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  1. I doot dat'll aa be Gaelic - Ossian MacPherson an aa. Or do dey hae a Shetlan bit o it?
  2. And you'll have contributed to Shetlandic culture and so will have earned your scanning service ... aa da best! Gude t'see trade atween Shetland an Faroe still gjaain on.
  3. Gjaain eftir dis dan? http://www.bbc.co.uk/theoneshow/campaign/072007_fetlar.shtml I see d'ir fun a new island as weel - Ulst (*** mod edit - merged ***)
  4. Dat dat ... (Modern Shetlandic Scots: 'no doubt your appraisal of the situation is for the most part plausible')
  5. Not unlike a few crazy guys creating Ny-Norn, maybe?
  6. With all due respect, my Faroese friend, this is not true. At least not true across the board. There are plenty of English speakers in Shetland, granted, but they are only a proportion of the population. If you did hear Shetlanders speaking English, they were probably just knapping (speaking English) to you out of politeness. And we do speak very good English, having been schooled in it. IMO Shetlanders of today are "Scots-speaking Shetlanders", but the kind of Scots spoken in Shetland is very different from the other dialects of Scots, and in some places so different that you couldn't help but recognise the Norse elements - as along as folk didn't knap to you.
  7. Dat's true enyoch. Wid it no be an idee ta pit a lokk o dialect speakin laek dis up apo da net, so'at fokk'at are waantin ta laern can hear hoo it's pronounced? Dir mann be a braa haep a'stuff recoardit somewye.
  8. Bit sib still ... See du's still da sam aald aakwirt de ... Whit tinks du o' dis? http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/whereilive/highlandsandnorthernisles/voices/index.shtml
  9. Joost haein a peerie fun, nevir du leet. (Translation: Just my little joke, don't mind me)
  10. Wha's ers is du gyaan ta lik nixt boy? (*** mod edit - excess quoting removed ***)
  11. Dir naethin waar as haein ta hunker de doon atill a skittery skeetootery
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