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    BigMouth got a reaction from George. in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    If a country of 5 million can't manage independence I don't see how a county of 23,00 are going to manage.
    Thanks.  I have enjoyed the "battle"!
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    BigMouth got a reaction from George. in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    Incorrect. The UK and Denmark have opt-outs so don’t have to join the Euro. The seven countries without an opt-out and not already in the Euro are supposed to join it, but only once they meet certain conditions. There is currently no time limit on this process.  Source:  FullFact
    My bold.
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    BigMouth got a reaction from George. in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    How much clout does Scotland have in the UK?  Scotland's debt?  You mean the proportion of the UK debt that Westminster has apportioned us?
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    BigMouth got a reaction from George. in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    The Euro is a red herring.  We use any currency we like, although we are affected by the monetary policy of the nations' currency that we are adopting..  At some point in the future we can adopt the euro, as it currently stands.
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    BigMouth reacted to Roachmill in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    At a very basic level I'd like my vote to go towards a party I align with and for said vote to stand a chance of making a difference at a national level. All while painting my face blue and shouting "FREEDOM!!!" at passers by of course /s
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    BigMouth got a reaction from Evil Inky in Brexit (merged threads)   
    Advantages and disadvantages of Brexit list
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    BigMouth reacted to Capeesh in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    Maybe they would've had more joy with something like this...
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    BigMouth got a reaction from George. in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    Just before the independence referendum I remember the Tories telling us that North Sea oil was about to run out, and lo and behold within a couple of weeks of the No vote winning they announced miraculous new discoveries of oil in the North Sea.  You can only fool people so many times.  Assume everything is a lie or a diversion and you won't go far wrong, because millionaires are not in politics to help any of us.
    Johnson is a gift to the SNP though, and Sturgeon always seems to have the upper hand over him.
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    BigMouth got a reaction from Roachmill in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    The paperwork is the red tape Colin!  It was red tape that we didn’t have when we were EU members.  The lack of preparation was down to the Government springing the final decision at the last minute on the poor exporters.  The Government are now advising Uk companies to open branch offices in the EU to make it easier, so they lay off staff here and take on staff in the EU countries.  You couldn’t make this up!
    No-one is buying our fish, that why so many of GB’s boats are tied up.  Presumably the meat is still walking around the fields!
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    BigMouth got a reaction from Davie P in Local Food Reviews - Dining Out & Take Aways   
    There's a place on Harrison Sq that is worth a visit.  Coffee Culture? Great coffee and the chicken quiche I had was really good.
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    BigMouth reacted to Evil Inky in Brexit (merged threads)   
    So that's why you clamoured for extra layers of red tape for businesses exporting to the EU? Because you support limited government?
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    BigMouth reacted to Colin in Self-detemination motion   
    The people of Shetland do not appear to matter just to much to either Westminster, or Holyrood.
    What seems to matter to them is our resources.
    IMHO, of course. 
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    BigMouth reacted to Colin in Self-detemination motion   
    I didn't bother reading to many of the comments though.
    Kinda stopped at the "lets put it up Krankie" etc. brigade getting a little ahead of themselves.
    Nobody seems to realise (yet) that Shetland has NOT had the opportunity to vote for anything.
    Guess it sells newspapers .. ?
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    BigMouth reacted to Capeesh in SNP   
    Bang on the money with this post, at last a bit of hard nosed realism.The EU has something the UK desperately wants, they can grant or deny unfettered access to EU markets, there's never one side in a negotiation and it doesn't take a genius to see how it's all going to pan out, either the UK caves or they take a huge financial hit.
    No amount of spitfire fly by's, union jacks or royal babies can hide this reality.
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    BigMouth reacted to Davie P in BBC & licence fee (merged threads)   
    I was very pleased to hear the BBC are planning to tone down the jingoistic nationalism of the Last Night of the Proms. I very much look forward to and enjoy Proms season but I feel 'Last Night' sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the other concerts. It's like a parody of the end of a Tory Party conference.
    There have long been calls for the BBC to make changes to Last Night programming (which I personally find to be extremely dull and predictable) but I expect whatever they do they'll be under fire from the right wing who will no doubt go into a frenzy about traditional Britishness being under attack etc etc.
    I'm sure there are many people who will be getting offended by the potential change who don't engage with The Proms or appreciate the work the BBC put into supporting and promoting British classical music throughout the entirety the 8 week Proms season, and throughout the rest of the year for that matter.
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    BigMouth got a reaction from George. in BBC & licence fee (merged threads)   
    Just tried it but the site is busy.  It's good to see competition though!!
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    BigMouth reacted to Davie P in BBC & licence fee (merged threads)   
    That is my point. The name doesn't reflect the services it pays for
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    BigMouth got a reaction from Ghostrider in BBC & licence fee (merged threads)   
    Goons spend most of their working hours preying on single mums on council estates and vulnerable members of our society.  They lie and trick their way into people’s home, where they have no right to be without an invitation or a warrant.  They won’t advise people that when they caution them they are entitled to legal representation.  TV Licensing Officers, are actually commission based salesmen, would you want this guy in your house:
    Remember, you don’t need a TV licence to watch Netflix, Amazon’s TV service, YouTube or any catch-up TV service.  You only need one to watch live TV or BBC iPlayer.
    The BBC keeps telling us how good they are, and how much we love them.  So why don’t they join the real world and provide a subscription service?  If you want it you pay, and if you don’t want it you use your earnings for other things.  The reason is because they know that without threat of legal enforcement very many would decide not to pay their TV tax every year, and manage with better quality services from other providers.  In this day and age why on earth do we have to have a permit to watch TV?
    No other service, that I also don’t use, sends me threatening letters every 6 weeks.  No-one comes to check whether I have fishing rod, shotgun, car, or anything else I need a permit for.  TV Licensing assume guilt from the outset.  Everyone else has a TV so you must have one too, is their mentality.  Some of us have lived many years without one.  We have found many other means of entertainment.  I don’t want to sit down and consume the crap that they broadcast, especially now with all the woke nonsense.
    I would agree that we need a public service broadcaster.  Channel Four is a PSB and manages to run a service without taxpayer handouts.  It relies on advertising for its funding, another alternative option that the BBC should be forced into.
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    BigMouth got a reaction from George. in BBC & licence fee (merged threads)   
    TV Licensing is owned by the BBC, although they don't make this obvious , possibly because it doesn't fit in with the cuddly image that they are trying to portray.  Capita are contracted to collect the licence fee on behalf of the BBC through its TV Licensing arm.
    There is a wealth of information here, which I hope the old folks will become aware of: https://tvlicenceresistance.info/.
    Join the forum if you wish.
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    BigMouth got a reaction from George. in POLICE STATE.   
    Anyone who thinks the police don't exceed their powers should research what happened to the miners when they were striking.  For a more up to date view of policing, especially complaints against the Police, watch any of the videos of Crimebodge on YouTube.
    As far as Parliaments are concerned, notice the regularity of new laws being introduced and the lack of laws being deleted from the statute book.
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    BigMouth reacted to Wheelsup in Effects of the Lockdown   
    Peat, the heat is in the workin’ o dem!
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    BigMouth reacted to Watter in White, Male and Middle Aged   
    If you look at the most recent stastics for newly qualified graduates in the professions you will find that 61% of new Doctors are female 90% of vets are female 63% of lawyers are female and 70% of teachers are female rising to 85% of primary school teachers being female I could go on . Where is this male patriarchy we hear so much about ?
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    BigMouth reacted to Watter in White, Male and Middle Aged   
    75 % of social workers are female and if you look at the new intake its more like 90% . At this rate social work will be an exclusive female career .https://www.theguardian.com/social-care-network/2014/jul/25/why-so-few-male-social-workers
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    BigMouth reacted to Watter in White, Male and Middle Aged   
    65% of school headteachers are female but this is regared as a big problem by feminists  as 75% of teacxhers are female and thus clear evidence of the male patriarchy in action .The huge gender imbalance in favour of female teachers is not seen as problematic though if the situation was reversed I am sure it would be regarded as a massive problem .  . https://www.theguardian.com/women-in-leadership/2015/feb/11/lack-of-female-headteachers-gender-diversity-education
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    BigMouth got a reaction from WhitsDad in Toll Clock Centre   
    What fantastic news, the Toll Clock Centre under new ownership. It’s been a sad sight for too many years, from the lacklustre paint, buckets catching the water leaks, automatic doors that don’t work properly, mats in the entrances that look like they have been chewed around the edges, well beyond their lifespan, and the main signage with a missing E. There are some great shops and a great cafe in there, The Olive Tree, and I am looking forward to the investment that our captains of industry, who have bought the place, will bring to it. Shetland deserves an exciting indoor shopping opportunity to bring money back to the Isles, instead of going online to the giants such as Amazon.
    Stand back and prepared to be amazed at the pace of change.
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