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  1. I was thinking of getting my folks a patio heater so they could sit outside at nights eating and drinking and all that. Is there anywhere in Shetland to get such a thing? Ideally I don't want one of those outdoor heaters you get in south pubs for just outside the door - I would much rather a sort of stove style thing that burns wood or something like that. Also I would like to source something in Shetland rather than import a heavy stove-like thing to Shetland! Anybody have patio heaters at their hooses?
  2. Basically impossible to know which of them is telling the truth, and which one is telling the fib. Stating the bleeding obvious, I know.
  3. I don't believe politicians act compassionately. I think Kenny has acted politically, and he'll also come out of this looking weak and so will Scotland as a whole. The silence from Gordon Brown is deafening. He doesn't come out of this well, but nothing new in that. Libya comes out of it worst, but then global public image has never been that high up their list of priorities. Whether Megrahi was guilty or not, this was state sanctioned terrorism by Libya. It should've been Gaddafi who was tried.
  4. Do they even make red tins anymore? Can't remember the last time I 'enjoyed' a McEwans Export ...
  5. Granted there has been plenty of examples of, shall we say, less than brilliant spending of public money. But frankly political rulers will always waste money. Scottish Parliament anyone?! Local political types may be no better than the national variety but they are no worse. In the same sense people always have a go at the MSPs saying they're much worse than those Scottish politicians at Westminster. Like Alastair Darling is so much better! And of course, all politicians fail in the end.
  6. Love all the people commenting underneath the article about this being some sort of unionist conspiracy. Confirms my prejudice that people who use the comments section under news articles very rarely have a clue! As for people who use internet discussion forums ... well, that's a different kettle of fish altogether.
  7. I heard or read once upon-a-time about someone from either the Queens Hotel - in the 19th century - or the Kergord estate having foxes in Shetland ... does this ring a bell with anyone? I know the Kergord estate introduced pheasants. You still see the odd one here and there from time to time in the wilds of the central mainland. I think a fox could survive fairly well in Shetland. Plenty of rabbits to eat and rubbish to rake through, and enough wide open empty spaces to find shelter and stay out of sight most of the time. I find the idea of a fox stowing away on a Northlink ferry almost unbelievable, but I guess anything is possible. The Aberdeen docks are quite close to the grassy banks of the River Dee so there are probably plenty of foxes in the area.
  8. Thanks for keeping us posted penfold. Is there a final score yet?
  9. Has the cafe at the Shetland Museum been mentioned before? The service is terrible and the food is only ok. Could they not put this out to tender?
  10. Seems like a good idea. It's a small area that has suffered trouble for some time. Money well spent I would have thought, especially as those lights at the broch are apparently quite expensive. It really is a brilliant monument and deserves all the protection it can get.
  11. You have to admire his imagination and dedication! He'll always be considered a crackpot - until he succeeds! And then he'll be considered a visionary! This is the sort of story the national media love. It's the stuff of fiction. I wonder if the authorities will do anything? I think it would be in their best interest just to ignore him. But I hope they don't! I take it Stuart doesn't actually own Forvik. Surely somebody does though?
  12. Don't worry about it too much. A lounge suit is just a normal suit.
  13. BREAKING NEWS! The new Shetland strip is being launched on June 7th and will be available from Intersport in Lerwick. Just so all you football strip manufacturer anoraks out there know, it's being made by Pro-Star! No details on how it will look yet, but I'm guessing it will be mainly blue.
  14. I think this is good news for Mareel and a wise move from the SIC. It's basically the SIC giving the Mareel supporters the chance to win the economic argument. Most people in Shetland think Mareel will be a drain on the economy. It's going to take a strong, clear argument from the arts people that this won't be the case. I know they've already tried to make this argument, but so far it hasn't been won.
  15. And as a consequence is probably just saying what the majority of people are only quietly thinking. I think this clamour for more self rule comes down to the fact that people have lost faith in the old fashioned political structures. How can we expect politicians in Brussels, London and Edinburgh to make good decisions that will benefit places like Shetland when they're priority is to keep the urban conurbations ticking along and big business happy. Take fishing as the example. It's a miracle a fleet still exists considering the government doesn't really give a t*ss about it. Fishing is not - and never will be - a priority of a national government, whereas hereabouts it's hugely important. If we could run things on a more localised level an industry like fishing would get the political backing it deserves.
  16. I think you have to take this sort of post as it is intended - as a bit of provocotive tongue-in-cheek debate. It's very Styles. I like the French. They are a splendid people in my opinion although they have their fair share of arses, like anywhere. They have a great way of life and although I admire Sarkozy I would hate it if he turned France more like Britain, which seems to be his intention. I think I might prefer France to Scotland which increasingly seems like a country dominated by neds and dunderheads. I personally think a thread like this is fine. However there's something about the hypocrisy of modern life that had this thread been about Pakistan it would never have lasted this long. It seems we're not allowed to express negative views about other countries these days in case it's seen as racist, whereas positive views are fine. That's totally illogical.
  17. Whether he wins or loses I admire Stuart's get up and go on this one. It's funny how a soothmoother can sometimes be more passionate about Shetlandic issues than most Shetlanders. The fact that this is now being picked up by the national media almost gives his claim more credence, rightly or wrongly. I'm no expert on this issue at all but Stuart has done a lot of research. He will probably lose, but the legal thing hardly seems to make the UK claim on Shetland seem all that sturdy. It basically comes down to the fact that people have sort of accepted Shetland has been part of Scotland for years so that is how it should be. I thought law was supposed to be a bit more refined in outlook. If Brian Smith is right then Stuart Hill will lose ... but what if he wins?
  18. Career comes first so it would be impossible to return to Shetland. Sometimes think I would like to - I love the attitude of most of the people most of the time. There's a real live-and-let-live sense of egalitarianism that runs through Shetland culture that is probably similar to other island areas where money hasn't always been plentiful. There's also no more beautiful place than Shetland on a fine, sunny, still summer day. But just being away from Shetland does help spawn a sense of nostalgia about the place. It's too small, too difficult to get off it on a regular basis and nothing much really ever changes. 20,000 people is a Scottish city suburb - and sometimes Scotland can even feel like a bit of a village! So in short, no - at least not until I have retired and then I would still want a house somewhere else other than Shetland too.
  19. This is a particularly disgusting crime that makes you sick to the stomach. A new low.
  20. The photos on Shetland News are excellent! I thought the Bill was quite funny as well - especially the bit about the Charitable Trust reformers at the bottom.
  21. Congratulations to Tavish Scott! It's been reported in The Scotsman that the MSP has just got engaged. I always think it's funny how only the national press report this kind of thing whereas the Shetland press are more standoffish about the private lives of our politicians, as if it's the 1930s and it's not cricket to report on such things.
  22. It's always the way in business that any sense of right and wrong is skewed by the amount of money at stake. I would be surprised if either side here is whiter than white. Sympathy for either side will be in short supply I am sure, but it has all the makings of a classic Shetland soap opera.
  23. What a lot of moaners! Is it too simple to just embrace the Shetland flag day thing as a bit of harmless fun?! Is it wrong to revel in a bit of feel good patriotism that's not hurting anybody and brings all the people who live in Shetland together? Sometimes - as Shetlanders - I think we need to lighten up a bit and give the sniping a rest. Not EVERYTHING the SIC does is bad - although I accept it is a useful default position most of the time.
  24. I've never read any of his books but that doesn't change the fact that Salman Rushdie is a world famous, credible author who is British. He has a huge body of work behind him quite apart from 'The Satanic Verses'. His knighthood is justifiable on this basis. I think you can argue it's a bold move by the people who decide on the honours list to make him a knight, but I think it would be wrong to have argued against his knighthood on the basis that he is the victim of death threats. Of course we share a planet but that doesn't mean we have to appease any loudmouth loony in case he or she throws a wobbler. We should be free to agree and disagree - and then leave it at that. To say we want to kill people who don't agree with us is simply out of order, no matter what 'religion' you dress it up in. In a society where free speech is valued and rightly championed I think it's wholly acceptable that Salman Rushdie has been knighted. I don't think it was a purposefully inflammatory move by the UK towards Iran. And I don't think the Iranians thought it was inflammatory either - although some of their more hardliners still hate him.
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