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  1. STV have stuck an old Grampian documentary from 1973 online. Don't know if anyone here remembers it from when it was first broadcast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JIQTCoJ5Rc
  2. Must have been a special late night screening of the adult version. I thought he was only ever Framed.
  3. From an international perspective, I'd be interested to hear whether the collective opinion is that he's an asset to the side, because of his workrate and running, or a liability, because 'he tries hard' isn't exactly an achievement. It strikes me that we either build our team around the abilities of our centre forward, or pick a centre forward that suits our team play. Watching Kenny Miller over the last 10 years or so, suggests that our international strategy is to run around like wee boys who've had a bit too much lemonade. Incidentally, if this post is deleted, then you'll all know that the SFA realise we're on to them. Basically, experience of watching Miller suggests that he does a lot of donkey work, mostly outside the box, but couldn't finish if he tried. Watching Boyd suggests that we'd get more movement across the whole pitch by sticking a traffic cone on the six yard line and pinging crosses at it. The latter would generate goals by default whereas the former might give us territory and possession. I've not forgotten the Croatia and Belgium games about nine years ago when Craig Brown came out afterwards and declared them a success because we'd won more corners than the opposition. Or, should we pick some sort of hybrid player (Obviously with the qualites of being able to score and run, rather than immobile and ineffective). I still think we've got enough technical ability when at full strength that we could carry a poacher or semi-poacher at international level. I do think that there's a steep decline in ability pretty quickly though. If there's anyone you think deserves a shout as a potential international forward for Scotland, use this thread to highlight them.
  4. Don't disagree with too many of the points made here. I'm not going to defend Burley because his ongoing tenure of Scotland suggests that the 12 or so games at Hearts were more the exception than the rule. He's not necessarily been dealt a good hand by overpaid average players taking the hump and I don't think he can be held accountable for the collective defensive idiocy of the chuckle brothers. Gary must have forgotten that Scotland don't play in green and white hoops and Steven must have taken a kick to the head (un-noticed by TV cameras) before he thought it was a good idea to commit identical fouls to those of his brother on Carew. Norway should have had five, could have had seven and totally embarrassed and outplayed us after the sending off. At Hearts, Burley gave the impression that he could make off the cuff decisions that would change a game on the fly. With Scotland, he's given the impression that he couldn't even tell if his flies were undone or not. He asked to be judged on this game, this team, as it was his team, his pick and he had no call offs. He got pumped four - scud by one of the poorest Norwegian sides we've ever played, with his side acting for 90m minutes like they'd met each other for the first time in the tunnel immediately beforehand. It's not a difficult judgement to make. He's got to go. If he ever had the dressing room, he's lost it. You can say he's had bad luck, but right now Burley has the look of a man who's just been diagnosed with piles at exactly the same time that he's realised that his next crap is going to be a hedgehog.
  5. Wow. It's a question that's very hard to answer purely down to the very specialised nature of positions in a rugby team. You might be better trying to aim for an all time top 15 but even then you'll get arguments. I'd rate Michael Jones ahead of Richie McCaw at number 7 in a New Zealand all time 15 let alone the World, but it totally depends on how you want your team to play the game. Although the World Cup is relatively recent (1987) in Rugby, the names that dominate it tend to do so for single tournaments, rather than over the long haul. As such, it's difficult to provide a true comparison as the only true global historical benchmarks fell against touring teams. All time ability wise, you wouldn't go far wrong with the Gareth Edwards shout. In the modern day, you've got to think about whether you want an explosive points scorer, a playmaker or someone who's more proficient in the dark arts of rugby. All of whom have their place in a team. There's a strong argument to be made that Martyn Williams should have captained the last Lions tour. He'd probably have missed more than half the game time through suspension, but on a tour like that, you need certain qualities to be a successful leader of men.
  6. Shouldn't be forgotten that Duran Duran also did an album of covers in the mid 90s. If memory serves me well, I think they even covered (or re-interpreted) one of their own tracks. Anyway, a noteable lowlight was this. White Lines. Kids, just Don't Do It.
  7. Indeed, this is an entirely different issue and shouldn't be muddied by his nautical skills. The problem is too many people already cannot seperate the man, his "mission", and his personal talents and aptitudes (or lack thereof). For all too many "Shetland Independence/Devolution/Udal Law" now = Stuart Hill, and Stuart Hill = an embarrassment. *If* there's the slightest grain of truth in his allegations concerning Shetland's constitutional status, I'd like to see the truth and what that means for Shetland today pursued and hammered out once and for all. However in the eyes of many the whole thing cannot now be taken seriously, due to the "face" promoting it. Hill is in fact working against his cause now as much as he is working for it by remaining the public "face" of it, to get anywhere with it he needs to withdraw in a background role, and put another more publically acceptable "face" on his "mission" as a public and media focal point. *sneakily deletes Forvik Gump poster from Shetland Hollywood Movies thread and replaces it with The Hill's Are Wise effort* Agree totally. If Stuart turns out to be correct on Udal Law/Constitutional Status, his argument will be discredited by his recent and ongoing actions. He's brought the issue to public attention and for that he should be thanked. While his own history shouldn't be a factor in any movement for change that might come to the fore, sadly his past makes him a very easy target to mock and disregard. I'd like to add that I don't particularly dislike the guy for everything he's trying to do, irrespective of whether or not I agree with him, I feel that he's almost going out of his way to polarise the media and as a result of his own stunts, is stifling any semblence of constructive debate. If he stuck to publicising the message rather than the man, he'd probably elicit more sympathy, albeit that he'd probably also appear on fewer t-shirts. *Reads both own post and entire thread again and re-uploads Forvik Gump poster* As an extra point, whichever squad picks Stuart Hill as the theme for next year's Up Helly Aa has got a phenomenal amount to work from. I'd quite like to see a squad claim Bells Brae as their own and declare it to be independent from the rest of Up Helly Aa. Obviously while doing this from the relative safety of Posers (Cunningsburgh) rather than having to work out of Bells Brae itself due to transport issues.
  8. There's no been anything added to this thread for a while... http://i514.photobucket.com/albums/t342/Jerry_Dammers/ForvikGump.jpg
  9. Music made using only Windows sounds [Youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-a9kriUrDQ
  10. David Thomson's book, The People Of The Sea, covers these stories across Ireland, Scotland and Shetland. Here's a link to a Guardian feature on it from a few years ago when Canongate reissued it. The book itself was originally written and published in the Fifties. http://books.guardian.co.uk/extracts/story/0,,442109,00.html
  11. Is it overly cynical to suggest that she was let out because they suddenly discovered that she was famous, and then re-admitted when they found out what she was famous for. Sarah Silverman was right at the MTV awards about this waste of space. I'm aware that Paris probably speaks very highly of me as well, before anyone jumps on here to defend her. Admittedly, it was Sky News, but was there really any need for live camera coverage of her being picked up from her house and driven back to the court? Is there really that little happening in the world just now?
  12. Certainly not the best recording, but here's Out Of My Hair And an interesting representation of Japanese music, it's the Pizzicato 5 http://youtube.com/watch?v=j94k1EjooZk Man, it's like it's 1996 all over again...
  13. The Anagram Server can tell you the truth of your name... http://wordsmith.org/anagram/index.html Apparently, 'I snort jamboree line' or, more disturbingly, 'I join to semen barrel'
  14. Was it not called Worldwide or something like that? On ITV sometime around about 1988. I always thought that the boy that had appeared on it from Shetland was called Martin. Unless I'm thinking about someone else altogether.
  15. Met a game old bird in the pub tonight. She must have been in her late 50s. She asked me if I'd ever had a mother and daughter at the same time. I replied, "No". She took me back to hers. Shat myself when we got in and she shouted, "Mum. Are you still awake?"
  16. Pulp Muppets! http://www.idkwtf.com/videos/latest-videos/pulp-muppets
  17. I got knocked down by a parked car.
  18. To be honest, da SWRI reports are one of the highlights of the paper. I've long suspected that they must be eating some funny buns at their meetings before they come up with some of their competitions. Canna remember which area had it, but there was one a few years ago that awarded a prize for the most interesting use of mince. I wish they'd explained what the winner actually did with it. Sorry for the off-topic reply.
  19. Saw This Is England tonight. Honestly, didn't think that Shane Meadows could top Dead Man's Shoes, but this is an amazing, powerful and disturbing movie with a fantastic soundtrack (anything that starts with Toots And The Maytals has to be good). The wee lad that acts as the centrepin of the movie, Thomas Turgoose, puts in a wonderful performance in the lead role in his progression and development throughout the film. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but it's an equally funny, emotive and frightening picture. I'd honestly recommend this film to everyone. It puts Shane Meadows right up there with Michael Winterbottom in the higher echelons of current British film-makers. Sadly, the British Film Industry will probably throw money at the next lack-lustre Richard Curtis script that requires a Hugh Grant-a-like to fall for a failed Eastenders actress in some sort of implausible romantic comedy setting, rather than subsidise people making interesting, challenging movies. Anyway, rant over, can't wait for Carry On Council featuring Sid James as Drew Ratter. Coming soon to a combined Cinema-Music-Albino-Elephant near you. Note - Aforementioned project might be delayed until they've siphoned off enough money to pay off someone to write a feasibility study justifying a fixed overground link to Bressay.
  20. Jerry_Dammers

    Sad Kermit

    And there was me thinking that Johnny Cash had the idea first... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLQRv0RjBBM
  21. Thanks Ngugle. Excellent clip there. Exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for when I started this thread. The Chameleons certainly deserve to be exposed to the biggest possible audience. I'd thought that from over 1000 users on Shetlink, there would be an awful lot of artists with a minimal fanbase in this community. All I'm hoping from this thread is that we can all share our own (possibly more eclectic) interests without crowding your forum with loads of new threads and, as a side benefit, possibly introduce the wider community to some fantastic music. Anyway, enough of the waffle, here's some Asian Dub Foundation. Caught them at Glasgow Green in 2000 and they're probably one of the best live acts I've ever seen. This is them doing Real Great Britain from the Community Music album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQsdfnbOevM
  22. A couple from the last ten years or so that deserve a wider audience. Feel free to add anything that you think might have gone unrecognised and is worthy of a repeat hearing. Black Box Recorder - The Facts Of Life http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOJLUHRJOZY Dreadzone - Little Britain
  23. Saw Joe Strummer live a few times and he never failed to put on a great show. Remember one gig at the Barrowlands on a Sunday night when he played with The Mescaleros and I'll never forget the look on his face when he came onstage and realised that he'd filled the place on a Sunday. One of those moments that make live music so worthwhile and made better by the fact that it was coupled with one of the nicest, most honest men in music over the last thirty years or so. Here's a couple of his best moments for anyone that's interested. Video quality for The Clash isn't always great unfortunately, but this is The Clash doing White Man (In Hammersmith Palais) and this is Joe and The Mescaleros doing Straight To Hell (Incidentally, it's the same tune that The Pogues play before coming on stage) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egnuKspNBAU
  24. If your real name happens to be Adam Wilson, I wouldn't recommend being known by your Brazillian name. My Shetlink name comes out as Dammisco and my real name gives Neisco.
  25. 2.30 - 2.31 was Spiderfriends - Spiderman, Iceman and Firestar 3.30 was Around The World With Willy Fog 3.38 was Mysterious Cities Of Gold Sure that I noticed the Munch Bunch and Jigsaw in there somewhere as well.
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