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  1. Paul I'm not an immigrant here in Shetland as Shetland is still part of the British Isles!? Now don't get me wrong I'm not opposed to People coming to work here, its the droves from the EU that are coming freely (with all there familys) that I object to! Anyone from outside the uk should be subject to the same visa control as anyone from outside the EU is now the law has been changed!! And no I don't think there should be any automatic rite to benefits! Why should someone (& there family) be given the rite to claim benefits when they've never paid anything into the pot!!?? By the way I'm
  2. I've still not got mine but would like to have a look at 1!! I'd maybe still have my job if the immigrants were not here but then again i'd not have a job as there wouldn't be the housing need they put shetland under by being here!! There here in a win win situation but if the tables were turned & i went to there country i wouldn't get a pot 2 piss in let alone dole money & nhs sevices for me & my family!! Its all WRONG WRONG WRONG!! Now can i have a leaflet please mr postie......
  3. The price for shipping a small item up here with good old tesco is £20!!! So when you look at the catalogue don't forget to add this on! The price for paulb's workshop wouls be out of this world! I have spoken to the nice manager & he said the delivery would be free for small items if picked up from store if the new extension goes ahead, so heres hoping lol! In the mean time play & amazon are my favorite's for price & delivery to beat the money grabbing folk like clives & bolts electrical!!
  4. I as an Englishman think that are friendship with Mr Bush is not good at all & tars us with a very dirty brush!!! To many of the English people (many in government) think that in some strange way us being & sometimes acting like them does us some good some how when really all it does is turn people against us as people & nation. Just look at Iraq!! I feel its about time we turned are back on the yanks & started standing on are own 2 feet again without "big brother" looking over are shoulder!! Mrs Thatcher did some very stupid things to her own people in her time as PM
  5. Yes it does Make good reading lol!! I was just after an overall personal view of some of the scottish people...
  6. The smoking ban came into force in England today & it was quite funny to see larger than normal groups of people standing outside in the rain having a fag!! After hearing many people & saying myself for the past few weeks that today would be the day I'd try & give up I was Just wondering how many of you did the same & have been successful since the ban came into force in Scotland!? A lot of the posts I've read over the past few pages say that they are giving or have given up over the past few months and wondered if the ban has helped people in anyway??
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