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  1. Who let these players down?
  2. The Western Isles did not cope with the heat. PM me and I will text you coments made by a member of the WI team. Shambles, transport and "the boys will be suffering for a week or two because of the heat" Shetland did playe the WI in Stornaway at the end of last season. I understand that trying the three way Scottish Isles thing was looked at and Shetland were the only team that would commit to travelling every three years.
  3. Faroe don't send a mens team, and are very unliky to again given as they are dining at the top table now.
  4. Where did you get that nugget of information from? Common sense. Do you really think a team who chose not to compete at the previous games would be seeded before this year's semi finalists ? There were no seeds for the draw. Fact.
  5. Nearly 40 in Rhodes today, maybe staying home was a good idea.
  6. Where did you get that nugget of information from?
  7. I'm sure that winning or losing was never an issue, more about the health of players. A couple of questions, why are we not discussing the lack of golfers, volleyball team, reduced athletics team, womens football etc, and if it is about defending the gold medal how many of the 2005 gold medals are being defended?
  8. I'm not 100% sure but I think it is a storage issue, not space but monitoring and management of the “product†etc?
  9. Ehm..........Flavour of Shetland????? Get yer flags oot!
  10. What does "available outside Lerwick" mean? Next time your in Lerook buy one from LHD or maybee Westside Pine or better still ask dee local shopemopriumkeeper to get one for dee.
  11. Maybe the "owners" from St Ninians Isle pinched from Norway? Maybe we should give it back to them?
  12. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    Now now, don't be putting words in my mouth. Never said he was that s word. Just past it, had his day and winding down. Older players get injured more often and take longer to recover, that's a fact of life. A very good Scotland servant in his day but it might have been best had he done his final few yards down the hill at a lower level.
  13. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    That will be McNamara the very ex Scotland, Celtic and Wolves fullback? Jeezo, he is about 32 and has played heehaw all season. He's finished. Mair I know less about.
  14. Wheesht

    The Dons - Europe

    A wee bit jealousy creeping in there maroon man?
  15. No its a game of two halves
  16. The ethos behind the sign is to raise the profile of Northmavine and encourage people to visit or live in the area. And you think a stainless steel sign will do that? I'm off back to Hillswick to live because I just love that welcome sign, seriously?
  17. What a load of kak! Once more the vocal minority, who have probably never been at a committee meeting in their lives, rattle on about “poor old us, and those bigger boys are making us do something we can’t do.†The SFA are the member clubs, their own representatives (if they are arsed to turn up), not as many people on here would like to believe a large body of unconnected people who impose things on anyone. The clubs decide, by majority, what the structure of the Association, the leagues etc look like. Each club has a rep, there will be a number of office bearers, I’m not sure how many but I guess around 6, and they all have equal vote – one each. Get over it and get on with it! By the way, I recall a certain Delting side taking double figure hidings not all that long ago in the top league.
  18. While that is true, three points crop up from that game. The point of no return was probably 2-0. Taking your foot off the gas is an option and finally to hear that Delting had subsitutes that remain on the touchline throughout is gobsmaking in the extreme. Surely taking off the Hay's, Jamieson's etc of that team and bringing on others may have helped?
  19. Never mind worrying about the BNP, give a thought to Christian right ala the good old USA?
  20. Don't really care about it but how can anyone seriously have and objection about any planning issue be it windmills, salmon cages or house sites if we are allowed to erect something like that?
  21. My fault, sorry. Under 16's Rangers 14ish, Scalloway 0
  22. And taking their oil isn't imposing our way of life and values on them? Taking it? Buying it, they need a buyer do they not?
  23. Because perhaps the two isles could maintain three teams? The two A league sides and a reserve side serving both to give fringe players a game, no?
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