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  1. Am I alone in thinking that the water in Lerwick tastes like bleach smells? Mine is altogether different in the north mainland.
  2. For those with Twitter https://twitter.com/AbChav/status/1380575375290421248
  3. All appears well now. Thanks.
  4. Just noticed this on the David Davis Downside Dossier Shellfish. The European Union has told the UK shellfish industry that thousands of tonnes of oyster, mussel, clam, cockle and scallop exports are banned from the bloc indefinitely. British fishers, who had been told by government to expect the ban to last until spring, are warning this will be a fatal blow to their businesses. Perhaps this should be in the Brexit thread, but I think that this will be important to the local fisherfolk in an independence context.
  5. It has to be the next best thing to being part of the EU!!
  6. Boris should come every day. He is the SNP's best recruiting sergeant.
  7. If a country of 5 million can't manage independence I don't see how a county of 23,00 are going to manage. Thanks. I have enjoyed the "battle"!
  8. I am getting a new notification each time something is posted to a thread that I am subscribed to, rather than the expected behaviour, which would be just to get one. Is it me, or is it the forum? Thanks
  9. We will have to wait and see. My opinion is that the EU wants to grow. They have already said something to the effect of "be careful that the door doesn't hit you in the *yrse on the way out". If they wanted to give Johnson a kick they could make Scotland's joining easier.
  10. Incorrect. The UK and Denmark have opt-outs so don’t have to join the Euro. The seven countries without an opt-out and not already in the Euro are supposed to join it, but only once they meet certain conditions. There is currently no time limit on this process. Source: FullFact My bold.
  11. How much clout does Scotland have in the UK? Scotland's debt? You mean the proportion of the UK debt that Westminster has apportioned us?
  12. The Euro is a red herring. We use any currency we like, although we are affected by the monetary policy of the nations' currency that we are adopting.. At some point in the future we can adopt the euro, as it currently stands.
  13. When "we" voted for Brexit. We are a third country who thinks that it should get better treatment than other third countries. Every other third country has to fill in the same forms as we do. We were just woefully prepared for it whilst the Clown played brinkmanship games. "The Scotch – what a verminous race!"; "It’s time Hadrian’s Wall was refortified, to pen them in a ghetto on the other side"; "The nation deserves not merely isolation, but comprehensive extermination". See HERE Not from the pen of Boris Johnson as often reported, but approved by him as the editor of the Spectator
  14. If Brexit is now bad, I assume that what went before was good? If that is the case then independence means going back to what we had before. Not the crap spouted by the Daily Express and the Daily Heil either. The media have been brainwashing the citizens for too long. Bendy bananas anyone?
  15. Where we are today, interfering in the politics and elections of distant countries for one. Not much changes. If we are getting forked over by Europe it is because we chose it. We seem to like democracy until we don't. We (the UK) seem to like rules until they are someone else's rules. We (the UK) are not being treated any worse than any other third country. I will admit that the EU are taking advantage of our stupidity, whether that be the financial markets or warehouse space in Holland. They are doing exactly what we would do to them, but hey, blue passports and freeports.
  16. We are a third country now. "We" voted for Brexit. We knew what it would entail. We are a small island nation, and not the superpower we think we are. The EU are doing what suits them best in the same way as we have always done what suits us. Remember when the sun never went down on the empire? Are you also against poor countries not getting the jab? I woud agree that the EU have rolled out their jabbing program very slowly. It seems to be the only stick we are able to beat them with. Let's hope no-one mentions our record breaking per capita death rate. Left to their own devices t
  17. Advantages and disadvantages of Brexit list
  18. Just before the independence referendum I remember the Tories telling us that North Sea oil was about to run out, and lo and behold within a couple of weeks of the No vote winning they announced miraculous new discoveries of oil in the North Sea. You can only fool people so many times. Assume everything is a lie or a diversion and you won't go far wrong, because millionaires are not in politics to help any of us. Johnson is a gift to the SNP though, and Sturgeon always seems to have the upper hand over him.
  19. All we need now is Four Yorkshiremen! if you should see someone walking to work on his hands in the morning it will probably be me!
  20. The paperwork is the red tape Colin! It was red tape that we didn’t have when we were EU members. The lack of preparation was down to the Government springing the final decision at the last minute on the poor exporters. The Government are now advising Uk companies to open branch offices in the EU to make it easier, so they lay off staff here and take on staff in the EU countries. You couldn’t make this up! No-one is buying our fish, that why so many of GB’s boats are tied up. Presumably the meat is still walking around the fields!
  21. We were lied to. Frictionless trade was just one of them. No downsides, only upsides was another. There were many more. There are no obstacles to bringing items into the UK. Trucks are just being waved through unchecked so that there is not more chaos at the ports than there already is. Some of this is temporary, but vet certificates, just one example, won’t be. The red tape isn’t going anywhere either. I would be happier eating more fish, especially if it gets cheaper.
  22. There seems to be a fair few upset with being out of the EU. They all seem to be saying that they were lied to. Fishermen with catches they can’t land, hauliers with trucks stuck at ports, and even before the ports, businesses with mounds of paperwork they have no idea of how to fill in. Frictionless trade, sunlit uplands, another Tory economic miracle? Aye, that will be right.
  23. If Scotland is such a drain on England how come Westminster is so keen to keep hold of us? Independence can't come soon enough. If we had it now our fish could be sold in Europe, because Scotland voted against leaving the EU. "The clamour for Independence" has been going for much longer than Johnson has been in number 10. Scots don't want to be ruled by the Tories. It's as simple as that, and you can hardly blame them after the balls-up Johnson seems to be making of everything. Next step reducing workers rights - oh joy! Oh! And no nuclear bases in Scotland sounds like resu
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