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  1. Hi, the weather in Devon is very good, so much so that palm trees are grown. The weather in Shetland is, as the locals say.. 9 months of storms and 3 months of bad weather. Dont under estimate the weather, not on coping with it, but on how it wears you down. The endless wind blowing is very wearing, its cold, everything you plant has to be cosseted.. except kale and tatties.. and even they need some protection from the wind. Yes, there are some fine days, but they are few and far between. I would suggest you rent a place for 3 or 4 months in the winter.. yes, it costs money to do that, and there should be plenty of places empty. Then you will have a good idea if Shetland is what you hoped it would be before you spend serious money and sell your home.
  2. I have no problem with cctv, I think it plays a very important part in solving violent crime. Lets face it, no one is going to watch hours of boring footage unless they hope to see a crime being committed. However, I do object to police officers being ‘over zealous’ or just plain bossy when there is no need. Someone sitting miles from anyone on a beach, eating a sandwich... hardly likely to be a danger. Also walking your dog in the middle of nowhere.. and....there is a police drone ready to beam footage of your misdemeanour to the world.. I appreciate in any organisation that you will have the intolerant few who relish the power to move people on, but if the police hope to retain the goodwill of the people they have to stop the silly shows of power. The majority of people are observing the social distancing rules, the police should concentrate on those that dont, and stop bothering folks who are practicing isolation even if it is on a beach whilst eating a sandwich.
  3. Its not about taking part, its about not being allowed to take part. for what its worth I have no desire to partake of the festival, but I resent not being allowed to join in the festivities if I so desired simply because I am female. This is what needs addressing.
  4. The article witters on about all sorts of stuff, but ignores the elephant in the room... there is no place for girls or women in Up Helly Aa.. just about says it all for the female of the species in Shetland. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/01/23/isles-in-top-five-places-to-grow-up-as-a-girl/
  5. It does rather seem as if all the woes of the world are laid at you door step. Thankfully British men have shoulders broad enough to bear all that is thrown at them, without bearing grudge and with good humour - what more could you ask of a man.
  6. I had noticed the change in grammar, particularly the use of ‘ as we can see’ not an easy phrase for someone not familiar with english.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks this is a wind up? Does anyone contemplate a move overseas without first knowing exactly what is offered. No reputable company would offer a job without complete relocation package information.
  8. Just logged in and no adverts covering the page, I am using an ipad and Safari. Thanks for the tinkering
  9. I am happy to view ads, static ads that is.... however, they have started to cover one third of the screen, and stay there even as you scroll. Can you please sort this, I dont want to delete shetlink.. but I am sorely tempted as I am driven mad by the intrusive advert. I know adverts support the site.. but please do not drive your viewers away with these annoying adverts. Keep them to one side.. I see them, advertisers are happy. I can read posts, everyone happy.
  10. Urabug.. Perhaps a more gradual phasing in would have been better. Its the time scale that is the problem, not the equalising of retirement age. Bigmouth.. despite your protestations I personally think you have genuine problem with women. Maybe you should re read your posts, Worryingly, dislike of women shouts out in each and every one. It is for this reason that I will not respond to your rambling posts.
  11. One thing not mentioned so far regarding women doing ‘mens jobs’ is the lovely old closed shop. You could have been the worlds best at a job, but unless you were a man in the Union... forget it! This lasted well into the late 80s and probably beyond. Bigmouth take note.. it wasn't that woman didn't want to work in ‘hard’ jobs it was because they were not allowed to. Women also had to retire at 60 there was absolutely no way an employer would keep you after that. Please do not view woman's pension woes through modern eyes, we really did have very little choice in the first half of our working lives, and this impacted on our work choices later, given that the vast majority of us looked after house and children and so only worked part time.. child care being almost non existent in the 70s and 80s. That is why the retirement change is unfair, they should have had a time scale that gave people time plan.. but hey! Its only a few old women and who cares what they think!
  12. What a well considered comment...from a man! Most women earn minimum wage, by the time bills and food have been serviced, just how much money do you think can be put towards a pension? Is six years of a few hundreds of pounds really going to make much difference. Put aside your personal grievance against women ( we are not all money grubbing monsters) This has been a real shock for a lot of women, who are traditionally poorly paid and have no work place benefits. We are not asking for anything other than we had been led to expect.
  13. Sorry, just realised I made a typo, it is 141 lenient sentences..
  14. Just has a quick google... I know its from a year or two ago, but 114!!! Makes the solitary one femail lenient sentence you are so worked up about seem a bit tame in comparison. Not too sure what this has to do with the very unfair pension debate. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/prison-sentences-attorney-general-unduly-lenient-sentence-scheme-rapist-murderer-terror-offences-a7867351.html
  15. A friend, American. Well educated, and at the top of his career. I assumed he would be against Trump, but was gobsmacked to learn he thought that Trump was exactly what America needed. I say gobsmacked because I think Trump is just what America needs - sometimes an opinionated loud mouth achieves more than a mild Liberal....in the short term
  16. One week, short stay - ie walking distance- at Stanstead airport.. just over £100. Makes £21 look cheap! That was just a quick google, I expect the major airports charge more.
  17. Everything we create has to be created from something already on this planet, we may change its structure, but we cant fashion something from nothing.
  18. My goodness me! You really do have a huge grudge against women. All around the world today woman and girls are still oppressed, whilst all males enjoy total freedom. I am not sure why you seem to hate a small celebration of the right to vote being ‘granted’ to women 100 years ago, albeit ones with thier own property and over 30 years of age.
  19. I have to confess that I have not yet put my tree to the dump... or recycling centre as it should now be called. I might do it this weekend.. or not..
  20. Sukibind


    Being in control of our own future will be worth every penny we have to pay. Its only fair we honour payments we committed to when members, did anyone really think we would default on those? I didnt, and I voted leave.
  21. I was always under the impression that your statement was written as you talked, you read it, and signed it as a true copy of what you had said, any and every alteration must be initialled by you. Not quite sure how that can be tampered with.
  22. I think our Police are wonderful. The majority are ordinary people who want to do some good in the community. How would you like it if in your job you were continually sworn and spat at, have drunks spewing over you and trying to fight with you. Being called all manner of names and whenever you are sent to an address where there has been a ‘disturbance’ have the worry that someone will try to kill you with a gun, knife, explosives. Remember that all police are someones son, daughter, husband or wife. In times of trouble they are the most caring and helpful people you could hope to meet. I think this pathetic ‘less than honest’ post says more about the poster, than their whinge about the police.
  23. I see that COPE has got funding for another year from The Shetland Charitable Trust for just under £155,000. I note with interest that the Chief Executive Officer of COPE Ingrid Webb’s Father Peter Malcolmson is on the board of trustees of the Shetland Charitable Trust but I also note from the minutes of the meeting that he left the room when the grant was being discussed – all right and proper. Of interest is the statement from COPE for the grant. Page 16. http://www.shetlandcharitabletrust.co.uk/assets/files/agendas/Agenda-Papers---17-December-2015.pdf Lots of talk about building brands. Strengthening management. Increasing sales for the soap shops in Orkney and Shetland. To develop robust service level agreements with their funding bodies. To achieve Organisational Excellence. To redevelop the premises - a new purpose built hub with office, kitchen, café and shop facilities. But no mention of increasing the ever dwindling number of participants!
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