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  1. And warn them not everyone in Shetland not everyone goes the right way round a roundabout! Or should that be the left way round a roundabout......
  2. Well there you go, thanks everyone. Next time someone comes up and hires a car I'll remind them that even in Shetland a red light light means stop!
  3. Is it only me that thinks that waiting to cross the runway, after the barrier goes up but having to wait longer until the red lights stop is confusing. Today first time visitors to the Island set off when the barrier lifted to be told off at the other side because the lights had still been red. Surely it makes more sense for the barrier to be lifted when the red lights go off, not before, the same as railway crossings on the mainland. I know red lights mean stop but the novelty of crossing the runway means the lights can be overlooked.
  4. Sadly the Co-op have stopped selling Surcare washing powder which is unscented and great for eczema sufferers. I have contacted their careline and the situation is put to the buyers as there is no alternative in store. The more people who contact the careline the more chance we have of it returning for sale. The alternative is to buy from Amazon with high postal charges being added by the seller which doubles the cost of the washing powder. The Co-op careline number is 0800 0686 727
  5. I like to shop for goods locally but two instances of town centre shop keepers who are lacking in the art of being pleasant human beings tempted me to go back to selling on Ebay and buying from the internet. However the EXCELLENT service from George Robertsons restored my confidence in local traders and I thought it would be good to be positive and say THANKS!
  6. I thought Scalloway was a conservation area and yet a white box has been built which is a complete eye sore. How can it be that the rest of us cannot paint our windows a colour we would like, make a tiny alteration to a property or even have a tree pruned back. Will it be any suprise if the post office ends up in the pharmacy!
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