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  1. dis graffiti are just no balluddy use 😜
  2. It actually made fer quite interestin' readin'😠As fer not bein properly sourced, if ye are te read the articles an' papers quoted within, they have been written by folk with letters after their name. That's always a good indicator fer me that they may have done some small amount o' research inte their areas o' writingness. No? and the ones I managed te find at least parts o were very interestin. There was more than enough there te make it worth the read, an te show appreciation fer postin it up fer us, so... Thanks! 😄 The issue o' inaudible sound concerns me. After all, this is an area o' science explored an refined as a weapon by them crafty wicked li'l black-suited leprechauns at DARPA, an the like. There's been ha-yowge issues around it arisin from the HAARP project, an the idea o buildin' networks o the bluddy things willy-nilly-silly-billy, all over the place, without the research inte this is frankly shuddersome. As fer handin over this cash just afore he steps down, the cheeky beggar's playin slot machines with public funds fer his own gain, in my (admittedly manic) mind. He should be told te take a loooooong walk off of a very short an' high pier. If'n he's decided he no longer wants te be involved as a councillor or trustee, he should have the same say in it as the rest o' us. Exactly none!😡
  3. They're probably directors in them, along wit' the twanny MPs ye've got here!! It wouldn't surprise me one jot. (but then nothin does anymore, not since me Dyson created a temporospatial vortex in me livin room an half of Narnia ended up in here! 😳 That bloody satyr isn't house-trained either.😖 Ye didn't see that in the film, did yez??!! 😡)
  4. ... not as good as ours? Sheeshypeeps! The two o' yez! It's like listenin te yer mam an dad talkin about orgasms...👫ðŸ˜ðŸ˜³ðŸ˜°ðŸ˜–😱👄💋😘👀🚬ðŸ˜ðŸ˜œðŸ˜²ðŸ˜‚👎
  5. An' if the sausagedog is angry, ye'd better watch out fer yer ankles! 😱 Just kiddin', bucko! I agree wit' yez completely. There is such a thing as graffitti that makes the crossover from mindless sharny mess sprayed on by some immature trog with serious insecurities over their sexuality an' whether they're "hard" or not (titter), to an aesthetically appealin commentary on society an how we treat an look at others in a class-centred democracy. But sprayin "SHOVEL" ain't it. 💩 Aye, right, Hans Christian, ye were only on the ould "wind-up".
  6. Seaflech: "We would like to expect an adult attitude from the people on Shetlink, but this is seriously undermined by the juvenile behaviour of many." Guilty as charged, m'lud.😠Mayday, let me know what part o' me ramblings makes less sense than the peatstack's, an' I'll certainly enlighten yez. (it was the bit about the lightsaber duel at breakfast, wasn't it? Sorry, me lithium had run out.. Again.😜 Ye've only two more weeks te put up with afore I'm off again, tho. Partin' is such sweeeeeeeeet sorrow...😢 Glad te see more are riskin the wrath o' the peatstack by darin te take issue with the fertiliser 💩 spread by pleep-pleep. 👠Huzzah! ðŸ˜
  7. That'll be the not so Artful Dodger's tag then. Back across the pond, the police used te photograph all the tags so they a) know who all the modern day Michelangelos are an have "x" number o' charges o' damage te public/private property ready te throw at the spraycan sprogz if'n they ever caught them. Ghostie, I'm all fer a bit o' colour, me, te enliven our drab dreary urban landscapes an lives an uplift us with expressions o' the inner sowl that make us smile through our weary dreary teary days. But takin a tin o' black car paint an sprayin "SHOVEL" everywhere ye can spit doesn't quite cut it fer me, rev me engine or make me go other as "twat" when I see it, feller-me-lad. Mind, the like o Damien belongs-in-a-Hearse or Tracy Eminem (prefer her singin, me!) might try it an win the Turnaheapofeverydaysharnintemoney Prize. Strrrranger things have happened (and do te mesel' most days! Like only the other mornin, I ended up havin a frickin lightsaber duel on me breakfast table wit' a bottle o' kitchen cleaner! Beware the Power o the Cif!😱) Person'ly, I'd take it as a request fer what the wee beggar wants walloped wit', should he ever be caught. Course if the rozzers find me fillin in a garden at half eleven at night, I'll surrrrrrreptitiously kick the spraycan ahind me an explain it's a late spot o gardenin, honest, officer Bear! ðŸ˜ðŸ˜œ
  8. Sssssh an please stop shoutin, pop-pop-pop-music! I know ye've got a message an' an alternative point o' view ye want te get across, but I got such a headache comin on. I'll take a look an let ye know me thoughts, once me brains stop rattlin like a chandelier in a whoor-house. 😖 Can't be any worse'n readin some o peatstack's links, an yer posts read more legibubbly, if a teeeeeny bit louder as his. 😉
  9. I wouldnt beat yersel up over it, dizzy me rascalous chum, nothin mean spirited over yer public spirited contribution, in me own ''mirror-slightly-cracked" opinion... ðŸ˜
  10. Does not compute. A bird in the hand. Any port in a storm. The quick brown fox flies south with the flamingoes in Winter. 😳 Were ye a spy in yer previous life, peatstack? Coz ye talk in verdammt code, feller-me-lad!
  11. Yep, kinda the same as Ramsdens. Vultures pickin the bones o less fortunate folk in these current cash-strapped times (thanks Toh-nee! Thanks Gordon! May both of yez ballz go square an fester at the corners, ye f.eckers Them twannies Cameron, Clagg an Osborne are only finishin what ye started, the smarmy gets!)
  12. I'm mockin the po-faced pontificatin o folk who - like me - know f.eck all of the facts o this incident, but who are intent on passin judgement on the man without those selfsame facts, peatstack, me ould chumblebum. So I'm passin judgment on the pontificators fer passin judgement on him, y'see peat? (Don't worry, it'll all be made clear on next weeks episode of... "Soap"! da da-dumm da-dum! Da-da-da dum!... ) Oh. Hang on. Weren't you one o the first at that malarkey on the thread, peatycake-peatycake-Millibands-man? There's a definite diffo between passin a "legitimate concern" an makin the sort o sweeping baseless statement I'd expect from yer ex-chums in Murdoch Inc, certifyin the pilot as dangerous te the lives o loved ones. Ye're happy with that though it seems , right, peat? Try readin Sherlock's signature quote sometime. I'd of thought as a politico yerself, ye'd have learned no te jump te conclusions or shoehorn facts, te suit yet own theories an agendas. Oops. Silly me. That's what politicos do tho, innit? Pontificate away, perfect-peat. We are all in such awe o yez. 😠Mockin ? Yup. I am mockin ye. Why not when ye make it so easy. But try not te lose sight, beyond yer own ego, o the fact that this feller's career an name are on the line. Both of which have been made by Savin lives an doin good things every feckin time he's asked te do them. Ye'd rather "nip nip nip" on what he should of done in yer opinion. And all without the facts ye speak of. Grow up, peatstack. Really. As fer a Royal-inspired cover-up... ye really don't know any o these flyboys, do ye?
  13. An if I were yez, I'd be a teensy-weensy bit more worried about what happens te me loved ones if the other pilot gets sick or indisposed an there's an emergency but this feller is stuck on his bahookey at home, feet forcibly up, thanks to the Bullsharn Brigade. What would that mean fer yer loved ones? 😨
  14. If a professional an well-experienced pilot can't spot a member o the public in his landing area, then yup-a-doodle-doo, bin him. Henceforth and forthwith. And sharpish te boot!! But I think that point is redundundundant an just so much bullhooey. As fer cost, how d'yez know how much it cost,if anythin at all over what it might've cost them te fly back from the exercise they'd been on, but weren't anymore. At least accordin te the twanny press release from whoever it was. 💩 If the exercise was in the Orkney area, as seems likely, itmight turn out it was barely such a "detour" from their flight path home that it cost exactly nada. Nothin. Zilch. Nil. Zero. An as fer some sharn about knockin up the exercise just te pick up some beef? Fer the love o the Wee Man! Never heard o telephones??! Like "Hi, is that Meathead the Gobby Butcher o Orkney? This is Mr Pilot. Me an me boys are headed yer way the morrow. Any chance o gettin some tasty red dead animal stuff from ye, perchance? Top hole, pip pip, chin-chin, toodle-oo!" Seems logical, even te a fruit-loop like mesel'! Do ye know different,pleep-pleep, buddy? As fer yer aside about islands mentality, that may be. I presume ye're talkin from personal experience as ye tar far an wide with that muckle great brush o yers? I wouldn't be so quick te accuse these fellers o this sort o mentality tho. Not without more evidence... After all, ye don't hear or see them Flybe Flyboys landin on the Lochside. Or the polis shopliftin from Tesco. One minor (an it is minor,believe me! Spend some time wi bush pilots fer Médecins Sans Frontières in Africa an ye'll see real cowboy flyin, believe me! 😳😱ðŸ™) minor an harmless incident an yez are wheelin out the tar barrels an feathers! Sheeshypeeps! 😒 Every flyboy I've ever met or worked with - mostly ex-mil - behave a darntootin sight worse than this most days that end with "y"! They have a rep fer bein exactly not yer stuffed-shirt starched-tache tight-a.rsed military types ye might expect. They work bloody hard an they tend te play just as hard. That's why no eyebrows got raised over Cap'n Wills (no relation,Doc!ðŸ˜) an his own wee detour. Their brass are used te a whole lot worse, from what my friends have told me. I mean, Holy-Moses-on-a-chopped-an-hogged-Harley D! Some o the stories they tell about "their friends" (aye riiiight boys! 😜) had me laughin so hard I thought I'd crack a rib, dislocate me jaw or just upchuck me MREs! These guys are Grade A pros but also wackjobs that make me feel sane an whole!! 😜 So believe me or no, but even though I don't know the feller involved, I know his 'spiritual brothers' (ohm!) an can vouch that I believe no-one in his position will have done as he did if there was the faintest pongeroonie of danger or risk te any other party or property. So that is just plain Pish te me. Im prepared te revise me stance, but only if the facts prove it. An this? This is nothin. No-thin. "Next time it could be your loved ones depending on the judgement of this pilot." Frankly, I think ye should be ashamed at yersel fer that perticklier piece o sharn, pleep-pleep. Are ye willin te share with us what exact contribution ye make te society in general, or just Shetland? 😒Makin out that he's no fit fer purpose or endangered lives with this? Get a grip o somethin real man! Pa.💩 The.💩 Tic.💩 Try an leave the man te get along with his life an career, an try gettin on with yer own, instead o takin out yer inadequacies or insecurities on those who do what ye'd never dare te do (most o yez!!). An yes, that "darin" part includes me 😖I just couldn't do it. Eep! An if it turns out I'm wrong an yer right once the facts are known (if ever) yez can write an let me know, care o the Nut Hoose, or MSF. An ill be humbly truly sorry fer doubtin yez. ðŸ˜Honest.😉 No, really! 😠Would I lie to yez? 😜
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