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    BigMouth got a reaction from Keedle in Next Occupant   
    Patisserie?  Is that a cake shop for posh people!  We certainly need one.  I will be in there on day one.
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    BigMouth reacted to ll in Inter Island Ferry Service   
    Sadly, it will likely prove that if external funding can't be found, something's going to give.
    Current levels of subsidisation are clearly unsustainable at current service levels for either inter island ferries or the inter island flights and Tingwall airport.
    Only thing that you can say s that they should have started on the tunnel programme instead of the last of the new ferries.
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    BigMouth reacted to JustMe in Inter Island Ferry Service   
    Link says ""For detailed route specific data click any of the graphs"" and it works........well there is then another link to the actual data.
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    BigMouth reacted to Capeesh in Inter Island Ferry Service   
    Interesting read, it would be great to have first class infrastructure similar to the Faroe islands, we seem to be decades behind the Scandinavians in almost everything.
    People will be hovering about in flying cars by the time we ever get round to fixed links, then we'll have the last laugh at their silly tunnels.
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    BigMouth reacted to Urabug in Inter Island Ferry Service   
    There is many other places in the world that operate inter island ferries,Japan,New Zealand,Australia,Canada and many many more.
    Has anyone studied any of these ferry services ,who owns and operates them,the costs ect. and how often/regular some of the smaller communities are served.
    Might be something to be learned if anyone can be bothered to explore a little..
    Possibly we are expecting and supplying a service here in Shetland which is just no longer affordable and ma'be we should be looking to provide,something on a weekly,daily, but not every few hours nature. 
    If the ferries are to continue to operate as they are at present then they will have to be better funded from government sources,and I do not see that happening anytime soon so there will have to be a very difficult decision made in 2018 as to the viability of leaving things the way they are.(doubt if that is an option)
    This will be on a par with the school closures and will upset many many folk .
    That is my humble opinion and praying that our clever councillors do not take the easy option and empty our oil reserve funds,and at the same time  not wishing any inconvenience or hardship on those who rely on the ferries. 
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    BigMouth reacted to Scorrie in Winter Festival   
    Ramen, brother.
    Pastafarian is definitely the way to go.
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    BigMouth reacted to jambo6 in Bitcoins?   
    I think what Ghostie says is fairly accurate. I looked at this a couple of years ago with a view to mining them - which basically means you are outsourcing your hardware to a 3rd party to, for example, process medical research (Similar to the SETI project). They in turn pay you with fractions of bitcoins which you can then spend.
    At some point in the last few years the algorithms for processing developed so that graphics processors rather than cpu's were the most efficient method and some of the heavy miners were building what were essentially high powered gaming pc's to mine bitcoins on. The currency has been volatile as it was a bandwagon for a while, and then there were security questions which caused fluctuations, but it sits outside any tax regime which has obvious attractions. Is it a con - no more than any currency is, maybe even a little less.
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    BigMouth reacted to Colin in Bitcoins?   
    What is interesting about bitcoins is that governments are starting to get a bit nervous about them.
    I suspect that it is because people might start trading with a currency that they (governments) cannot control and, after all, how do you tax a 'number' on somebodies computer.
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    BigMouth reacted to Ghostrider in Bitcoins?   
    I suspect this exact same debate raged when somebody suggested little bits of paper with pictures, numbers and writing on them had "value" dependant upon the specifics of the writing, numbers and pictures, and could be successfully used to store and transfer wealth, replacing the previous cumbersome barter system.
    Is it a con? I don't think any more, or less than any other currency system, which doesn't give it much to live up to.
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    BigMouth reacted to Colin in Bitcoins?   
    Like all the other currency systems, it's a con.
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    BigMouth reacted to MuckleJoannie in Winter Festival   
    The Christians hijacked existing pagan midwinter festivals to create Christmas.
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    BigMouth reacted to George. in Winter Festival   
    Why is Christmas considered to be a Christian festival? There's nothing Christian about Santa Claus and his flying reindeer. There's no Christian link with yule logs or Christmas trees. It's no more than a very expensive sales pitch.
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    BigMouth reacted to CrashBox in Inter Island Ferry Service   
    Yep, and that could be expanded to "Let's empty all the islands around Scotland AND the Highlands, and centralise everyone to the central belt and make Glasgow and Edinburgh contiguous because it'll save money having everybody in one place" 
    Seriously though, when you look at Unst, all the tourists like to make a beeline for it, to visit Hermaness and see Muckle Flugga. So there needs to be a population there to provide the services that the tourists will need and expect.  Nobody will go there if there are no shops, cafes, and accommodation. That would hit Shetland as a whole. It'll be a disaster to de-populate it.  
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    BigMouth got a reaction from Frogger in Inter Island Ferry Service   
    Whilst my views won't be popular, I will put them forward.  We continue to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.  According to this link:
    https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/cost_of_ferry_and_air_servicethe annual cost of running the Papa Stour Ferry Service for the financial year 2016/17 was £360,118.
    I believe that there are 8 residents on Papa Stour.  The cost of running the ferry is £45,000 per resident per year.  Life in the isles may be idyllic, it's certainly eye-wateringly expensive for the rest of us.  If you want your schools etc. out in the sticks or your fixed links then luxuries like the ferry service for the good folk of Papa Stour, and many other little treats are going to have to go.  The alternative is to kid yourselves otherwise and continue with the status quo.
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    BigMouth reacted to George. in Cutting the use of antibiotics in farming with Apple cider vinegar   
    A couple of tins of Strongbow in the evening is known to cure everything. If there's anything still troubling you, it'll certainly stop you worrying about it.
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    BigMouth reacted to Ghostrider in Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy   
    ^ and maybe enough folk will see sense and concentrate on developing technology to harness the only 100% reliable and predictable renewable, tidal, and stop wasting time and resources chasing the fickle and erratic.
    I'm not holding out any hope though, not as long as wind is a cash cow from the subsidies that we're all paying for through un-necessarily dear electric.
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    BigMouth reacted to shetlander in Inter Island Ferry Service   
    *If* the young folk who left just moved to Lerwick and *if* the primary reason for doing that was because of the cost/hassle of having to use a ferry to get to/from the isles every day then I might be inclined to agree with you.
    For a lot of young folk though, it’s a lifestyle choice. When they get to a certain age, life in rural areas just doesn’t appeal to them anymore. They want to be right in towns/cities to experience the opportunities they offer, not just to have 24/7 access to them by road.
    I’m saying all of this as an ex-isles/ex-young person myself. My choice to leave had nothing to do with the transport situation. I’m not saying that’s necessarily the case for everybody but I very much doubt my experience is unique either.
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    BigMouth reacted to shetlander in Inter Island Ferry Service   
    Just out of interest, how many ex-isle residents have you spoken to to come to that conclusion?  
    I think most young leavers will tell you that they leave to go to university/college and/or that they want to live in or near cities/towns. Why? Because it’s a more appealing lifestyle with more educational, career or social opportunities for them.
    How are fixed links going to change that?
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    BigMouth reacted to Property2017 in Scalloway Fish Market   
    Yes they don't control the prices but they do have the option not to sell everything to the highest bidder, as a collective all the fisherman could get together and agree to sell fish to the schools food procurement at a fixed price so the kids could get it more than once a fortnight.
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    BigMouth reacted to Property2017 in Scalloway Fish Market   
    Yes there buying it but isn't it a shame that a deal can be brokered with the fisherman and the schools to provide a source of healthy food which is abundant in the seas around the island ?
    I guess profit and greed wins the day !
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    BigMouth reacted to MuckleJoannie in Police   
    On the other hand they gave out what is believed to be the first parking ticket in Scalloway the other week.
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    BigMouth got a reaction from George. in Lerwick town centre   
    Island Larder, not Shetland Larder.  I went past this morning and they were busy!
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    BigMouth reacted to suuusssiiieee in CCTV yet again a waste   
    I'd heard the plastic lens covers haven't been kept clean, and this has contributed to the problem with the camera's.
    I guess Lerwick won't be appearing anytime soon on "Caught on Camera"
    They may as well have had a plod up on a watchtower akin to Baywatch with a pair o binoculars !
    Complete shambles the whole project.
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    BigMouth reacted to Ghostrider in Lerwick town centre   
    ^ Prime placement to supply +/- 1000 newly relocated teenagers with crisps, sweeties, pop, fags, Rizla papers, half bottles.................
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    BigMouth reacted to mikeyboy in Lerwick town centre   
    Strange when home I manage to park most days within a few minutes walk of the street and very rarely use the pier.
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