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  1. Have re registered it http://www.shetlandwargamers.co.nr Will update on the situation re under 16's after tonights meeting. Although I have to say from initial findings I think we may be hard pushed as a small club to be able to deal with all the legal implications. Regards K
  2. THULE GAMERS meet every thursday at the Islesburgh Community Centre at 7pm. If you are a wargamer, into RPGS, boardgames, or are just curious come on down to Islesburgh and meet the gamers. Currently we're playing Savage Worlds with settings like Pirates of the Spanish Main, Tour of Darkness, Necropolis 2350 and some home grown stuff. Also we have some Warhammer devotees and enjoy a number of tabletop games like Wings of War, and many others. If you're interested, drop in on our web forum at THULE GAMERS or come on down to Islesburgh when we're meeting. New players are always welcome and
  3. We have a guild with hmm.. 5 shetlanders in... On alonsus, All lvl 80. I cleared naxx and ready for ulduar.
  4. This certainly covers the online aspect. We were keen to have an actual LAN event tho. As in get a load of us down to the islesburgh with a few network hubs. Its a bit of a pain having to tak your pc with you, but it can be emmense fun!
  5. I still love serious sam.... Depends what you like.. and what spec of pc you have... Left for dead takes a bit of beating...
  6. lol.. cool.. if your interested pm me your email addy, and we can take it from there.
  7. Just testing the water really, Theres a few of us talking about getting a LAN event or small LAN group set up in and around Shetland. small and large group of pc gamers in a room fragging till their hearts content. Would anyone here be interested? We currently play Left for Dead, FEAR, CoD, Medal of honour, Quake 4, Command and Conq and Warcraft.
  8. No pun intended but you fancy hooking up.. I am new to shetland and am looking for somewhere to get out shore fishing... PM me if you fancy it
  9. I am aware of The Shetland Island Cruisers that meet regularly and have ride outs etc... Is there anyone about on Sportsbikes??? Having not long moved up here, there is only so much of going out on the bike on your own a man can take!
  10. Hi, I have found a website through Google for "shetland raiders" a local wargames club. Can anyone help me locate these guys? Regards
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