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  1. What they did 3 or 4 years ago is not really relevant, as they sell cookers now.
  2. Upgrading Cunningham Way will certainly help all the kids from the areas on the other side of the hill - who will most certainly walk over the hill rather than all the way around. Hope they put in some kind of lighting - as I know that would be the way my kids will go - and they are a lot of kids in this area that would walk that way. I personally never took into consideration that the helicopter landing site would have to go - vexed about that too - but I do hope that they will relocate both the camp site and landing site out to seafield.
  3. I personally know of a single mother who 10 years ago got a 2 bed house in Lerwick - and has never lived in it! she lives with her boyfriend but has always paid the rent and mowed the grass - and has kept it for a fall back. Also from personal experience I have been through the homeless route with the council and once they found out my case was genuine(as they do not fall over themselves when you first walk in the door as homeless) they could have not been more helpful - they cannot give you what they don't have - which when you are honest and genuinely and waiting is tough I was 6 months in refuge and 6 months in temporary and I am extremely grateful I have been housed now.
  4. To give you an example I live in the town at the top of the Staneyhill and to my address it is just inside the limit, apparently - but my kids can walk to the town centre bus stop which they pay 40p each way daily. There is a school bus for the AHS and as this would take it outside the limit I am not sure if they pay or not - Is there a charge for school buses? - I will be honest and say that I moaned about having to pay this to start with but - its better than having them walk. I would like to add that I know of several kids who get taxis to school each day this cost must surely add up! The new houses that are being built at Hoofields will be outside the limit for kids so they will have to have a service laid on there I would have thought!
  5. sheltie68

    Piano tuition

    Go along High Level Music - they were able to advise who to contact re accordion lessons for my son. So I am sure they will know who could help you with piano lessons.
  6. Well can you believe this - my internet speed was very slow last night about 1/2mb and the same this morning - phoned Bt they were very helpful - a few checks - a fault on the line should take 48 hours to sort - 5 hours later and another call from BT and I have 5mb the fastest I have ever had. Bet you never thought anyone would come on here and say they were impressed with the service they received - but there you go - strange things do happen.
  7. I didn't know a plane so big could land at Sumburgh either - but I found this photo in archives site. http://photos.shetland-museum.org.uk/index.php?a=indexes&s=item&key=IYToxOntpOjA7czo3OiJCYWluLCBNIjt9&pg=17 Will take the kids down for a look - good excuse to see it myself too.
  8. Tesco 's must have heard you Bug - planes coming da morn - I fear a trip to Sumburgh the kids want to see it. Och weel - it will keep me oot o Tesco's fir a while. lol.
  9. Nothing happens on a building site without these http://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/Architect's_instruction
  10. Yes I agree with you it took me a few days to get the storage heaters up to a good heat that I could close the output completely I have them set between dots 3 and 4. And I hardly ever open the output at all. My immersion heater is run through Newlec Electronic 7 - so I just changed the settings myself. Hope this helps anyone else that is trying to watch their usage. It has been interesting trying to get mine down as much as I could. Would still welcome any other tips. Waiting for Shetland Heatwise to come and give the house a going over so that should be interesting.
  11. The trees were funded by Lerwick Community Council - Who were approached by Living Lerwick for a grant. The new lights was funded by Living Lerwick. As far as I am aware the SIC had nothing to do with it. I was down at the street with my bairns and I have never ever seen so many people down there at one time. I think it is certainly something they can work on and add to in future years. On another note I was always lead to believe that the Christmas tree at the Market Cross was gifted to us from Norway! Obviously not.
  12. Just a little update - after a checking the meter and changing things for 2 weeks I have got everything set and my usage has gone down. My storage heaters are set - but the output is closed the whole time (I was advised to keep this half open!) My immersion is only on for 2 hours in the middle of the night and the timers on the heaters in the bedrooms have been set. Got it down to around £30.00 per week. My costs when I first got in were up to £45 -£50 a week. If I could get myself organised and get the machines on in the middle of the night I guess there would be a saving there too.
  13. I spoke to someone in the power station who gave me my off peak times as they are different from what the mainland tells you - I have a electronic 7 timer I found instructions online and changed my off-peak settings to suit me.
  14. Thanks Thamsin - that is interesting I am on the D/D route - that is why I am keeping a close eye on things but I do appear to be paying a a good bit less than you - so I hope you can get yours down too. Let us know how you get on.
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