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  1. I've been told for a source close to the Shetland Hero, Stuart Hill, that he is planning to protest at the claims that Shetland has to come under the security laws as Scotland! I have been informed also that he plans to 'Attack' Mareel via rowing boat at high tide, thus moving around the east side of the building before claiming Mareel for his own!! Hoo-Rah!!!
  2. I have been made aware today, that a local electrical retailer has had extensive talks with an electrical conglomerate from the UK mainland, and is potentially close to doing a deal for their whole retail and service outlet!!!
  3. It's best to point out that last weeks Shetland Times Sport section, to which there was 9 pages of Sport, 2 of those pages were taken up by once a year events: Half Marathon and The Rugby Sevens! Would I also be right in saying that the week before that would of consisted of a large amount of, again, a once a year event, Junior Inter County! ALSO, doesn't 80% of sort take place in the summer months?!?! If you are that offended by the Sports Section, I suggest waiting till the winter to commence your Shetland Times reading!
  4. That link provide by Ghostrider just proves my point about lack of construsction in regards to AHS.....who cares about road works in regards to this post?!?! In the second part of your post, you are merely talking nonsense.....which takes me back to your link.....where again you are argueing a point to which you are not educated on. Assumptions are made when no actual evidence is there! You, Ghostrider, have based everything on assumptions! I have given my opinions based on FACTS given by a variety of sources! You need to get your FACTS straight! Good Night ladies!!
  5. Yes it is when you are looking to make a viable profit!!! DOH!! Nobody is doing this for goody bags! If they could get away with building a nuclear reactor for a profit am sure they would do that too!!
  6. You never played poker? A game for 'losers' ? Also a pointless inuendo. You are just hopeing, clutching at straws, that non-investment by SCT will scupper the project. Unless 'something changes', VE will go ahead. The only competent discussion is whether community funds should be invested in the project or not. SCT do not have to invest further. In fact they could sell their shares now and take the profit as it stands. Then that will be an end of the matter as far as community involvement goes. Also, any future profits will largely depart these Islands for the benefit of others. Of course there is no guarantee of a profit. Does SCT only invest in guranteed profit schemes ? Thank You!! Might point exactly!!
  7. Hahaha Usual suspects having nothing constructive to say! Has 'Bug' moved in with you pair (Ghostrider/unlinkedstudent)?!?! I am more interested in your educated views, not the usual tosh!
  8. Does anybody else remember seeing diggers recently at AHS?!?! Don't think I've seen Bob the Builder around that area in recent years!! Yes, projects can be cancelled and so on, but wouldn't Shetland like a voice in such decisions, which they won't get unless we finicial invest in the project! It has already been put to us "join in or we will go on without you"! That is the really question at hand!! If people are fine with the council or it's varies branches wasting more money, how about they build a giant statue of me?!?! Am thinking at least 100m high, done in mostly bronze with gold highlights.......am sure that would bring a smile to many, who cares about the money lost by it though, as long as it does some good?!?! Is that not why we are in the midst of a recession......spend now, think later!! Until better or more 'realistic' valuations come to light, mustn't we gone on the information available to us?
  9. The arguement is no longer if 'we' want the wind farm or not, that descision has already been made at the highest level! It is now down to do 'we' want to risk millions investing in it?! This poll pretty much contradicts itself, why would anyone support a project and put money into in KNOWING it was going to make a loss?!?! At the moment, it is projected to made a large profit! Of course this is only a projection, but that's the info we must go on! But to ask if people would support loosing millions of pounds for no return....hhhmmmm.....,I wonder what the answer might be?!?!?!
  10. So, the police agree with me and the 'Positive People' on here that there was around 2,500 people lining the streets of Lerwick for the porch!! Shame you pair missed out 'Post Rider' and 'uneducated student'......could of made it 2,502!!
  11. Do 'you's lot' having anything positive to say about what has happened today?!?!
  12. Just come back from the Relay.......what a fantastic success it has been!!! Thousands, and I mean thousands, lined the streets of Lerwick to cheer the Torch on! Everybody cheering, the Jarl Squad going a fantastic job as 'Guard of Honour' and great presentation on at the Clickimin!! I was also in the company of the media following the Torch throughout the country and they said, and I quote "this has been the best location, atmosphere and experience we've seen for the Torch relay"!! Now doesn't that speak louder than words!! We can always do it best when it comes to large events right here in Shetland!!
  13. Where is Spinner72 to give us all a slap on the wrist?!?!
  14. I hear they have snipers coming up with the torch.......you better watch out Ghostrider, I bet they are watching this thread!!! And with your negativity towards the torch and the size of the **** on your forehead, you'll be an easy target!!
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