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  1. Celtic 2-0 Dundee Utd Hearts 1-1 Kilmarnock Motherwell 1-2 Rangers St Mirren 2-0 St Johnstone Hamilton 1-1 Hibernian Falkirk 0-2 Aberdeen
  2. Aberdeen 2 v 1 Motherwell Dundee Utd 3 v 0 Falkirk Kilmarnock 1 v 1 St Mirren Rangers 4 v 0 Hamilton Hibernian 1 v 3 Celtic St Johnstone 2 v 0 Hearts
  3. Well done Southend. When's the final?
  4. Now, now MiM... surely you still don't hold grudges from twenty-three years ago?! Hearts had no-one but themselves to blame.
  5. Celtic 2 v 0 St Johnstone Falkirk 0 v 2 Hibernian Hamilton 2 v 3 Aberdeen Motherwell 0 v 0 Kilmarnock St Mirren 1 v 1 Dundee Utd Hearts 1 v 3 Rangers
  6. That could be a great game on Saturday! Any team news Penfold?
  7. I assume you're on the wind up here? As for the match, the worst thing from a Scotland point of view was how much we seemed to give up when Caldwell was sent off.. how often do you see a team down to ten men get their backs against the wall and make it harder for the other team? That definitely didn't happen on Wednesday!! Burley? Just don't think he commands the respect of the players. He hasn't got a lot to work with but he also doesn't use what he has in the right way. Smith and McLeish were pretty lucky to an extent but they gave themselves a chance to get that luck by playing to our strengths. A lot was made at the time of Burley's appointment about focusing on playing more attractive football... for nations like us, good football is when you win, we can't play like Holland or Brazil!!
  8. What's the semi final lineup penfold?
  9. Aberdeen 0 v 2 Celtic Hibernian 1 v 1 St Mirren Kilmarnock 1 v 1 Hamilton Rangers 4 v 0 Falkirk St Johnstone 2 v 0 Motherwell Dundee Utd 2 v 0 Hearts
  10. I was relatively happy when I saw Novo coming on for Boyd at the Cup Final... lasted about thirty seconds.
  11. So it comes down to next week... Inverness vs Falkirk. Give me mid table mediocrity every season over this. St Mirren absolutely hammered us yesterday, genuinely one of the most one sided games I've seen. Their first half performance was incredible. We are not helped by our idiot of a manager. His team selections are something to behold.
  12. It would probably increase attendances if anything. Yes, most casual fans would rather watch Liverpool – Celtic but those games wouldn’t be on TV at three o’clock on a Saturday so there would be no decline for that reason. Meaningful games and a more level playing field would arguably see bigger gates. There would be less money obviously and the standard would invariably drop, but who watches Scottish football for the technical ability of the players?!
  13. Ah right, sorry. Were the other teams wanting fourty-four games (i.e. playing each team four times)? I think they should have an eighteen team league with two up, two down, a playoff between third bottom and third top of the first, and a playoff for the last UEFA spot between 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Not going to happen though. I actually don't mind the split. I'd far rather have it than go back to ten teams.
  14. The reason for the split was it was the only way to incorporate a twelve team league... and supposedly expanding to twelve teams was a way of getting the SFL clubs to agree to the SPL when they wanted to break away. Don't think we can pin the blame for that on the Old Firm.
  15. Are pre-season football friendlies still sport? Yes. Sport does not necessarily mean there is a competitive element. Wrestling is sport, and its obviously drama too. That's a pretty daft analogy... at least in pre-season friendlies both sides look to win and the outcome isn't predetermined. I'm not slagging wrestling off (I really have no opinion on it either way) but WWE definitely isn't a sport!
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