaps really a player who could have swung the game in Shetland's favour, is injured badly playing senior football two weeksish before the county game. Shetland lose the football fixture but also, buy a small margin, the Stuart Cup. Now these players only get a few years, at most, to achieve junior squad status - very many in fact only get one crack at it. To be robbed of that for what, filling boots to make-up a team? I know some will say, well if your good enough your old enough. That is 100% correct but all they would be asked to do is miss, say two weeks senior football, maybe three games! A just to clarify the above scenario did happen and the junio0r manager did not have a strict ban in place - i'l bet he wishes he had. I would certainly have supported him. On to your playing season point. Simply, the season is short enough and to delay three-four weeks so students can get home is just silly. Better that more of our students got themselves involved in playing a better standard of football whilst away so they are fitter to play when they get back. Common sense, well you have a very good point there. However, I don't hold out much hope there and perhaps it is just the competative nature of the game. Players want to play, players want to score, that's football. The flip side is that I have watched games this season where, you have to name names for effect here but forgive me, teams have had several substitues on the touchline, young and old, the teams on the park are romping away with the points/tie and no changes made until it is to late for the sub to even dirty his shorts. I've seen Delting do it, Whalsay do it, Celtic do it and in the case of Whalsay, twice, with bloody COUNTY players on the park. Silly but true. And finally, yes, well done Unst, Yell and Ness United (are they yet?) for getting on with it and flourishing. To Whitedale, well they should never have even asked to play only "B" football and have now seen sense. Burra, well good luck to the players but they will not survive at this level and along with Scalloway, for the good of the whole catchment area (Burra, Trondra, Scalloway, East Voe, Tingwall) need to get together, sort it out, change the names/s, alternate home ground between A and B, support the youth underbelly that has been developing nicely and grow up.
  7. Very large catchment area, they should be able to sustain teams at all levels with ongoing organisation.
  8. Therein lies the problem, they (SFA) cannot have a rule that allows teams to drop down to the "reserve" league while asking, or telling, other teams to stay up.
  9. Reading al the ideas but this still aplies. "The problems, issues, and possible solutions will never go away nor will they be fixed, improved on or addapted to help the game move ahead as long as there are three governing bodies running senior mens football in a community of this size. So unless they ALL see the bigger picture we can get use to the same fare and level for the forseable." You are all misising the major problem, at present there are THREE bodies running senior football and until they are ONE none of the suggestions involving the inter-league stuff can happen. Simple.
  10. The problems, issues, and possible solutions will never go away nor will they be fixed, improved on or addapted to help the game move ahead as long as there are three governing bodies running senior mens football in a community of this size. So unless they ALL see the bigger picture we can get use to the same fare and level for the forseable. will never
  11. Wheesht

    Women's Football

    Men against boys dan!
  12. I know how infectious F&M is. What I don't quite get is the blanket ban that has Northen Ireland exempt while other islands have to apply. I need that explained to me please - anyone? PS. These shows need the people's support now more than ever, please get out and support them all.
  13. Back on subject, I predict Hibees will beat the unwashed Gorgie mob 1-0.
  14. No its not, half baked decisions made in isolation by people who have probably neither consulted their club nor heard previous opinion or debate. Clubs are very quick to forget that the committee is the clubs and that they are responsible at the end of the day for appointing office bearers and making sure they are happy that those essential volunteers are getting the support they need. However, I do still feel that they are getting very unfair criticism about the Rhodes decision. Remember, they lost the hard core of experience from the 2005 team overnight including the entire management team and admin structure. My own perception is that it was the commitment of the players left and those coming in that led to that decision, cemented by the conditions and yes I do know they received the opinion of the SFA doctor and that was the final nail.
  15. My view is that we should maintain the junior model being used at present, one that I believe the Scottish FA praised the juniors on in that "elite" squads at all age groups should at least train together but also aim at correct level competition for those squads. The only tweek I would look at making is to scrap the under 18 league and the reserve league that opperate at present and introduce an under 21 league that allowed, say four, over age players. In the long run what I feel the county needs is strong, sustainable community clubs operating at as many levels on an ongoing basis as we can achieve. We have seen, and are seeing at present, instances of why teams cannot be sustained in issolation (Royals, Dons, Hearts, Pumas, junior DT Wobblers and now Burra, you might add Yell and Unst to that but time will tell) To answer your question, yes I would also have an "elite" under 21 squad, still play the under 18 county (the same players would be involved in the above squad) and get correct level competition for that squad also.
  16. That's better straight questions rather than the, so far, snide digs at people who are only doing thier best and doing what they felt, I'm sure, was the right thing. Now to answer your questions. I think the tour is not a better option than Rhodes, they are equaly of little value for almost the same reason. I think that the Highland tour is more than the squad they have at present is ready for, that would would also apply to Rhodes. Despite what some feel, sending lambs to the slaughter will do them no good at all. There is a void to fill at senior level, there are young players coming through but the experiance and will among those who are being asked to fill boots appears not to be there at present. Numbers, both putting hands up for Rhodes and training numbers (I hear) are and were not good. There is good work being done at all levels in the game, its is not doom and gloom by any means. My preference now would be to get the senior management to look at what's coming through and start the process now of aiming towards Aland. It may well be that is what is happening and that this Highland fling is part of that plan. Get commitment from the experianced players now, those who won't ditch. Train a large squad to pick from, which would include very many juniors and even younger players (remember that 18 and 16 now is 20 and 18 then). See just who is commited to train hard, just like any athlete in any sport going to the games nowadays. On your vote question, I know that all the team reps have a vote along with each committee member, as to who was actually there and who said what? Well there will be minutes and if a witch hunt is required then get your team rep to ask for a copy.
  17. As far as I know they knew nothing of water breaks and the number of games would depend on the entry.
  18. Final point. Given as so many obviously care so much about the game, and the state of it etc. There will be no problem getting the next commitees at both Junior and senior level in Shetland comes AGM time at the end of the season. Cheers.
  19. Wasn't there but I know there were players, management, committee, team reps and people who had sought advice from the Scottish Football Association (see above) all at the meetings.
  20. He was the man that got the medical advice from the Scottish Football Association, that they acted on FFS!!!!!! Now he is a national hero?
  21. My point has always been, and still is, to ask why all the outcry about the football TEAMS (men and women) for taking a democratic decision based on, I think, the facts gathered? Shetland won how many gold medals in the 2005 games? Ten if I recall correctly and I ask again, why are those who are, still bashing the winners of one of those medals for not going to Rhodes and not the others?
  22. I see Western Isles got six medals, good on them. Point being?
  23. Are you talking about the football team, fotball teams or just anyone from any sport, particullary those who won gold or any other colour of medal in 2005?
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