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  1. I started with a ZX81. When you finished typing an A4 page of code from a magazine and the 16k RAM pack attached to the back wobbled and you lost everything it would wear thin. Then came the Vic20, Dragon32, Spectrum 48k and 128k, then a couple of Sinclair QLs. Eventually I got an Osborne 1 and a daisy wheel printer which took 3 minutes to print a page of A4. Eventually I got a PC and spent the next few years trying to keep mine working. Then I looked after a couple of networks of them. It was always a thankless task and something that I am glad I don't do any more. I used to keep a Mac Classic as a door stop, but I recently bought myself a Mac Powerbook. When I visit my girlfriend she boots up her PC and there is always some drama. Spell check not working, no connection to the internet, crashing applications and a myriad of other problems. I haven't tried to sell her the Mac idea, but she sees how I just sit down and work whilst she spends and hour trying to get it working first. If it wasn't for the difficulties getting her software in Universal Binary flavour she would have a Mac now. I wouldn't go back to PCs. I have tried many OS', every flavour of Windows since 3.1, Linux, SunSolaris, RISCOS and various portable devices, but the Mac has without doubt been best. It just works. I have always been willing to help PC users out with their problems, but it started taking over my life so I wont touch them now.
  2. There is always NeoOffice for the Mac
  3. Somerfield - for the broken biscuits. I don't think that they are supposed to be broken but when the shelf stackers drop them from waist height that tends to be what happens. I suppose that if you pay minimum wage you can't expect much more.
  4. I hate cats too. Every cat in Shetland turds in my garden. Sometimes I can't see out of the window for feces and I live on the third floor!
  5. Over 100mph on a Honda Goldwing with my feet up on the cruiser boards with the stereo turned up full, passing a couple of fully colour co-ordinated leathered up poseurs crouched over in some sort of racing pose on their GSXRs, whilst griining stupidly at them. Of course when I got to the next roundabout I wobbled around it due to the blancmange suspension, whilst they blatted past. Almost 80 mph in a Skoda! 60 mph in second gear for about 50 miles in a company car when the salesman, whose car it was, told me to take care of it. You don't half get some funny looks on the motorway when you are revving the nuts off it. I drove it for the entire 200 mile journey mostly around the ouskirts of London without using the clutch once, then before giving it back to him I raced it back and forth through the muddiest lay-by you have ever seen.
  6. Does every house in Lerwick have a pack of dogs? There are such huge piles of dog turd on the street of Lerwick now that it is likely that they will have to be picked up on bulk rubbish day. Sometimes the piles are so big I have to step out into the road to walk around them. Isn't this something that the Neighbourhood Support people are supposed to be tackling? They are supposed to be fining owners who let there animals crap in the street and don't pick up after them. I am personally looking forward to the Neighbourhood Support lot getting there teeth into dog excrement.
  7. The Shetland Times Makes Me Sick I think that it is the colours - hopefully they will teach their new apprentice the meaning in the printing trade of the word registration - correctly align the (C M Y K) colours - all of them.
  8. How about KKK headdress? Bwah ha ha ha
  9. When people have been up to visit me they think that SIBC is some sort of wind up. I think that it must be the bouts of amnesia in amongst the news reading, the paper shuffling, the in depth to the point of minutiae reporting, the refusal to use abbreviations once you have given the full version of the company's name, the productive coughing, crashing vocals to make the news fit in at the right time. The x oclock news starting 2 minutes late, i.e. the wrong time. You can't knock the music though, (theres not enough rock though) its so much better that that diddle-e-dee sharn at 7 oclock on Radio Shetland/Scotland. Then again, when the girlfriend makes me dinner I always compliment her on the yoghurts at the end rather than the meal. Worst of all was one of the taxi adverts, the friendly local taxi company one. My son was convinced that it had been recorded by someone with a microphone in one hand and a blood-stained axe in the other.
  10. Sack the ferry crews and build a large catapult then see who REALLY needs to come across. Mind out for the off course flying Ford Cortinas landing in the Peerie Shop window.
  11. What no mention of smoking and the forthcoming ban? Last time that I went into a certain Lerwick hostelery, no names mentioned, but they have a karaoke every week, I had to take a sharp knife, to cut through the fog, to get to the bar. This was mid-week and there was hardly anyone in there. The staff must have lungs like the inside of a tar-burner. Is anyone on this fine forum up for using the bodies of smokers to power the heat to energy plant? If anyone is wondering about paragraph 2, I am on commission. I get £1 for every comma that I use.
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