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  1. It sounds like most places really, its very sad indeed I think. Even here on Anglesey, we get people come in from the outside, buy up all the homes, then rent them out, usually to tourists as a second holiday home, it kills chances for locals to get a step onto the home owning ladder.
  2. because of my name and welsh version of where i live Rob in Valley
  3. gonna bump this, to see if I get any more replies
  4. I couldnt believe it when i saw him on it, and follwed the entire series just to see how well he would do!
  5. same or similar age as me I presume, or if your older, then from the forum nickname I would presume Laurence?
  6. Woody...your gonna have to give me a bigger clue than that....my mind has deteriorated even more over time!!
  7. It must be the Unst air mixing with all those chemicals....my son is in unversity in london, studying art. He is not insane.... YET...maybe I should send him up there to teach. No not really, once he has passed he is heading out to South Korea to live and work.
  8. Yeah, I think you could be right about the hendersons, wasnt one of them the son of the woodwork teacher or something, and another one I seem to remember, after moving appeared on a children's television quiz show, and was VERY successful on it. (**MOD EDIT**) a very good teacher nonetheless...do you remember the Art Teachers name, I ALWAYS managed to receive his wrath for one reason or another.
  9. I am ashamed of my own behaviour at that age to be honest, I had few friends and more enemies, I guess we grow mellower as we get older. If there was any trouble in the school, sadly I was usually somewhere near. Not drinking though, never did that, maybe apart from my dads homebrew once, and that made me sick. I remember playing for the school footy team as well, along with Patrick Henderson and a few others. And that science teacher, I would LOVE to remember his name, his lessons were amazing, and his catchphrase "Gosh". We used to come into the listen each week and the first thing we did
  10. Nope, I lived up on Setters hill, renamed now I believe. We had the shop down near the bay, the school down the other road, and the police station opposite the estate
  11. HAH!! Well the age I was up there (13-16) I guess that wasnt in the equation, I guess it is now though. Mind you, I cannot even remember any pubs up there either to be honest.
  12. Hi there Yes, I did find that and posted in the guestbook (not shown up yet, must be waiting for approval) I just thought on the off chance in here thats all.
  13. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone on here was in Baltasound Junior High school around the mid 80's. I used to live up in the shetlands, being an RAF Brat...and if I am honest, a complete brat at that age. I have fond memories of my schooldays there. I remember the likes of Peter and Patrick Henderson, Tracy Forrest. Our wonderful Science teacher who had a very paticular way of teaching science, that was very hands on indeed. Anyway, nice to see a forum up about the Islands. Would love to visit back there one day! After moving around a bit more, I settled in North Wales, on an Island
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