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  1. This link seems to have been posted today saying it is hoped to do a live broadcast but it is not confirmed. https://www.uphellyaa.com/
  2. About time! You can't move on the street for cars driving and parked everywhere. I nearly got hit by a car last week reversing trying to get through all the cars parked around him.
  3. No. I was meaning the red/buff coloured half round markings crossing the road. There's one outside Captain Flints and one between McKays and the Thule. I've heard them referred to as 'Courtesy crossings' but can't seem to find much in the way of hard facts. They don't seem to be mentioned in the highway code. I did find a reference saying they are not actually crossings but are there to assist pedestrians to find a place where it may be safe to cross.
  4. Does anybody the know the official status of those wavy patterns? I'd hoped for a clear explanation when a council official was interviewed on Radio Shetland but it seemed far from clear. He did say when asked if foreign visitors would understand them, that they are common abroad and that a foreign visitor would expect traffic to stop for them. Given that they are nowhere in the highway code and so seem not to be an official crossing point, that seems a recipe for disaster. As far as I can see you do not have to give way to pedestrians.
  5. Should be not report himself for taking part in an illegal election?
  6. Have to agree with you here. I've seen the same with cars and bikes driving in the middle of the road, one car went completely on the wrong side of the road presumably thinking the white triangles meant the ramp was only on his side, and i've seen a huge amount of cars drive on the pavement at the middle of Church road to avoid driving over the hump. This is right beside the disabled parking space. What's with these red and brown swirls? I heard they're 'courtesy crossings'. never heard of those before so I googled it and all I can see is that they seem to lead to confusion. Pedestrians do not have right of way but they are there to aid finding a safe crossing point. I understood they were going to install zebra crossings. I hope they are not going to put in a mix of the two where pedestrians have right of way at one type, but not at the other! That can only lead to confusion and accidents. Especially in a area often full of foreign tourists whose gut reaction is to look the wrong way for oncoming traffic. Sadly have to agree with your fear that this will lead to a higher accident rate.
  7. It seems from this report that NHS haven't even consulted with Northlink on this. To answer your point though Audi-Ya-Do, i'm sure it was said that if a cabin couldn't be booked that they would fly you, but that then begs the question that will they really save anything like as much as they seem to think doing this? It really does seem as this has not been thought through. http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/14261-northlink-no-direct-talks-with-health-board-on-patient-travel
  8. Here is the quote lifted from the NHS Shetland statement " Air travel will continue to be supported and paid for by the Board if patients fall into exempt categories determined by local clinicians." What I did is list the categories they have determined to be exempt so it's not a case of me knowing more than the Health Board, just repeating what they said.
  9. Those are the groups Ian Kinniburgh stated would be exempt from the ferry. Given that travel is arranged on the strength of getting an appointment letter for Aberdeen and it can take upwards of a month to see a GP in Lerwick, I don't hold out much hope of being able to see anyone to assess your most suitable method of travel. Most of the patient travel I have done in the past was done with hardly any input from medical staff in Shetland and Aberdeen professionals had hardly any knowledge of the patient travel system. Forgive me if I don't have much faith in these proposals.
  10. NHS patients will travel by ferry unless they are children, in the 3rd tremester of pregnancy, or travelling for cancer treatment. By default most NHS patients will already be ill and at higher risk of their condition worsening on an overnight ferry journey than your average Joe Bloggs. That could easily require a situation where they require to be taken off by stretcher or airlifted. May not happen routinely but given the number of patients travelling it's bound to happen given time.
  11. That's certainly not true for Lerwick. One of the lifts was designed for and has often taken stretchers. Can't say i've even seen the lifts in other terminals but i'd be amazed if they weren't the same.
  12. sound service station has parking right outside and a great spacious layout along with a good stock of items. No queues for the checkouts either.
  13. CalMac ran it until Serco took over. Firstly in a joint venture with RBS, then on their own. Didn't hear any gaelic announcements then.
  14. The shop at the bottom of Church road where Silver Antiques was has a for let sign and contact details in the window.
  15. In my experience of campaigns like this on the street, people who don't agree with the banners on display will just walk on by, so this really just seems like a poll of 28 supporters who took the time to stop. And to be honest, 28 is not a lot for a days work.
  16. Apparently you can tell yourself that this is true Nowtsed! Before you posted this message, you posted a message in another thread that you had signed a contract with islesat for a rented galvanised dish! Not closely connected with islesat are you?
  17. Will all the accelerating/decelerating required to negotiate all these speed bumps not increase the carbon footprint of all the Voe folk driving in to the town centre for their pizzas?
  18. Just don't use Aberdeen for the airlift. There's a hole in the runway!
  19. When this area is busy then it's nearly always the case that traffic is only moving at 20 mph or less in any case. When it's not busy then surely there is less risk of an accident. But somebody was employed at great expense to do a survey to show that there is a higher than average accident rate so they need to justify that expense with throwing a few hundred thousand more at it. That's how local government works!
  20. Noo dere's a towt! I tyeen whalsa ower weel!
  21. Gaelic is not indigenous to Shetland. Never has been, and never will be. I have yet to meet anyone living in Shetland who can speak it!
  22. I had a parcel last week by Yodel delivered to Lerwick. JBT Transport at Greenhead base delivered.
  23. Pretty sure the Sale Room is not closing. They have been given notice to move out of their current premises next year but are looking for new premises to keep it going. Can't find anything on their facebook page to confirm that though.
  24. It's not up to you to press charges, that's for the police. Just report a case of dangerous driving and they will decide whether to take it further. At least then if there is an accident, you will have done what you can. Even if the police do not take this case further, the more reports of driving like this they receive, the more likely they are to to attend and do speed checks or whatever to try to curb it. Even taking into account the views of others who have posted here and regardless of whether the other car speeded up or not, the pick up should not have kept on overtaking around a blind bend. If you or your family or friends were to meet that head on, how would you feel afterwards?
  25. You answered you're own question there! Driving like that it's just a matter of time before he kills someone. Report it before that happens.
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