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  1. In Norway a law banning public consumption of alcohol has been in place long enough for people to not have an experience with what life before the law was like. When it comes to giving police more to do I point to the experience being that this law gives the police one more tool to employ when controlling unwanted behaviour. You can't arrest someone for being an a**hole, but if he's holding an open bottle of beer you can. It reduces the amount of stress for other user of public places as people who want to party either privately or in pubs/clubs will have to stay inside. Police officers won't go around looking for people who drink in public, but can give out fines if they see someone. My experience is that if theres a lot to do police will just ask you to empty out any opened alcohol containers. Seems like common sense to me... Some people will always pick fights and such things, but for most of these people getting drunk is still the main objective. Taking away their permission to drink in the streets will remove many of those people from the streets for longer periods of time. Pubs, restaurants etc. are allowed to apply for permits to allow drinking outside in a closed off area so enjoying a cold beer in the sun away from the mrs is very much possible. Strickter rules apply for the open air part of a pub or similar such as earlier closing time. Our sacrifice is that you can't choose a park bench to enjoy your can of beer. I was breaking the law when i was over there then? oops, i did notice a lot of pouring out of drink by coppers but i've seen it all over the world so didn't think anything of it, i can't see the harm in having a drink as long as you're sensible with it and a nice summers day walk/sit down is all the more enjoyable beer in hand. The only thing that would annoy me about no being able to drink in the toon would be when i have to try and catch a ferry, unable to take my half can wi me to sup on the journey, (although, with any luck, i'll be able to take a taxi home at some point!) beyond that i couldn't really care less about drinking at night, i do that in pubs or at parties, what's wrong with having a nice cold beer in the middle of the day though, employing no anti-social behaviour just sitting up by the knab watching the harbour? i'd honestly be shocked to get slapped with a fine for that. What would the tourists think?
  2. I'm a fan of the back bar of the Grand. Good pints and a good jukebox, and it's usually not too busy :tmbup; exactly, best place to go for a swift/quiet/sly one after work!
  3. i prefer the grand, though i notice there's no mention of the queens either?
  4. get a nice big fire on the go, with plenty of reek, i find old copies of the times are adequate for short spells. chain smoking helps on occasion and all, yun jungle formula just stings my eyes, particularly when the sweats running on a hot(ish) day, and be prepared to be bit onywye unless there's someone else around with more attractively tasting blood... usually me
  5. not sure there's much i can say, without sounding off personally or giving away EXACTLY wha i am, mind you every local employer i've been with have been superb to be honest, whether i could hack the job or not (always do whats asked though, the real tell i like where i am is when i go beyond that) and always game for a laugh, which fairly brightens up what could otherwise be a meaningless/mindless (aside from continuing the cash flow) task. Worst job i ever had was as a bank nurse working the psych wards around auld reekie, not my field or real desire but it fairly got you down sometimes as i couldn't help but be compassionate, however my employer was outstanding really (perhaps out of desperation) so no complaints. I can confirm however the absolute worst employer was a supermarket, it seems big firms need to constantly screw their employees for no apparant reason other than the hell of it, useless, lazy, awkward sacks of .... ( & i'm not talking about the shelfstackers) i think being a c...t of an employer rubs off on the workforce tbh, having said that though, it was a breeze of a job, plenty of laughs along the way, including stringing out 'final' and 'written' warnings for months just for the buzz of it, safe in the knowledge i got the work done and they wouldn't bother taking anyone else in just to train them up and see them b.....r off to another supermarket for 'better pay', good times really, it was always a constant source of amusement asking for a payrise and being treated like oliver twist, "but you're on £2.21 an hour, what would you possibly need more for? when i was a lad/lass i couldn't even dream of that kind of money, scraping my hands to the bone to provide for my brothers and sisters, and that was middle class back then, you'd be a laird aboot the place back in the day with £2.21 an hour, i mean an hour? you young uns never had it so good, blah, blah, blah" and i'm rambling now by the way so i'll stop, presently, hope yous didna read all the way down to here, i don't have a punchline, i think i'll come back and edit this later after i get some kip, been up for 35 hours now and need to stop but these bloody eyes won't close, you still here? if you mind, feel free to moderate, i likely winna remember posting this th morn onywye, goodnight and godbless 8O
  6. I can't be bothered wading through all this properly, i'm pretty unconvinced by most of the conspiracy theories, especially many of the accounts of "you can see the charges going off, boom, boom, boom" etc... One thing i'm utterly convinced by is the ineptitude of a certain G.W. Bush Again, proof. I don't think proof is particularly needed, i'm sure the poor fool gets the days events mixed up with whatever storybook was being read, i'd take anything that leaves his vacuous face with a pinch of salt. Of course the average conspiracist may believe he is the most calculating vindictive genius in the history of modern politics, i however have my doubts
  7. yup, agree wi de jim, never even crossed my head otherwise. I don't get worked up about it, but from a personal point of view, i don't like to be misinformed over any kind of information & this, although a minor issue, is misinformation that will only ever be expanded upon unless folk are put straight. i'd like to see them try, bloody soothmoothers
  8. i need do nothing of the sort as i wasn't being subtle or wanting people to read between the lines as i was saying exactly what i was putting accross. and michael....WHEN DID I SAY HE DIDN'T DESERVE SUPPORT???? I am quickly losing any feelings of support for the guy if the people on here giving me a hard time about the points I raised....NONE OF WHICH WERE AGAINST HIM....are any indication of sakchai himself....and since his supporters are effectively his representatives, you are NOT doing yourself any favours. RATHER THAN HAVING A GO AT ME BASED ON THE MISINTERPRETATIONS OTHER PEOPLE HAVE MADE, STATING THINGS I NEVER SAID, TRY READING MY ACTUAL POINTS....THEN SHUT UP!!!! may i humbly suggest not taking other folks comments too personally. you seem to be fairly attack minded in your defence but i haven't read anything too malicious relating to yourself to warrant telling others where to go, especially if you don't want similar treatment back. for the record i'm largely in agreement with your points of view, perhaps they can be represented in another thread before we end up with a mk. III of this effort?
  9. i'm with you on a local level, but innocent mistakes are still mistakes. the term 'shetlands' is wrong but folk willna have the opportunity to know otherwise especially if the mistake is perpetuated. I couldn't care less on a local level as i ken what's whit, but i personally don't like being in the wrong which is what a lot of folk (especially sooth) are whether they like it or no, if someone chooses to use 'shetlands' in the knowledge it's wrong then fair enough, but without picking folk up on it we'll just be contributing to another change in our name and (perhaps eventually) how we're perceived. as ever, it's the little things... bring back 'hjaltland'!
  10. I would contend that Sakchai's crime was not of a minor nature, and in fact i would consider it as quite a violent act regardless of whether or not it was aimed directly at another person, perhaps there could have been a case to consider deportation at the time he was serving his sentence whether it should have successful or not. Nevertheless he has paid his dues and i fully support that line of argument. I find the issue to be the fact that the government are bound to make errors rushing to cover mistakes already made and some people are likely to suffer as a result, a quick-fix so to speak. Thankfully Sakchai has some obvious support, but i am at odds as to whether folk from less inclusive communities (regarding their ability to integrate) could fight their corner successfully as the government seem to tackle this in an innappropriate manner. For example i was concerned to see some folks views on whether other folk would be deserving of the same level of support (eg. drug users) i would suggest that they should be until it can be proven that they are indeed dangerous to society, no-one should have to sustain the level of treatment afforded sakchai without just cause. Any government should be accountable for it's actions but should be as equally responsible for how it tries to correct it's mistakes. P.S. vailron, segatrix i am in agreement with your comments (of which i've read so far off the "mk. II" thread onywye)
  11. Unst? Seriously though, i reckon there are two extremes regarding the causes of bad driving, over-confidence and inexperience (or even inebriation, which can combine the two) these are the things that should be taken out of folks systems, obviously a bit of common sense is all thats needed to combat this but accidents will always happen, unfortunately. As long as folk are largely aware of their surroundings and what they are doing, the risks are lessened. I don't go in for this police bashing either, they are after all only human, and while there may be the odd case of abusing their powers, i'd challenge anyone else not to do the same, i'm sure they are all well aware that they are NOT above the law. Back to Unst, or somewhar other, onywhere really, how about a rallycross track? dunna need to build ony roads, just depopulate the right areas, shouldna be ony drink driving regardless though
  12. aye, my careers advice was hardly helpful, they couldna offer much beyond that UNI maybe wasn't for me, and they didna ken onythin about the subject i wanted to study, knew what i wanted to do so just went for it onywye, blyde but i'm still here 6 years later, hangin on to the last of my student days, i hate acedemia but at least i don't have to face the 'real world' for another year
  13. in full agreement shetlander, just to add my personal viewpoint (& position) though, i would love to have the opportunity to live and work in Unst (or indeed anywhere in the country/isles), as it is where i feel most at home, i love being in cities but i always get bored of it no matter whats on offer, (some people may argue that life in the isles gets a bit boring, but i always manage to make my own entertainment and at least the everyday can never be regarded as souless) an ideal situation for me would be to live in the country but work in town (even if just on occasion) but with my chosen profession (assuming i ever bl00dy graduate & find a job) it is never going to happen until possibly when i reach retirement, that includes shetland in general, i accept it though and don't expect things to change as due to the small population of the islands, there will never be enough work to sustain me, let alone develop my career. hell i can always visit when on holiday, just a pity that by the time i have the money to afford a holiday home the market will be sewn up, hopefully for Unst onywye
  14. just quite brilliant, laughing my head aff wi yun :tmbup;
  15. how many folk are living in Unst now, and how many of these are actively able/willing to work? Its all well and good proposing new business opportunities but i would suspect that all those who are capable of starting up, running and maintaining viable businesses are currently doing so, at maximum capacity. There's no other way than bringing folk in and that includes a skilled workforce, (you can train those who are willing but will always need skilled folk from the outset) logistically i would assume any new business would have to be funded to the hilt to encourage take up and continuation and i think it would be a bit naive to expect to find enterpreneurs for even a small percentage of the options that are possible, at least folk who are capable of running said businesses beyond 'into the ground'. You can't assume folk can change their fortunes just by throwing (ideas &) money at them, with the instruction 'juist get du on wi hit' On an aside, how many potentials will be discouraged by the Chris Hodge fiasco/drama? perhaps a satellite store for bargain goods can be set up as recompense to benefit those communities whose folk find it difficult to reach da toon? Hopefully the options being considered aren't exclusively for Unst, fine place that it is, and that the rest of the Isles can benefit from the time money and effort being afforded the project. [took ower long to type yun, didna see your last post afore 'shetlander', but totally agree wi it]
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