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  1. That is the key point. The younger players from all these clubs will benefit immensely from playing in the senior league, they are not out of their depth in most cases. Keep at it, Shetland football needs community clubs like Ness United, Whitedale and the northern isles to come ahead. Unst and Yell are doing well to compete now and should be shown every encouragement. BTW, is a Northern Rovers B team only a possibility?
  2. And what about Yell missing Lee Jamieson, Neil Petrie, Brian Henderson etc etc...? They're equally as important to Yell as James Johnson is to Spurs. I hear it was a spirited, hard-fought game against Spurs, their last two goals coming in the final 10 minutes; the winner a debatable penalty. And deesel spency7, don't undersell yourself! It was a very soft penalty indeed BTW.
  3. Watched a fair bit of the Spurs v Yell game. Yell did well but Spurs had the bulk of the ball. However, with a half decent goalkeeper Yell would have won.
  4. Get down the bookies and get your money on it!
  5. Undecided because I would like to see the business plan which would include detailed projected runing costs and income streams.
  6. I get the distinct impression Trout just does not like football – the people's game.
  7. So to summarise, that wil be: Whalsay v Delting maybe on the 1st September
  8. You think once the sea starts lapping at our doors and the crops refuse to grow then the SNP will decide it's wise to spend billions of pounds on a nuclear weapon? Na, I think he means nuclear power, and I for one agree with him.
  9. From what? And at what financial cost to us all?
  10. Yes like any league if a team droppped out all results involving that team would become null and void.
  11. Are there lies the issue I am on about. Why should the local authority or trusts have to be involved at all?
  12. When will Delting be handed the league trophy then, this week or next? The only serious challenger loses to Spurs at home on the first day, Whalsay had to start well and stay with Delting early on and then look to beat them in the first game against them to have a chance. The have blown it. Two of Spurs’ scores were under 16’s, well done them but I don’t expect to see them do an awful lot other than improve a little. Celtic beat Scalloway in a mid table clash and Unst hammer Yell in the “relegation†battle.
  13. Thanks for that, and tell the post Police I am delighted with the feedback. Just a shameless attempt to streach the thread.
  14. I'm just adding another post here so that we can all see that despite the politics, wind power, the weather and crime etc on this site it is clear to all that despite what many think and spout, football is indeed the people's game and the most singularly important thing on earth. Bye.
  15. I only half heard it, but someone on Radio Shetland has suggested some sort of flat mileage rate on claims for SIC employees, to discourage driving large thirsty vehicles on SIC business when it is mostly unnecessary. Did anyone hear who it was? It was one of the two socialists who are standing. That will be the socilaists who thinks it is a good thing to give a nice fat cash Christmas bonus to all pensioners when many of them are loaded? Something wrong there surely?
  16. Wheesht


    What he's an arsonist?
  17. Now is that not exactly why these teams should be playing at the top table instead of treading water in lower leagues and cups?
  18. To me it appears simple business logic. I have been in the Kirkwall facility many times and it was never very busy. They have/had the bowling, many of these annoying (popular nonetheless) gaming machines, pool tables, cafe and bar. It is very central in Kirkwall with good parking at the door yet despite all that it has proved to be simply not viable. Why? Because like Shetland the population is simply not big enough to sustain it. Even if every person with an intrest in bowling went twice a week that is not enough out of a population of 20,000. The OIC have been proved right not to back the venture with public money. When did we in Shetland ever apply that type of thinking before spending millions on these type of council backed projects? If we can't learn from our own mistakes then maybe we can learn from other people's mistakes?
  19. Brian Boon = Boito That will be boito of wine?
  20. Wheesht

    Junior Coonty

    Blame the messenger eh! Nothing new there in that quarter.
  21. Better view from the Baltasound bench.
  22. Didn't realise there was any bad blood between Delting and Unst!! Seriously though, i think that people have a pre-concieved idea that Delting have a massive squad of players when in reality they are like many other teams in that they too sometimes struggle to get 11 players on the pitch at times - it's not long ago that their manager was pulling on his boots to make up the 11th man! So it's probably no surprise that a few Delts will feel that there's a bit of "poaching" going on. It's a pity because it would be a good chance for the two boys to get a bit of valuable experience and playing for a "physical" team like Unst they would get that protection that they might need at such tender ages Poaching???? after Flawsgate? Kettle, black calling etc!
  23. Clickimin is a first class facility, not only for a place with a population such as ours but for far bigger places. The only weak (very) point is the outdoor changing facilities which are simply not big enough.
  24. Fantastic result but not to hot a performance. Italy are now in a must win situatuion for Wednesday so a sneak draw will do them serious damage. Fingers crossed.
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