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  1. Add Any Other Albums/Songs You Think Are Worth A Listen!
  2. John Mayers Album - "Room For Squares" Especially These Tracks. My Stupid Mouth Why Georgia No Such Thing I Think John Mayer Is Fantastic! Worth A Listen
  3. I Was Really Worried About Youtube Being Lost In The UK, But Apparently its Only Official Copyrighted Songs But, Then Again, Is It??
  4. Well.. Really Difficult Question, i Think Over The Hills Or Stairway..
  5. peterliam


    Rush - Best Album? ...Moving Pictures..
  6. peterliam


    What Are Everyones Thoughts On Opeths Album - " Still Life" ?? Personally, i think its their best album to date.
  7. Mark Knopfler - The Ragpickers Dream Right Now And Best Of Stiff Little Fingers Gotta love the stiffs!!
  8. peterliam


    I wonder if rush are gonna tour again? i havent heard anything but im dying to see them live!
  9. Hah, Never new about this best band ever!
  10. peterliam


    anybody know where to get a free download of "Vulgar Display Of Power" By Pantera?
  11. peterliam


    Anyone here listen to Funeral for a friend?
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