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  1. I've arranged for this to be sorted out - you will shortly get a pm the earlier comments about keeping spammers etc out are correct there were major problems with spam and a small number of trolls causing problems that had to be stopped and a pain as it is the email restrictions help to do that
  2. ^^^ I know exactly what you mean and oin many ways agree but the stereotyping you criticise me for is what was happening already on this thread! as i said it was the pot calling the kettle black logic that annoyed me - no road users are blameless and as for the accident - yeah sh1t happens I can and have got over that but what upset me at the time and TBH still does was the treatment i got from the rest of his group - the its one thing to be the innocent party in a big accident but threats of physical violence is bang out of order
  3. no need we can tell as the power ranger following is blinding us with the headlights perched on our bootlid - maybe we see you but ignore you? wonder how many get knocked off as they have just caused temporary blindless? BTW we live a mile from the local bypass - very rarely hear a car but just about every **** that rides past can be heard clearly ............and all DSIII asks for consideration!! when you lot consider us then you will deserve more consideration
  4. to fill in the background for my obvious loathing of the bikers attitude: i was driving (legally) in a built up area approaching a bend and railway tunnel. I saw the bikes coming and drove into the kerb to get out of the way The lead bike dropped it in the tunnel and bike and riders smashed into the front of my prized recently bought car. The front corner and whole side of the car were totalled,the body was twisted making it a write off.I and my passenger got broken glass in our faces.The police told us if the impact was a foot towards the centreline we would probably both been severely injured The rider walked (limped away) his passenger is crippled for life Witnesses testified that they were overtaken by the bikers at speeds estimated of 70mph + (in a 30!!!) Get the idea? fair enough up to this point What followed then was to get absolute sh1t from the riders mates - all of the group claiming i was at fault!!! and to cap it all both the rider and his passenger tried very hard to sue me for their injuries!!!!!! In the end he was done for dangerous driving and other offences( and just got a few points) and their action on me was thrown out but the whole saga was extremely distressing - it was bad enough having a major accident like that but having been the totally innocent party to get verbal and threats of physical abuse while i was actually trying to help the passenger have altered my attitudes for life. Previously i had no real feeling for or against the but i'm sure most sane minded people will realise why i have a bit of a attitude now! and of course with the considerate bikers habits of: weaving through traffic at high speed blinding mal-adjusted lights disregard of double white lines undertaking tailgating passing traffic jams by forcing oncoming traffic to move over and of course, the noise the bl00dy things make!!! I'm sure I could add many more to that list but i really cannot be bothered to sum it up Yes "boy racers" are a pain but i'd rather suffer them than a road full of male menopausal power ranger bikers ruining the countryside with their attitudes and deliberately earsplitting exhausts!
  5. ^^^ that comment from DS although i assume it was in sarcasm really sums up the attitude of bikers! i am of course referring to the bikers down here - it may be that the island bikers are a totally different breed and are perfect in every possible way
  6. ah yes i hadn't thought of that -
  7. to quote twerto: ""Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire." lets face it if we all lived by those words the world would be a far better place
  8. ^^^^i think we're in agreement there also with an increasing prison population it would ease the overcrowding actually, on a serious note - i had to go into prison recently - a site visit for work .....honestly it was a newbuild unopened prison and the cell doors didn't even have locks fitted! but when i walked in and the door slammed shut behind i must admit a shiver ran through me not a nice feeling at all
  9. for me , the comments about torture were made as a reaction to being told our opinions were barbaric,bloodthirsty or similar to and were made to demonstrate what barbaric really is quite honestly my belief is still that the death penalty, in cases of extreme crime with no doubt of guilt would be a huge penalty.... but of course i would have it done nicely
  10. "sticking their knobs into random people." that would liven up any walk through the town on a saturday afternoon - how random are these people? do they think the third person i see gets it? "You forget that making love is the most wonderful, intimate, meaningful and spiritual experience that money can buy"................oh hell i must have being doing it wrong then
  11. ^^^^ totally agree ...... have only ever thought it was appropriate for the worst crimes and ones that are totally beyond doubt and as i said earlier there is no possibility of a repeat offence
  12. when i read the thread subject i yawned and wandered off but after an erroneous mouse click i read fjools post quite an amusing thread - iff "a little" off topic but thanks for making religion funny- mind you its always been a joke anyway
  13. harsh????? compared with central london traffic wardens .....thats mild - they'll do all of the above AND tow your car away
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