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  1. are there any dating sites for Shetland . i am looking for a Shetland lass , i am 51 and find it hard to date at our age , love walking wild camping campers love Shetland thanks Sean , pm me please
  2. can you just turn up at Aberdeen and pay cash to Shetland
  3. we have had no summer too down in bolton lancs a week in may
  4. Is the OP 'proud' to have all the new incomers to his own home town? from what he posted it would suggest not. not ethnic ......british .yes
  5. i am british paul not a immigrant getting to a point where i wish i had not said anything , its a dog eat dog world we just have to give it your best shot you only have one chance . i feel a lot of hostility towards me/incomers why ? ok i have not been up there i may just come up soon to do a rekki , people move to all places in the world they have never been . ok its desolate i don't mind that i love my own company , thats what i want i have no family ie mam and dad only my kids 5 are grown up and one is still at school , you never know i may meet a nice lady friend lol thanks for all your input .
  6. can i put my house on here mods for exchange ? thanks sean
  7. hhi all . i have had 17 years of tramping / living my wagon 5 to 6 days a week so not knowing anybody wont bother me . its getting that i don't know anybody here with the influx of immigrants . life has got to be better than living in a northern mill town where my life is going nowhere like i said i can turn my hand to anything i used to be a painter and decorator plus my mechanical skills and my truck driving i will get there i always do i can also do man and van removals there are all sorts i can do to make money . i can turn the tables here unless you have never lived or visited a northern mill town you will know why people have had enough the streets are dirty the shops are derelict there is doom and gloom everywhere you go on the local car boot there is about ten different languages spoken they are even selling on the car boot . my daughters school is catholic its now 50%immigrant . all the shops are immigrant all the building work going on is immigrant . now we have polish to contend with working for a pittance pushing English folk out of jobs because the will do it cheaper . so you know now why we all want out . moving to a place you have never been or visited happens a lot what about people moving to Australia ?. sean
  8. nice to hear a northerner lol shetland times last week there was loads of jobs i could do . i have sent shetland transport a email so await there reply . i have had enough here its doing my head in its not the town i was brought up in any more . i am about to come to shetland come what may there is a house in brai who wants a swap down here just waiting of the scaffold being moved as we are having new roofs then i can send her pictures. shetland has got to be better than here for the pace of life the wildlife the beautiful scenery i cant wait , when i eventually get there i heard you can get a discount for the boat will this apply for my daughter sand sons if they want to visit thanks sean
  9. good morning Shetland . i am seriously thinking about moving to shetland for a better life i am 51 single a hgv driver but can turn my hand to anything i am a very good mechanic too and scooter mechanic , my question is can i get work when i get there i have a 2bed council house here in bolton lancs i have been looking for a exchange to shetland but with no luck i may give this house up and come in my camper find work then a house i will need a minimum 1 bed at the present time but as time goes by i will need two as i have a little girl who is 7 and she will stay in school holidays when i am settled in. i need a fresh start and shetland will give me that i love the solitude and love my being on my own lol ..what part of shetland will i have to be looking i don't want lerwick as its a town, i want piece and quiet but in saying that will have to find work in time . thanks for looking sean glendening
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