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  1. You do not always receive an email when you have a new Private Message is this a technical issue or is it one that needs to be adjusted in your own settings?
  2. Thinking about getting one and would like to know if anyone has any experience of them good or bad? Any advice on which make is best? This is the one i am thinking about - JTX 6000 High Power Vibration & Oscillation Plate http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0024KJ14U?ie=UTF8&tag=new-deals-21&linkCode=as2&camp=1634&creative=19450&creativeASIN=B0024KJ14U Bit expensive though
  3. Has anyone tried recently to make an appointment with a Doctor at the Lerwick health centre?
  4. Looking for some decent laminate flooring been to LBC where it is nice but well overpriced and had a look in Williamsons but not much of a selection, does anyone have any suggestions on where else to try or know of any company that will deliver to Shetland?
  5. Thanks for all your replies i especially like your way of thinking Shetlandlady and the bodes too i am going to look into that.
  6. I am looking for somewhere to rent for a weekend to have a party ideally it would be in the country somewhere so as not to bother anyone with loud music and if weather permits maybe even have a peerie bonfire/bbq, the house/barn or such like would need to have power and toilet facilities. If anyone can suggest somewhere please let me know. [***Mod edit - changed title to better reflect the content***]
  7. Oh ok thanks for that i was hoping that maybe the Lerwick Branch had got a better venue but no such luck!
  8. Does anyone know what has happened to the Rangers supporters club?
  9. tGf5c84pcH2Yj2s4 i used that one thanks very much, absolutely splendid
  10. Hate to say it but we had exactly the same experience from the Fort takeaway last week
  11. I had a four man gang bang in norhtmavine, so much for a cup o tea
  12. Scary films?? get some H G wells. Awseome wizard of gore
  13. Phillip is a singing legend. I have his hair but not his voice. I need his voice!!
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