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  1. wonder if we are thinking of the same person, should send them the bill for emergency call out
  2. although not named, i can think of one peson who springs to mind
  3. 200 hours community service, hope its not working with animals, and as for sentence defered to see if the other offendeer can look after his animals in the next month, well i thought is was proved that he couldnt look after animals thats why he was in court in teh first place????
  4. plan is to m,ove ronas ward from montfielsd to gilbert bain, then over a period of time do away with the long term eldrely care beds. bet they dont tell you that in the public consultation meetings
  5. all i asked was if the rumour was true, i admire teh guy for taking on the local council and shopkeepers. its about time someone did
  6. so why move montfield over to the gbh
  7. has anyone else heard that he is closing
  8. so i have just been told, has any has anyone else heard this [mod] merged with existing chris hodge thread[/mod]
  9. wonder if the hydro will keep him on if he gets a custodial sentence, will they keep job open till he is out
  10. hopefully it will be a custodial sentence a huge fine and a lifetime ban on keeping animals for both of them. but in all reality it will probably be community service
  11. dont know, but we are hoping to sell our 3 bedroom flat and move to aberdeen, so hope we can get decent price
  12. yes light pollutin is a real problem we live behind the new museum. the hats dock area used to be a good spot for seeing da mirrie dancers, meteorites. but there is so much light pollutin there now from the new museum and associated lighting
  13. bet its cloudy so that no one sees anything, its always cloudy up here during these natural events
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